Hot Wheels City Bat Manor Review

4.0 rating
Hot Wheels City Bat Manor

It seems like when you buy your child one Hot Wheel track, they start to need a whole lot more. That was certainly the case with my oldest son, who started with the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage – and then said he needed a lot more to finish out the city.

One of the two tracks that he claimed he needed and that we bought for him during Christmas was the Hot Wheels City Bat Manor! (the other track we bought for him was the Hot Wheels City Cobra in case you were wondering).

Needless to say, he was thrilled to unwrap this track, and it immediately became one of the Hot Wheels play sets that he enjoyed the most. He connected it to the other tracks, created a giant city, crashed numerous cars, and hopefully will continue to play with this toy for years to come with his younger brother.

Below is our honest and complete Hot Wheels City Bat Manor Review!

Overall Hot Wheels Bat Manor Review

Hot Wheels Bat Manor

This is an interesting Hot Wheels track because it isn’t as big as many of the other choices. It is also a little bit complicated, so it does take a little bit of teaching to get your kids to be able to pop the bat out of the house (unless of course they have watched someone play with it on YouTube – then they probably know already).

Step one is getting the bat into the house by folding up its wings, pushing it down, and shutting the front door. The second part to note is there is a little ramp on the front part. You want the ramp to be completely flat to start, than you launch the car into the manor which will open the front door.

You then want to adjust the ramp up a notch and aim your car for the bat’s nose – which when hit correctly will get him to pop out of the manor. It isn’t overly complicated, but you basically want to spend a little bit of time teaching your kid how to adjust the ramp and what to aim for until they get the hang of it.

This track can be attached to other Hot Wheels City tracks. This one basically has an attachment in the back, and an attachment on the side of it where you can attach other orange track pieces to it with the blue Hot Wheel Track connectors. And Hopefully that will help your child fulfill their dream of creating an epic Hot Wheels city.

There really isn’t a ton more to this toy. It will be something that kids who love Hot Wheels will enjoy, but it isn’t for everyone.

Parent’s Annoyance Scale

If you are new to the site, I like to do something called the Parent’s Annoyance Scale. It basically tells you how annoying a toy is going to be for you.

In this case, there really isn’t anything to get annoyed about. There isn’t anything to do for setup (unlike those three hour KidKraft Kitchen assemblies…), it doesn’t make loud noises, there isn’t a lot of setup to it, and once you teach your child how to work everything, they should have all the knowledge they need to have about it in no time.

For all of those reasons, I’m going to give it the rare 1-rating – meaning you shouldn’t be annoyed at all!

Parent's Annoyance Scale 1

The Danger Scale

The other thing I like to look at is any potential injuries that could be caused by these toys – and I even really come up with some outlandish situations that could cause problems.

To be honest, I really don’t have much to say you should worry about here. There aren’t any small pieces, it isn’t heavy, it doesn’t have any sharp edges, you can’t jump off it, and even my two mischievous sons haven’t found a way to be harmed by it.

The only potential danger is if your child gets angry and chucks this toy at your face. And honestly, all toys really have that danger to them. So, I’m also going to give this toy a 1 on the Danger Scale, meaning you aren’t going to have anything to worry about.

The Danger Scale 1

Final Hot Wheels Bat Manor Review Thoughts

Silver Star Rating

Again, there are a lot of positives to this toy. It is fun to play with, easy to use, and can easily be incorporated into a fun Hot Wheels City creation. It is a toy that my son enjoys playing with from time to time.

The downside is that it really is only for people that enjoy Hot Wheels and it is pretty one-dimensional. It is worth a silver star rating from our site, and I do think it is worth a buy if your child really is into Hot Wheels and using their imagination to create awesome cities!


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