Grading Scale

We do have a unique review/grading style here at Most reviews will show a danger scale and parent’s annoyance scale. The danger scale is from 1 – 10, with 10 meaning your child is eventually going to injury themselves, a pet, or someone else.  1 means there is little risk for injury. Below is an example of this scale.

The Danger Scale - 2

The parent’s annoyance scale measures how annoying this toy will be for parents. The higher the number, the more likely you are to get irritated and destroy/hide this toy while your child is sleeping. It’s okay, we have all done this before as parents. Remember when you were a kid and your toys went missing…..

The other grading scale is just a general overall grade of the toy.

Gold Star Ratings mean this is an excellent toy that we recommended to anyone. It will also have a really good chance of becoming an all-time favorite.

Gold Star Rating

Silver Star Rating means this is a really good toy that will get a lot of enjoyment, but probably won’t be your child’s all-time favorite.

silver star rating

Bronze Rating means this is a solid toy that may be forgotten about from time to time, but is still a very good toy.

bronze star option

A black star rating means we had some bad experiences with this toy, and I just can’t recommended for you.

black star rating