A List of the Best Christian Toys (The Best Bible Toys)

Multi Blocks Lego Jesus - best Christian toys

Like many parents, we are always looking for ways to incorporate our faith and the Bible into our child’s lives. One of the great ways to do this is through entertainment and toys.

Toys give you an opportunity to introduce many of the important people of the Bible, but also to get your children to ask you questions – and hopefully they will want to learn more. Bible Toys also create a fun and safe environment for those discussions to take place – which is a big win for parents!

With all of that said, here is our list of the Best Christian Toys (Best Bible Toys) that you can pick from to get those conversations started, and to introduce people and themes of the Bible into your child’s life.

Quick List of the Best Christian Toys (Best Bible Toys)

Here is a quick list of the best Christian toys, with a much more detailed review about each one listed below the list.

RankBible Toy DescriptionChristian Toy Picture
#1Fisher-Price Little People Christmas StoryFisher-Price Little People Christmas Story Toy
#2Fisher-Price Little People Noah's Ark PlaysetFisher-Price Little People Noah's Ark Toy (best bible toys)
#3My Little Lamb Stuffed AnimalMy Little Lamb Christian Stuffed Animal
#4BibleToys Jesus' Galilean Boat Set Toy Galilee Boat 15 Piece Playset by BibleToys
#5BibleToys Noah's Ark 17 Piece PlaysetBibleToys Noah's Ark Playset
#6Multi-Blocks Jesus SeriesMulti Blocks Lego Jesus - best Christian toys
#7Nativity Bricks Moses FigurineNativity Bricks Moses Figurine
#8Nativity Bricks Ultimate Kids Nativity SetNativity Bricks Ultimate Kids Nativity Set
#9BibleToys Tales of Glory Jesus Walks on WaterBibleToys Jesus Walks on Water - Best Bible Toys
#10 Prayer Bear 10" Plush Stuffed Animal with Prayer Book and BackpackPrayer Bear 10" Plush Stuffed Animal with Prayer Book and Backpack
The Best Christian Toys (Bible Toys) for Children

1.) Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Story – Fisher-Price is a leader in the toy industry and their Little People Toys are one of the more famous lines of toys out there. So, it was great to see them produce the Little People Christmas Story for kids!

This toy is going to include the manger, stable, 12 Little People Figures, and 5 accessories pieces. The figures include an Angel, 3-Wise People, Mary, Joseph, and a baby Jesus. Parents can help children playout the birth of Jesus – or kids can play with the set independently asking you questions eventually about the toy and giving you an opportunity to talk about the meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus with them!

The angel on top of the stable can be pushed down to play songs and to light up the star on the stable. This is just a high-quality Christian themed toy that will be a great addition to any youngster’s toy collection.

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Fisher-Price Little People Noah's Ark; best Christian toys

2.) Fisher-Price Little People Noah’s Ark Playset – One of the most famous parts of the Bible would be Noah’s story and journey with God. Because of this there are a lot of great Noah Ark toys.

This Fisher-Price Little People Noah’s Ark Playset would be one of the best Noah’s Ark toys you can get. This set includes a Noah figure, 2 lions, 2 zebras, 2 elephants, and 2 giraffes. This gives you plenty of animals to play out Noah’s story – and keep children excited to have this toy in their collection.

The set also has the Ark – and the top comes off the top where you can store all the figures when they are not in use – or when you need to protect them from the flood.

This is just a great overall representation of Noah’s Ark and a great way to introduce children to this important Bible chapter.

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My Little Lamb Christian Plush Toy

3.) My Little Lamb Audio Stuffed Animal – If you are looking for a really good Christian themed stuffed animal or soft plush toy, you are not going to find one better than the My Little Lamb. My boys absolutely loved it, and we did a full review of this stuffed animal here: The Best Christian Toys: My Little Lamb.

The quick summary of this stuffed animal is you are getting a really soft, cuddly, smaller-sized stuffed animal that is perfect for cuddling at bedtime. But we wouldn’t rank just a stuffed animal this high on the list, would we? And the answer is no!

This stuffed animal is actually an audio stuffed animal – and has an amazing amount of content on it! It will play the book of John, selected Psalms, Philippians, Ephesians, 10 different Old Testament stories, and will even sing you four different songs. This is plenty of content to keep children engaged. And I love how this stuffed animal really starts to teach children about the Word of God!

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Jesus Galilee Boat Playset by BibleToys - Best Christian Toys

4.) BibleToys Jesus’ Galilean Boat Set Toy – When you think about the most important parts of the Gospel, they are going to have Jesus on a boat, preaching to the people and being a fisherman of men. This BibleToys Jesus’ Boat Toy is a great representation of that and needs to be on our list of the best Bible toys.

This set comes with a nice sized boat, a Jesus figure, and 13 other toy figures that you can use as the disciples. The figures are made from plastic and are about 3-inches in size. The boat also looks great with its big yellow sail and room to fit a lot of the figures inside of it.

This boat, Jesus, and disciples figure set is a great addition to any Sunday School classroom or any home that wants to start incorporating the teaching of Jesus to their kids.

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BibleToys Noah's Ark 17 Piece Playset with Noah - The Best Bible Toys List

5.) BibleToys Noah’s Ark 17 Piece Playset – The Fisher-Price Little People Noah’s Ark we have listed at number one is a great Christian Toy, but if you want a Noah’s Ark toy that is a little more realistic, we would recommend this Noah’s Ark 17-piece Playset from BibleToys.

This set comes with the Ark which is about 12-inches long and 9-inches high, a ramp for the Ark, 14 animal figures, and a Noah figure. The figures are made from PVC plastic and are in that 3-inch to 3.5-inch range. The animals will vary in size – with the elephant figures being the biggest and the monkey figures being the smallest. All the figures can stand on their own as well.

With Noah’s story being one of the most famous stories of the Bible, there are a lot of great toys based on it. This BibleToys Noah’s Ark 17-piece playset would make a great addition to any toy collection where you are starting to teach your children about the Bible.

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Multi-Blocks David Christian LEGO Set

6.) Multi-Blocks Jesus Series – Multi-Blocks are basically “cube blocks” or LEGO Blocks – but obviously they cannot use the LEGO brand name. The Jesus Series of Multi-Blocks actually includes multiple different options right now – A David Set, A Goliath the Giant Set, A Jesus Saving Peter in the Water Set, and a John 10: 11-15 I am the Good Shephard set. Each set tells a unique story and has its own great look!

The John 10: 11-15 I Am the Good Shephard Set is 631 pieces and looks fantastic! The David, The Man Full of Faith set is 285 pieces, The Goliath the Giant Set is 515 pieces (and way bigger than David, which makes sense) and the Jesus Saving Peter in the Water Set is 850 pieces! I think that should be enough building bricks to keep someone busy for a little while!

The great look and fun nature of these sets should be a great conversation starter with children about God – and they are also a lot of fun to put together!

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Nativity Bricks Moses Figure - Best Christian Toys

7.) Nativity Bricks Moses Figurine – One of the most powerful and important figures we can learn from in the Bible is Moses, and honestly, it can be difficult to find a really good Moses toy to start incorporating into children’s playsets.

This Nativity Bricks Moses Figurine is a really good way to incorporate Moses into playtime. Think of this as a LEGO Moses figure – but obviously Nativity Bricks can’t use that LEGO brand name. But they are blocks that can be incorporated into other LEGO sets.

This Moses figure is a 13-piece set that can be put together in seconds. It looks great and includes his staff and the 10 commandments. There is a great chance that you are going to be seeing this Moses figure leading all of the other LEGO characters you child has.

And that is really cool.

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Christian Lego Set - Nativity Bricks Nativity Set

8.) Nativity Bricks Ultimate Kids Nativity Set – We described the really neat Nativity Bricks Moses figure above. If you want a much larger Christian Based almost “LEGO” set, you will want to purchase this Nativity Bricks Ultimate Kids Nativity Set.

This set is recommended for children 9+ according to Nativity Bricks – and is a 315-piece set that normally takes about an hour to fully assemble. You are going to be able to create block figures of baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, an assortment of different animals, an angel, and the manger Jesus was born in. You really do get to create a fun and dynamic scene.

These blocks can be incorporated into other similar sets, and can be used to create a really fun, dynamic Christian based scene.

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Jesus Walks on Water Bible Toy

9.) Bible Toys Tales of Glory Jesus Walks on Water – It is not always easy to find a Jesus toy that is classy – which is why I like the simplicity of this Bible Toys Tales of Glory Jesus Walks on Water set. It is just a little boat, two figures that are about 2.75 inches in size, and a little booklet explaining the miracle of Jesus walking on water.

The two figures are Jesus and Peter – since Peter was the one Jesus needed to save from drowning.

This important story of Jesus walking on water is in three of the Gospels and can be a great talking point for parents to explain the wonder of Jesus and the miracles he performed.

Like I said before, it really is the simplicity of this toy that I enjoy the most.

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Prayer Bear Christian Stuffed Animal

10.) Prayer Bear 10″ Plush Stuffed Animal with Prayer Book and Backpack – This is the second stuffed animal on our list of the Best Christian Toys for Children. It is also the biggest stuffed animal – being bigger and size than the #3 ranked My Little Lamb. It is very soft, cuddly, and will make a great bedtime companion. I also love the look and colors of it.

This book also has an audio component to it just like the My Little Lamb as well. It will play 4 different prayers – God Hear My Prayer, Our Father, Mealtime Blessing, and Bedtime Prayer. It also comes with that prayer book so your child can read a long with it.

The audio content just isn’t as robust as the My Little Lamb which is why this is lower – but this will still be an EXCELLENT choice for anyone looking for a Bible themed stuffed animal.

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Hopefully, this list of great Bible Toys has given you some great ideas on how to incorporate some Christian themed toys into your child’s playtime!