Dog Man The Hot Dog Card Game Review

Dog Man The Hot Dog Card Game Review

If you have been reading this site for a while, or if you have followed our YouTube channel, you have probably noticed that my sons are a big fan of the Dog Man books by Dav Pilkey. Dav has done an amazing job of getting youngsters excited about reading with his amazing book series, with Dog Man just happening to be number 1 in my children’s minds!

We were also pleasantly surprised to find out that there were a few board games created based on that series of books as well. We already did one review on those board games here: Dog Man Attack of the Fleas Board Game Review – and we are excited to bring you this Dog Man The Hot Dog Card Game Review now!

We bought this board game as a very affordable extra Birthday party gift for my youngest son because of his love for Dog Man, and we have been very happy with how much fun he has playing this game and how easy it was for a 4-year-old to learn. We also love how quick the game is, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the attention of a youngster for very long! So, let’s get down to business – here is our quick overview, review, and personal experiences with this Dog Man The Hot Dog Card Game!

Quick Dog Man The Hot Dog Card Game Review

What parents are really going to like about this game is how easy it is to setup and play…and how affordable it is. Both of those things score big points on the parent’s scorecard. The tin the game comes in says it is for ages 5 and up – but my four-year-old has zero issues playing this game. It is also for 2 to 4 players. You are going to get 64 cards and the instruction inside the Dog Man The Hot Dog Game box.

Dog Man Hot Dog Card Game

The object of the game is to be the player who collects the most Hot Dog cards. The story behind this is that Petey sprayed all of the hot dogs with “living spray” so they came alive. Dog Man loves eating hot dogs – so you want to be the player they “eats” the most hot dogs.

To get the game rolling, shuffle the 64 cards and spread them across the floor facedown. Let the kids have some fun and spread out the cards in a pattern they like – it doesn’t have to be a perfect square. Just make sure the cards have a little bit of space between them. There are three types of cards that can be flipped over – hot dog cards, Petey Cards, and Dog Man Cards. Each card. Each card does something slightly different.

The person going first is going to flip over a card. If they flip over a hot dog card, nothing happens – leave the card faceup and the next player flips over a card. If a person flips over a Petey Card, all of the hot dog cards that have been flipped over need to be returned to the face-down position and the next player can flip over a card. If a person flips over a Dog Man card, everybody tries to collect as many of the face-up hot dog cards as possible!

There are rules when you are picking up Hot Dog Cards. You can only pick up one Hot Dog Card at a time, and you can only use one hand when picking cards up. If you have a Hot Dog Card in your hand, you need to place it in your Hot Dog Card pile before you go back to picking up more Hot Dog Cards. It is that simple, and like we said before – the player to collect the most Hot Dog cards wins.

If you flip over a Petey Card or a Dog Man card and there aren’t any hot dog cards that have been flipped over – just discard the Petey/Dog Man Card and continue play. If you flip over the last card and all that is left is Hot Dog Cards – treat it just like a Dog Man Card and everyone needs to race to see how many hot dog cards they can pick up.

Because the game is so easy to set up and the rules are so easy – I’ll often find my two sons playing this game without any parental help and guidance! I like having games around that doesn’t require anything from me – and the cleanup is so simple as well both boys can handle it!

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Alternative Rule Options for Dog Man the Hot Dog Card Game

We do have one variation of Dog Man the Hot Dog Card Game that we will play sometimes. Remember how when you flip over a Petey card you have to return any hot dog cards back to a facedown position? In this variation, if you flip over a Dog Man Card – you are allowed to grab a card that is facedown still if you think it is a hot dog card. However, if you pick up a card that is facedown and it turns out to be a Petey card we have you lose automatically and if you pick up a Dog Man Card you have to give back 4 of your hot dog cards.

You can play around with the punishments for picking a non-hot dog card if you would like, but we find this to be a fun variation of the Dog Man the Hot Dog Card Game!

Final Dog Man the Hot Dog Card Game Grade

silver star

There are a lot of features to the Dog Man the Hot Dog Card Game that parents and children are going to love. Like we mentioned, it is very easy to play and very easy to setup. The game play only takes a few minutes – so you don’t have to worry about long attention spans from children. It also doesn’t require any reading, which is why I say 4-year-olds aren’t going to have any problems playing this game!

Plus, it only costs a little over $10 – and any child that loves Dog Man should love playing this game. The artwork on the cards is a lot of fun as well. Overall, we are going to give this board game a silver star rating and recommend it for your board game collection.

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