Bluey Bingo’s Bingo Game Review

Bluey Bingo's Bingo Game

One of the things that we do every Christmas is make sure each of our kids gets a new board game. We often try to match up those board games with one of their current interests. With how much our children currently love the TV show Bluey, we decided to purchase the Bluey Bingo’s Bingo Game for our youngest son.

The game is very simple but has been a big hit with our 4-year-old. Even our 7-year-old has a lot of fun playing this game with the family.

So, here is our review on the Bluey Bingo’s Bingo Game so you can see our experiences with it, and why we would recommend it for a good board game for any Bluey fan.

Quick Bluey Bingo’s Bingo Game Review

Bingos Bingo Board Game

This Bingo’s Bingo game is very simple. When you purchase it, you are going to get 4 double-sided bingo cards, 48 circle Bingo markers, 12 Bingo point markers, and 36 calling cards. The calling cards are characters and items that are featured in the TV show.

The games play is just like regular, traditional Bingo. You pick one of the calling cards and if you have that on your card, you place one of the markers on your card. If you get a Bingo, you get one of the Bingo Point Markers. The official rules are the first to win three games and get three Bingo point markers win. You can also play with the alternative “black out” mode which is you got to fill in all of the spots versus just getting the standard three in a row.

Our children prefer the “black out” version – which is funny because one of them always seems to jump out to the early lead, but their final spot never gets called because it is at the bottom of the calling card pile. It is a thrilling experience.

The best part of this game is the rapid pace you can play it at. It really is boom, boom, boom – and it keeps the kids engaged. Besides that, it really isn’t that complicated, it is your standard Bingo game with a fun theme attached to it.

We would recommend this board game for any Bluey fan and for any parent that is looking for a fun Bluey game for younger children!

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Final Thoughts and Other Links of Interest

There really isn’t much more to say about this Bluey Bingo’s Bingo game. We would give it a silver star rating because it isn’t overly complicated and is just a traditional Bingo game – but would be a huge hit with any Bluey fan.

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