Bluey Family Car Toy Review

Bluey Family Vehicle Toys Review

One of the things we like doing in our household is buying toys based on the TV shows that my kids really enjoy. The kids enjoy this, and it helps encourage imaginative play!

One of the shows they really love is the Bluey. If you haven’t seen it – you should! It is a great family cartoon on Disney/Disney Junior about an Australian Family of Dogs that learn a lot of life lessons, and there is some great humor that us parents can relate to.

One of the great toys out of this TV show is the Bluey Family Car – and we purchased this one for Christmas! It is a great toy, so please enjoy our Bluey Family Car Toy Review!

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Quick Bluey Family Car Toy Overview and Review

Bluey Toy Car Review

This Bluey Car Toy is awesome. Size wise, you are looking at a toy that is about 8-inches long, about 6-inchs high, and about 6-inches wide. It doesn’t weight very much – right around 1-pound.

It looks sleek and looks just like it does in the show. The wheels move with ease and you are able to zip the car around on the floor with no problem at all.

This Bluey Family Car set comes with the vehicle, a bandit (the dad) figure, and two surf boards that can be attached to the top of the vehicle. The bandit figure is about 2.5-inches tall and the limbs can move.

There are four seats in the vehicle. The entire top open up very easily and it allows you to put bandit in the driver’s seat and if you own the other figures they can be placed inside as well. Once placed inside, the top shuts easily and the car is ready to be driven.

This toy comes with a sticker sheet, so you can decorate the interior/exterior of the car with all those stickers if you want! I was also amazed by the details of the car. The back seats even have booster seats for the children, it has two side mirrors that move, the license plate even has numbers and letters, it really is an awesome toy!

I also think that parents will like the fact it only takes about 9-seconds to put together and get ready to play with. No long assembly here!

The only downside is that it only comes with one figure; so you might need to purchase some other figure packs to complete the family. Also, remember this is an Australian TV Show, so the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car for us Americans!

All of these details make this toy a homerun and a great addition for anyone that loves Bluey, or for anyone that wants a cool toddler transportation toy! It really does move well!

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Parent Danger Scale

One of the fun things we always do is look at any potentially dangerous situations that could arise from owning this toy. Honestly, there isn’t much here to be worried about.

There really aren’t any pieces that are small enough to choke on. I guess the only danger is your child throwing the toy like a football or trying to ride it like a roller skate. Both of those options can happen with most toys, so I’m not going to ding this one much at all.

I’m only going to give it a 1 on the danger scale – you won’t have to worry about this toy at all!

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The Annoyance Scale

Just like the danger scale, there really isn’t much for us parents to get annoyed at. The Bluey family car doesn’t make any annoying sounds, it isn’t hard to put together, and it is really easy for kids to play with this toy independently. That is pretty awesome.

So, I’m only going to give this a 1 on the annoyance scale as well.

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Final Grade and Other Links of Interest

Gold Star Rating

This is one of those toys that doesn’t do anything special and doesn’t make any crazy sounds – but is just fun and dependable. I also love this Bluey family car because it encourages imaginative play; sometimes that gets lost when your toys make all sorts of crazy sounds and noises.

If your child is a huge fan of Bluey this is a gold star toy. Ours is, so we are ranking it as a Gold Star toy. If you aren’t a big Bluey fan – it is still a solid silver star toy because of how well it is made and how well it can be pushed around.

We can’t recommend this toy enough. If you want to see some other great Disney/TV type toys, we recommend checking out these other reviews.

Enjoy and we can’t wait to hear about how much fun you had with this toy as well!