Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi-Loop Box Review

Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi-Loop Box

Let’s continue on with the Hot Wheel toys reviews we have been doing due to the Hot Wheels obsession my oldest son went thru. One of the kits that we got that has been a SURPRISING amount of fun is the Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi-Loop Box. This was a gift from my sister, and fit right into the Hot Wheels adventures that my son was creating.

Unlike a lot of the other track sets there aren’t any crazy animals or creatures trying to steal your cars – this one is all about creating some really cool tracks that can do some really cool things.

So, here is our Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi-Loop Box Review – containing a great overview of the toy and opinions from who matters most, my kids who love playing with it!

Quick Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi-Loop Box Review

Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi Loop Box Reviewed

The basics of the Hot Wheels Track Builder Box is pretty simple. Inside the box is about 10-feet of orange hot wheel track pieces, a bunch of blue connectors that connect the track pieces together, a car launcher that you push down on the switch to launch the car, a hot wheels car, and I believe mines included a booklet or some instructions on how to make some different track ideas!

The box that all of these pieces come in are not only going to be your storage case for everything, but the box lid is what also allows you to connect the pieces to it to create a loop-to-loop track!

You can connect the track to the box lid however you want, you can connect the track pieces however you want, and you can use the orange track pieces in most of your other Hot Wheel City sets!

Hot Wheels Track Builder Kit

For example, my kids use a lot of these track pieces to connect their Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage to the Bat Manor to the Cobra Crush and so on! These helps you create unlimited possibilities of fun – and it allows you to connect all of those different tracks together.

FUN TIP– My kids favorite thing to do with this set of tracks isn’t actually the loop-to-loop fun. They love creating a 10-foot long straight away, connecting the launcher to it, and blasting the cars down the straight away and down our hallway to see which car drives the furthest! We have literally spent hours doing this!

It is the versatility and ability to connect these pieces to all the other options in the Hot Wheel world that makes them a huge success.

The Danger Scale

Likes always, we like to take a tongue in cheek moment and review how dangerous this toy can be for children. The toy itself is very safe. There aren’t small pieces or anything like that. The danger in this toy really only comes in two places – 1.) Kids trying to jump off the box (only happened once or twice in my house) and 2.) Your child connecting three or four of the orange track pieces together and swinging them like swords or throwing them like spears.

Unfortunately for me, this has happened about 49 times in my house – including once yesterday.

And I am speaking from experience here, this track pieces being swung sting! My son even managed to toss them like a spear, and they traveled a good 15 feet before smacking my other son. I was very impressed by his accuracy and velocity.

So, I guess I am saying that if your child doesn’t turn every toy into a weapon, there really isn’t any danger here. If your child does, you are probably going to get hit a time or two. That is why I do have to give it a five on our unscientific danger scale.

danger scale 5

The Parent’s Annoyance Scale

The other thing we really like to give you is insight on how annoying this toy will become. Since this toy doesn’t make any noise, doesn’t really have to be put together, can be put together however a child wants, and encourages independent play; there is a lot to like here!

The only annoyance really comes from being hit by the tracks when used in spear or sword form (see above danger scale). Even that really isn’t annoying once the stinging goes away.

So we are only going to give the Hot Wheels Track Multi-Loop Builders Pack a 2 on the annoyance scale!

annoyance scale 2

Final Hot Wheels Track Builder MULTI LOOP BOX Thoughts and Links of Interest

silver star

This really is a fun and safe toy. We are going to give it a silver star rating instead of a gold star rating because the loop-to-loop aspect of this toy is only fun for a little bit of time.

Where the real enjoyment comes from is using all the track pieces to create your own racecourse or long speedway and incorporating all of these pieces into all the other Hot Wheels toys that you own! But there is nothing wrong with that, that is why Hot Wheels built this toy that way!

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We hope you have as much fun playing Hot Wheels as I did growing up; and my kids are now!