Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Review

Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Review

One of the neat things about being a dad it getting to see all the different phases your kids go thru. The downside of being a parent is buying different toys to keep them entertained during those different life phases: that can get expensive.

One of the phases my oldest son went thru was a Hot Wheels phase. He wanted everything to do with Hot Wheels; and the track that he coveted the most was this Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Track. Eventually, I gave into him and let him have it for Christmas.

So, here is my Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Track Review – and I do have to say it did become of my child’s favorite Hot Wheel tracks!

General Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Toy Review

Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush

Let’s start with a little background on this toy. It is basically a giant green cobra that has a big open mouth, and a red; Hot Wheels branded tongue sticking out. Leading to the giant snake is a short track with a ramp, and a launcher that will send your Hot Wheels car speeding down the track.

The launcher does a really nice job of getting those Hot Wheel cars going. The first car you shoot down the track can get caught in the snake’s mouth. This is a trap that all sane people have nightmares about. I mean, driving your car off a ramp, and BAM – you end up in the mouth of a giant snake. Just terrible.

However, there is hope. The second Hot Wheels car that you launch down the track has the opportunity to land on the head of the snake. Once, that car lands on the snake’s head – it will run down the snake’s back which is actually a road that Hot Wheels cars can drive on. Once it reaches the bottom, it hits a trigger that collapses the snake and releases the trapped car out of its mouth. Saving the day and rescuing that vehicle’s trapped colleague.

Now back to reality, the toy is really easy to setup, and really easy to reset the cobra and start launching cars at it again. I’m really impressed with how well the launcher works – and that launcher is even easy for a three-year old to use.

I’m not going to lie; you are going to launch a lot of cars that fly over the cobra and a lot of cars that bounce out of it’s mouth. This is still pretty fun, but there is a chance your child can become frustrated because they just can’t get those darn cars to land in its mouth.

Besides this frustration that can happen from time to time, the toy is well built, stands up to abuse really well (trust me, I’ve seen two fighting boys chuck this toy across the room), and has become a favorite in our toy room basement.

This track is also compatible with all the other Hot Wheel City tracks and can be connected to them if you purchase some extra orange track and blue connector pieces. They are only a couple of bucks a package and are easy to find!

At the end of the day, I think you are going to really love this toy, and more importantly, if your kids enjoy Hot Wheels, racing tracks, and toys like those – they are going to like these.

The Parents Annoyance Scale

One of the things I love doing is telling you as a parent how much these toys are going to annoy you! The good news for you is this toy isn’t annoying. It doesn’t make loud noises, it doesn’t have very many small pieces to it, it doesn’t take more than a minute to put together. I have very little to complain about.

Really the only potential issue is your child bugging you because they can’t get their car to land inside the mouth of the snake or get it to land appropriately on its back.

Interacting with you child isn’t that annoying – so I’m going to give this a 2 rating on the Parents Annoyance Scale.

Parent's Annoyance Scale

The Danger Scale

Another great thing about this toy is that it is safe. Like we said before there isn’t a lot of small pieces to choke on, or sharp pieces to stab brother with, or heavy pieces to drop on toes, really the only danger is when an angry child tosses this toy at somebody, but that even won’t cause to much damage!

This toy does have a recommended age of 4-8 – and should bring a lot of enjoyment. Since it is so safe, we gave it a 2 on the danger scale!

The Danger Scale

Final Grade

Gold Star Rating

With just how cool this toy is, the fact that it is safe and not annoying, and the fact that my children really love it have earned it a Gold Star Rating. I also love the fact that it can be connected the Hot Wheel tracks that you currently have, or the Hot Wheel City Tracks that you may decide to buy in the future.

So if your child is going thru that Hot Wheels phase, this will make a really nice addition to their collection!

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