The Complete Disney’s Cars Color Changers List & Review

One group of toys that my oldest son became obsessed with by watching toy YouTube videos was the Disney Cars Color Changers. These color changing cars are actually a neat set of toys where when cold water is splashed onto them they change color, and when they are dunked back into warm water, they turn back into their original color.

There are numerous different Car Color Changer characters to pick from, and also some different dunk tank/playset options to go with those color changer cars.

Below is a very extensive list of your different color changer car characters and playsets that you can purchase.

Cars Color Changers Dinoco Car Wash - best cars color changers toys

1.) Disney/Pixar Cars Color Change Dinoco Car Wash Playset – The main playset that used to be associated with these Disney Color Changer Cars was the Ramone’s Auto Body Playset. That toy is basically discontinued (we have a review for that one at the bottom of the article) and it has been replaced with the Color Change Dinoco Car Wash Playset for 2021.

This car wash is slick. You drive your color changer onto the ramp and into the car washing station. Next you squeeze the Dinoco sign to release a spray of water onto the car – making it change colors! Drive him off the car wash exit ramp, and if you want to change your car back to its original color, dunk it in a tank of cold water.

This set also comes with an exclusive Lighting McQueen color changing car and a Pitty Vehicle (the little forklift guy) to get your color changing car collection started!

This really is a great starting piece for your Cars Color Changing Cars collection.

Mack Dip & Dunk Trailer

2.) Disney Pixar Cars Color Change Mack Dip & Dunk Trailer – If you are a fan of the Cars movies, you will recognize Mack as the truck that hauls Lighting McQueen around. This toy comes with Mack, his trailer, and a color changing Lighting McQueen.

The trailer holds two water tanks, one for cold water and one for warm water. The rear of the trailer opens and closes so you can drive your car in and out of it.

The one complaint is this toy is smaller than a lot of people expect. Mack’s trailer is about 10 inches long and 2 inches wide – so you can fit about two of these color changers into it. The dunk tanks are also pretty small, you can’t just drop an entire car into it.

If you know about those things however, you child can have a lot of fun with this toy!

Chase and Change Frank

3.) Disney Pixar Cars Chase and Change Frank – This Chase and Change Frank was probably the toy that excited my son the most when it came to the Cars Color Changer family.

This big Frank Combine will actually scoop up a car and drops them into a color changer water tank. All you have to do is chase the car down and run it over! Fill this water tank with ice water/cold water to get the car to change color.

It does come with one Lighting McQueen vehicle that will change colors. This version is normally a Lighting McQueen vehicle that will change from red to black.

This is a very fun toy, and my child is still excited about it.

Mater Brown to Teal Color Changer

4.) Color Changer Mater Brown to Teal – Like the name implies, this toy will go from brown to teal depending on if it’s in warm water or cold water.

Like all of these color changer vehicles, the water should be very cool or ice water for the color change to occur. This is always the biggest complaint that parents have about these toys.

It has the standard Mater look to it and is about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. The wheels do move, and it should be a nice addition to any kid’s car collection if they are a big fan of Mater.

Lighting McQueen Red to Yellow

5.) Disney Pixar Cars Lighting McQueen Red to Yellow Vehicle – This is probably the most common Cars Color Changing Car you will find. This one has Lighting McQueen’s Rusteze logo on the hood and his number 95 lighting logo on the side.

This 3 inch long figure will go from red to yellow, and the very different and distinct color change really seems to excite kids. It isn’t a bland light brown to dark brown – this is a very noticeable change that occurs.

There are some other Lighting McQueen options, but again, this is the most popular.

Lighting McQueen Green to Blue

6.) Disney/Pixar Cars Dinoco Lighting McQueen Green to Blue Color Changer – This is another popular Lighting McQueen Color Changing Car. Instead of the Rusteze Logo, this one is going to have a Dinoco sticker, and a different color 95 lighting logo on the side.

The color change is from a lighter green to a lighter blue color. This toy is listed as 1:55th scale vehicle on different shopping sites, which I think is funny, because is that scale based on a real car or what Lighting McQueen looks like on my 55 inch HD TV? Either way, it is the standard 3 inch option, and will make a nice addition to your Lighting McQueen collection.

Disney's Cars Color Changing Cars 3 Pack

7.) Disney and Pixar Cars Color Changers Lightning McQueen, Mater & Jackson Storm 3-Pack – Added to the list in 2021, this Lightning McQueen, Mater, & Jackson Storm 3-Pack is the perfect way to get your Car’s Color Changers toy car collection going! You get three of the most popular characters all in one pack!

You can see in the picture to the right what kind of color change you should expect from these cars, and I imagine kids are really going to enjoy playing with all three of them, especially if you combine this car set with the above- mentioned car wash!

We should also note that this 3-pack is cheaper than trying to buy each of these cars individually, so if you know you are going to end up buying a few of these color changing cars, save yourself some money and buy the 3-pack!

Ramone Color Changer

8.) Disney Pixar Cars Ramone Car Color Changer – The design of this Ramone option makes it one of the most popular color changers you can buy. It has really neat flames on the side and hood. I am not the best at colors, but I would say it turns from a lighter blue shade to a really bright purple.

That bright purple color really makes the yellow flames pop on the side of the vehicle. Ramone also has that really neat classic car look that makes the overall design of this toy a lot of fun.

Doc Hudson Color Changer

9.) Disney Pixar Cars Doc Hudson Blue to Black Color Changer Vehicle – I’m not sure if Doc Hudson was one of the more popular characters in the Cars movies, but the Doc Hudson Color Changer Vehicle sure does look good. It is my personal favorite.

It will go from a very bright blue color to a dark black depending on if it’s in warm or cold water. It is fun to create a unique look with this one, maybe keeping half of it blue and half of it black. Another fun car with a classic car look to it that your child should really enjoy.

Sarge Color Changer

10.) Disney Pixar Cars Sarge Brown to Green Color Changer Vehicle – This Sarge vehicle looks really good, and very accurately represents the character from the movie. The color transition for this one is from a darker brown to a lighter green.

This is probably my least favorite vehicle in terms of the color change. I really like the look of it, but a darker brown to a lighter green just isn’t that extreme and noticeably. I like when the color change pops.

Still, if you need to fill the collection, or if you really like Jeeps, this toy is a nice addition.

Cars Wingo Color changer Vehicle

11.) Disney Pixar Cars Wingo Color changer Vehicle – I’m going to be honest and tell you I don’t know much about this Wingo car character.

What I do know is it has a cool spoiler and Asian inspired writing – plus it changes from Green to Turquoise when going from warm water to cold water. And those things make it look pretty cool in my book.

If you are looking for something that is a little unique for your Car’s Color Changing Fleet, this could be a very good option. It looks good, and the colors are bright and vibrant.

Francesco Bernoulli Color Changers Vehicle

12.) Disney Pixar Cars 2 Francesco Bernoulli Color Changers Vehicle – The Francesco Bernoulli car is a lot of fun because it has that Formula 1 race car design instead of the more standard NASCAR Lighting McQueen design.

It has a nice white and green design, and when dipped into water it becomes red and green. The entire car doesn’t change color, the green stripes are going to stay the same in warm or cold on water.

When you are looking to expand your color changer race car fleet – this is the one you should get!

DJ Color Changers Vehicle

13.) Disney Pixar Cars DJ Color Changers Vehicle – This Disney Pixar Cars DJ Color Changers vehicle is about as fancy and as fun as these color changers get! It features really cool decals and a cool spoiler on it – plus those look like some fancy rims to me!

It goes from light blue to purple depending on if you are in warm water or cold water – and both colors look pretty sharp.

It is light blue in warm water and purple when dipped into cold water. This car fits in really well design wise with options like the Wingo vehicle. The cool “box” like design of the car is pretty neat as well.

Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers H.J. Hollis

14.) Disney Pixar Cars H.J. Hollis Color Changer – There are always some new color changers being added to this toy collection, and H.J. Hollis is one of the new additions to this list in 2021!

If you need a refresher, H.J. Hollis is the car in CARS 3 that replaces Parker Brakeston as an N2O Cola driver. Yeah, that guy.

The car is fun and goes from a green car design to a brighter yellow color – and the bright colors color scheme makes it a very attractive option! If your child is a huge CARS 3 fan, I’m not sure how they wouldn’t like this fun color changer option!

Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers Paul Conrev

15.) Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers Paul Conrev – What is that you said? I need more color changer car options of obscure drives from Cars 3. Don’t worry – we got you covered with this fun Disney Pixar Cars Color Changer Paul Conrev option!

Who is Paul Conrev? He is the Car that replaces Percy “Ponchy” Wipeout in the Florida 500. I can’t believe you don’t remember that scene.

All joking aside – this fun car will go from an eye-catching white color scheme to an orange color scheme when dipped in water. This is just another fun option to add to your collection!

Sheriff Color Changer Car

16.) Disney Pixar Cars Sheriff Color Changer Vehicle – The best part of the Disney Pixar Sheriff Color Changer Car is the classic police car look it has. That design is a big selling point and the biggest reason to buy it.

From a color changing standpoint, this car goes from a lighter green/teal like color to a lighter black color. It isn’t one of the brightest or most vibrant color changes, but it still looks pretty good.

Cars Color Changer Snot Rod

17.) Disney Pixar Cars Color Changer Snot Rod – The Disney Pixar Cars Snot Rod Color Changer is a pretty cool color changer with the big engine sticking out of the hood and slick hot rod design.

The color changer will go from an orange to yellow color. I don’t personally own this option, so I can give my opinion on it, but it is the Color Changer with the worst user reviews online when compared to others. That is something to take into consideration.

Boost Color Changer Vehicle

18.) Disney Pixar Cars Boost Color Changer Vehicle – The Disney Cars Boost Color Changer Car really looks like an awesome race car, and I can see why it is so popular with children. The big racing spoiler is sharp!

When you are dunking it into warm and cold water, it will go from a base white color to a very vibrant purplish color that looks great. The dramatic color change is another reason why this is a very popular color changer pick!

Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers Dinoco Cruz Ramirez

19.) Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers Dinoco Cruz Ramirez – With Cruz Ramirez being such an important part of Cars 3, you better believe they made a color changer toy car of her! And I think it is one of the best ones in the entire collection.

The color change of the Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers Dinoco Cruz Ramirez is more subtle than a lot of the other options – going from a bright orangish color to a bright yellowish color – but the vibrancy of the colors makes this a knock-out choice.

Especially if your child is a big fan of Cruz Ramirez!

Cars Color Changers Jackson Storm

20.) Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers Jackson Storm – We had mentioned Jackson Storm in the 3-pack of color changers listed above, and of course there is a Cars Color Changers Jackson Storm single pack that you can purchase if you have the other two already…or if your child doesn’t want Lightning McQueen or Mater for some reason.

Personally, I think it is hard to beat the look of this Jackson Storm toy. It goes from a darker black to a bluish color that looks really good. I would guess that most children would rank this color changer as one of their favorite when given the choice.

Disney and Pixar Cars Stunt and Splash Red with Exclusive Color Change Lightning McQueen Vehicle

21.) Disney and Pixar Cars Stunt and Splash Red with Color Change Lightning McQueen Vehicle For a really unique and fun color changing option, this Stunt and Splash Fire Truck with Lighting McQueen color changing car is awesome. The Fire Truck doesn’t change colors, but it can be loaded with water and it shoots a splash of water out of its hose that can be used to color change any of the above options.

Included in this toy set is a dunk tank, plus some flame targets that can be shot at with the water hose too. There are other stunts you can create, for example you can have Lighting McQueen jump through the flaming ring.

There is just so much you can do with this toy that kids should enjoy!

Cars Color Changers Bobby Swift

22.) Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers Bobby Swift – We showed you some of those color changers from characters that replace the old drivers in Cars 3 – well how about a color changer of a driver that gets the ax in the movie. We give you the Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers Bobby Swift.

I like the color scheme of this color changing car – going from a black color to a blue color.

This is another one of those options that true Cars fans would love to have and add to their Cars toy collection

2021 Update: Other Hard to find Cars Color Changing Options

Ramones Auto Body Playset

1.) Disney/Pixar Cars Color Change Ramone’s Auto Body Playset – This is one of the playsets that are built to help you change the colors of all your Color Changer cars! This set has a paint booth that you drive your car into. That paint booth has a small squeeze bottle that you want to fill up with ice/cold water and when you spray that water onto the car – it changes colors. The paint booth can be spun around to make sure you spray the entire car.

There is a dunk tank that you are going to want to fill with warm water. Once you are done spraying your car with the cold water, you can have that color changer car drive off a ramp into the warm water dunk tank, and it will change back to its original color.

This set only includes one Color Changer Car – Ramone, so you may want to collect all the other options too!

Darrell Cartrip Color Changer

2.) Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers Darrell Cartrip Vehicle – This Darrell Cartrip vehicle is a special edition to the Disney Color Changers collection. It has really great red and yellow flames on the side of the vehicle. These flames actually don’t change colors, but Darrell Cartrip will go from a white base in warm water to a really sharp looking blue in cold water.

This Color Changer Darrell Cartrip Car is one of my favorite looking options, and should be a major hit when added to your Color Changer fleet.

***2021 Editor’s Note*** This is a hard Color Changer Car to find!

Lighting McQueen Red to Black Color Changer

3.) Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Color Changers Red to Black – This is one of the cooler Lighting McQueen color changers you can buy.

It has a bright yellow lightning bolt on the side with McQueen’s number 95 – which doesn’t change color. It also has a Piston Cup logo on the hood as well.

The body will actually change from Red to Black – and I think the black color is really sharp. You also have the red to yellow option and green to blue option that you can pair with this red to black option.

***This Lighting McQueen Color Changing Combination can be tough to find currently***

Sally Color Changer Vehicle

4.) Disney Pixar Cars Sally Color Changer Vehicle – Sally is one of the main characters of Cars 1, so of course she is also going to have her own Color Changer Vehicle.

She transforms from a very nice light blue color to a popping purple color – again depending on if you are using warm or cold water.

If you are collecting the main characters from the first movie, a color changer Sally car is a must have for your collection.

***This Option is also hard to find currently – which is a same because I would like more female Cars Character Toys to be available!***

There are a few other Cars Color Changers you can buy, but they are relatively rare, can be tough to find, and because of that can be pretty expensive. On that list of rarer color changers are:

1). Dinoco Chick Hicks

2.) Bob Cutless

3.) Tex Dinoco

4.) Raoul Caroule

5.) Finn McMissile

6.) Tow Truck Tom