The Best Bluey Toys for Kids

Bluey & Family Toy Figure 4-Pack - the best bluey toys

One of the joys of being a parent is watching the interests of your kids change. And one of those interests that frequently change is TV viewing habits. Sometimes kids will start watching a show that is brilliant and enjoyable for parents too – and that is Bluey!

If you have not heard about this show, it airs on Disney Jr./Disney channel in the United States and we borrowed this show from our friends in Australia. The show follows the adventures of Bluey and her family – and really encourages imaginative play and teaches valuable life lessons to kids. While being funny the entire time and enjoyable for parents as well!

If you have not watched the show, I really encourage you to view it. And once you do and your children become addicted to the show, we got you covered in the toy department! Here are the best Bluey Toys you can buy!

Quick Bluey Toy Rankings

If you are not sure which Bluey toy to buy, here is a quick rankings cheat sheet giving you some ideas about which Bluey toys we like the best! There are some more detailed reviews underneath this section as well and this section includes an affiliate link to purchase these toys!

Quick List of the Best Bluey Toys

Here is a fun list of the best Bluey Toys so you can get an idea of what is out there. Beneath this list is going to be some great individual reviews of the Best Bluey Toys plus some final notes and other links of interest! Please enjoy.

Toy RankBluey Toy Name (with Link)Bluey Toy Picture
#1Bluey Mega Bundle Home with BBQ PlaysetBluey Mega Bundle Home & BBQ Playset
#2Bluey Family & Friends PackBluey Family and Friends Pack
#3Bluey 4WD Family Vehicle ToyBluey 4wd Family Vehicle Toy
#4Bluey Caravan Adventure PlaysetBluey Caravan Adventure Playset
#5Bluey & Family Figures 4-PackBluey & Family Toy Figure 4-Pack
#6Bluey/Bingo/Muffin Plush Stuffed AnimalBluey Plush Stuffed Animal Toy
#7Bluey Grannies Toy Figure SetBluey Grannies Toy Figure Set
#8Bluey Family Home PlaysetBluey Family Home Play Set
#9Bingo’s Playroom Toy SetBingo's Playroom Toy Set
#10Bluey Park Playset ToyBluey Park Playset Toy
#11Bluey Backyard BBQ PlaysetBluey Family Backyard BBQ Playset
#12Bluey and Friends Action Figure SetBluey and Friends Toy Figure Set
#13Bluey Pool Time: Bluey & Bingo 2.5 inch FiguresBluey Pool Time Action Figures Set
#14Bluey Skateboarding 2.5″ & Dad 3.27″ Figures Bluey Skateboard Playset
#15Bluey Cousins: Bingo, Muffin & Socks 2.5″ Toy Figure SetBluey Cousins toy figure play set
#16Bluey – Shadowlands Board GameBluey Shadowlands Board Game
#17Bluey Coloring BookBluey Coloring Book
#1812″ Bandit (Dad) & 11″ Chilli (Mum) Plush Stuffed Animal Bundle PackBluey Mum & Dad Plush Stuffed Animals
The Best Bluey Toys List

Best Overall Bluey Toy: Bluey Mega Bundle Home & BBQ Playset

Bluey Mega Bundle Playset - the best Bluey Toy

We went with the Bluey Mega Bundle Home & BBQ Playset as the best overall Bluey Toy because it gives you a great foundation to build your Bluey toy collection!

What I mean by this is you get the entire Bluey home, you get toy figures of all four family members, and you get the small BBQ set included with this one item. This will save you money versus buying the home playset by itself, then buying the action figure set to get the rest of the family and adding on the BBQ playset!

The house itself is over 11″ tall, has four rooms, has a wall panel that pulls down to form an outdoor patio, has a bunch of different furniture pieces, comes with toy figures of all 4-family members, and has a BBQ grill/picnic table! This makes it the perfect gift for children who love this show!

And again, purchasing this option is going to save you some money verses buying all these sets separately.

Runner up for best Bluey Toy: The Bluey Family Home Playset listed as #7 above. The reason it is runner up is because this version is only the home and comes with just a Bluey toy figure. The extra couple of bucks for the big bundle package is worth it! We did a full review on that toy you can read here as well: The Bluey Family Home Reviewed.

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Best Bluey Toy Figure/Action Figure Set: Bluey Family & Friends Toy Figure Pack

Bluey's Family & friends toy figure pack - best bluey toy figure set

This is another recommendation based on value – and if you want the best value the best Bluey Toy Figure Pack is going to be the Bluey Family & Friends Pack.

Why we recommend this pack over some of the other options is because with this pack you get figures of all four family members, plus you get figures of Bluey’s friends: Coco, Snickers, Muffin, and Rusty.

All of these figures will be 2.5 to 3 inches tall, they bend at the waste, the arms are moveable, and there are no small parts – so you don’t have to worry about small children playing with these toy figures.

Buying this pack versus buying a family figure pack and eventually buying the friends is going to be a better option for you. And since not all the playsets include all the figures, this gives you the flexibility of having all the main characters you need for your child’s playtime!

Runner Up for Best Bluey Toy Figure Playsets: Bluey Family Toy Figure Playset (#4) in the chart & the Bluey and Friends Toy Figure Playset (#11).

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Best Bluey Vehicle Toy: Bluey 4WD Family Vehicle Toy

Bluey Family Vehicle Toy - the best bluey toys reviewed

The Best Bluey Vehicle Toy is the Bluey 4WD Family Vehicle Toy – mostly because it is cool, but also because there isn’t a lot of other choices.

This is the classic car they are always driving and having adventures inside of during the show. The dimensions of the car are about 6-inches long, 8-inches wide, and 6-inches tall. This makes it large enough for four of the action figures to fit inside.

The roof is removable, making it easy to place characters inside and out of the jeep. This toy also comes with two surf boards that can be placed in the roof-rack on top of the car (and all official Bluey figures can fit on the surf boards too). It also includes a Bandit action figure (the dad) and a sticker sheet you can use to decorate the car.

The vehicle drives around just fine, and it should be a lot of fun for any child that loves the TV show! For an even bigger review of this toy, check out this review we did on it: The Bluey Family Vehicle Reviewed.

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Best Bluey Stuffed Animal: Bluey/Bingo/Muffin Plush Stuffed Animal

Bluey Plush Stuffed Animal - best bluey stuffed animals

This one really depends on which character is your child’s favorite, but there are some awesome officially licensed Bluey plush stuffed animals available. There are also some non-official Bluey stuffed animals out there that could be nice – but I also tell people they cheap foreign knockoffs don’t always have the quality we hope for!

You have some great options from the officially licensed store which include:

Again, all these stuffed animals are soft, cuddly, look great, and would make a great addition to any stuffed animal collection. I would just pick the one that you think matches up with your kid’s favorite character from the show the best!

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Best Small Bluey Playset Pack: Bluey Grannies Action Figure Set

Bluey Grannies Toy Figure Set

This was a really hard category to pick the best of for – but we gave the best small Bluey Playset pack recommendation to the Bluey Grannies Action Figure Set. However, I must admit some of that is due to personal reasons. The episodes with the Grannies are my son’s favorite episodes; so much so they will even dress up like grannies and cause all sorts of mischief! It brings lots of enjoyment to our household.

This Grannies Pack has both Bluey and Bingo dressed in their hooded grannies’ costumes. The figures are about 2.5-inches tall; and there is even a pair of glasses for the dress up fun!

Other Fun Character Playsets Would include:

If your child isn’t as into the grannies as mine are – there are some other awesome playsets including:

All these toys would make a great addition to the Bluey Toy Collection!

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Final Notes and Links of Interest

Wow, these really were some cool Bluey Toys! Like we said at the beginning, if you haven’t checked out this show, you really need to. And these toys are going to make a great addition to any child’s toy collection.

If you are looking for some other TV Show Cartoon Toy ideas, we would recommend checking out these links:

Between all of these great video games and TV shows, there are some great toys out on the market!