The Best New Muppet Babies Toys

Muppet babies was always one of my all-time favorite cartoons to watch when I was a kid. I was super-excited when Disney Junior brought the series back and I was giving the opportunity to share my love of the Muppet Babies with my kids.

Of course, with the relaunch of the show comes an entire line of new toys! I know my kids have really enjoyed playing with some of these, so we wanted to share our list of the best Muppet Babies toys you can buy today!

And if you are looking for the Best Muppet Babies Gift ideas – hopefully this list can start to steer you in the right direction.

Quick Best Muppet Babies Toy List

Here is a quick list of the Best Muppet Babies Toys with a much more detailed review of each one listed below!

  1. Muppet Babies Figures 6-Pack
  2. Muppet Babies Friendship School Bus
  3. Muppet Babies School House Playset
  4. Muppet Babies TubTime Cruiser
  5. Muppet Babies Kermit’s Trike & Car
  6. Muppet Babies 8-Figure Pack
  7. Muppet Babies 6-Piece Rocksplosion Figure Set
  8. Muppet Babies Plush Toys
  9. Muppet Babies Rockin’ Animal
  10. Muppet Babies My First Library Board Book Series

#1. Muppet Babies Figures 6-Pack

Muppet Babies 6-Pack of Toy Figures

The reason we ranked this number 1 is because if your child is going to use their imagination and play Muppet Babies, it probably makes sense for them to have all the characters.

This 6-pack includes Kermit, Fozzie, Piggy, Animal, Gonzo, and Summer Penguin. All of the figures are 2.5 inches tall, made from a very durable plastic, and look sharp!

The downside is these figures are in a locked position, so they don’t have any freedom of movement. Here is a more detailed review we did showcasing how much fun my sons had with them: Muppet Babies Toy Figures Review.

#2. Muppet Babies Friendship School Bus

muppet babies school bus

If you just purchased all the characters or already have them all – there is probably a chance that your child is going to want to take them on some adventures. You are in luck – the Muppet Babies Friendship School Bus is designed to do just that.

It is a cool little bus that you can push around, and it has some neat features like a back-door slide exit, a swinging stop sign, and a swigging entrance door. This toy does also make sounds and have lights – including playing the Muppet Babies theme song!

It is recommended for ages 3+ and does also come with 2 figures (normally those figures are Animal and Piggy).

#3. Muppet Babies School House Play Set

muppet babies playhouse

There is a good chance that your child is going to want to play Muppet Babies at their school house – which means you will be in luck if you have the Muppet Babies Schoolhouse Play Set!

This play set has two levels and an inside/outside side to it. The outside side has slides coming out the front, a tree swing, and a neat little brick decor. The inside side has two levels that your child will love having adventures on. The inside level has some nice decorations and some things your child will recognize from the show!

The set includes 1 Kermit figure, a spinning merry-go-round, an art table, two chairs, a toy chest, a staircase that can be moved and plenty of fun! This is a fun toy that will hopefully bring hours of fun to your children!

#4. Muppet Babies TubTime Cruiser

Muppet Babies Kermit's Pirate TubTime Cruiser

If you are looking for an AWESOME bath time toy that represents the Muppet Babies – you got to check out the Muppet Babies Kermit’s Pirate TubTime Cruiser! It comes with Captain Kermit (who is also a water squirter) and his floating pirate ship!

There are three “secret windows” on the pirate ship – which does a really nice job of floating and can be pushed around the bathtub to get that pirate ship cruising!

Captain Kermit looks great in his captain’s outfit, and it is pretty easy to fill him with water and squeeze him to shoot that water out! This toy is recommended for children ages 2+ and will make bath time play even more fun!

#5. Muppet Babies Kermit Trike & Car

Muppet Babies Kermit Trike & Bike

I’ve listed this as Kermit’s Trike & Car Set, but there is also one for Fozzie & Piggy. Fozzie has a trike and train; while Piggy has a trike and carriage to play with!

Each set also comes with a figure of the character the set represents – for example the Kermit set comes with a Kermit figure.

The Kermit set comes with a trike and a car – both of these vehicles can be driven separately, or they can be connected to have the trike pulling the car! This is also true with the Piggy Set and the Fozzie Bear Set – so you should be able to find one that your child really enjoys!

The character the set comes with looks great and the vehicles work great – making this a really fun choice.

#6. Muppet Babies 8-Figure Pack

Muppet Babies 8-Piece Figure Set

This figure set is extremely similar to the 6-piece figure pack that was listed above. For example, you are still getting a Kermit, Animal, Gonzo, Summer Penguin, Piggy, and Fozzie Bear figure. They are still 2.5 inches tall, they still look great, they are still made from very durable plastic, and they should bring a lot of fun to any household!

This set has two additional figures. Those figures are a “Rock Star” Kermit and a “Rock Star” Piggy. If your child really loves those rock & roll episodes, then you might want to think about buying this set. If you don’t think they will care to much about the additional figures, then the first set will be plenty fine for you.

N/A Muppet Babies Wocka Wocka Feature Fozzie

Muppet Babies Wocka Wocka Feature Fozzie

If you are looking for something that isn’t an action figure, a vehicle, or a play set – this Muppet Babies Wocka Wocka Feature Fozzie is a great choice. It is a great feeling plush stuffed animal that is 12″ tall and looks just like the character on the show.

This stuffed animal does a lot of fun stuff like sing and tell jokes – just like Fozzie does. His tie will also light up and he wiggles while he laughs. Just press his hands to activate the lights and the talking. This stuffed animal is great for sleeping time or play time and should become a favorite of your child!

This stuffed animal does require 3 AAA batteries to operate – but otherwise should quickly become a favorite in your household!

#7. Muppet Babies 6-Piece Rocksplosion Figure Set (New for 2021)

Muppet Babies 6-Piece Rocksplosion Figure Set

New to our list of Best Muppet Babies Toys for 2021 is this Muppet Babies 6-Piece Rocksplosion Figure Set. These figure sets are basically from the Rock Band adventures that the group goes on in the episodes.

This set includes Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Animal, Summer Penguin, and Gonzo – all dressed in their Rock Band outfits. They all look good, but I’m sure your child will have a favorite they really want to play with!

The figures themselves are about 2.5-inches in size. The one big downside to them is they are locked in their dynamic poses – meaning you won’t be able to move their arms and legs around.

This figure set would be perfect for any child whose favorite Muppet Babies episodes are the ones where they are rocking out as the group band.

#8. Muppet Babies Plush Toys

Gonzo Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

I know my kids really enjoy stuffed animals – so if you are looking for some good stuff animal ideas – it is nice to know that there are some great Muppet Babies Plush Toys available!

I’ve basically lumped all of the different options under this one heading, but there are numerous different options to pick from. You will be able to find one for whatever main character you are looking for and there are a few different size options too!

Here are just a few great options that are out there:

Here is the real nice list of the Best Muppet Babies Stuffed Animals if you want some more information.

#9 Muppet Babies Rockin’ Animal

Muppet Babies Rockin Animal

My favorite Muppet Baby was always Animal, so I had to include the Muppet Babies Rockin’ Animal to this list! This plush toy stands about 13″ tall, looks just like Animal from the show, and is very soft and fun to play with!

Of course, this stuffed animal has to play music and rock out on the drums – which it does! It also moves its arms when playing, making it a really fun option for any kid that wants to rock out like Animal!

Just an all-around fun toy that will hit home with any Animal fan such as myself!

#10 Muppet Babies Books

Okay, so #10 on the list really isn’t a toy, but I’m a huge fan of reading to children and getting children to read! There are a ton of different Muppet Babies books and activities that you can buy!

Depending on the age of your child, there are some great options. For really small children, I really love some of the Muppet Babies board books that are available! They come in big packs with lots of different adventures – and they are good at teaching toddlers the basics of reading!

Final Thoughts

There really are some great Muppet Babies Toys out there, and they do a really nice job of bring back the memories I have of watching this TV show when I was a kid!

So if you are looking for the best Muppet Baby Toy Gift ideas for your children or someone you know – hopefully this list was helpful!