A List of the Best Muppet Babies Plush Stuffed Animals

Muppet Babies Animal Plush Stuffed Animal

The Muppet Babies was one of my favorite shows growing up, and I was thrilled that they brought it back to Disney Jr. My children are really starting to enjoy the show, maybe not as much as I did, but that is okay!

Of course, when you get a show going again, you have to release a line of cool merchandize to promote it and get kids craving it. One of the cool things that Muppet Babies released here would be their line of Muppet Babies Plush Stuffed Animals.

There are many great choices to pick from based off the characters from the show, so we wanted to give you a list of the Best Muppet Babies Stuffed Animals and Plush Figures so you could see just what is out there to pick from!

Quick List of the Best Muppet Babies Stuffed Animals

Here is our list of the best Muppet Babies plush stuffed animals! There are so many great options to pick from – and they are all so cute I’m sure your child is going to love them! They are probably going to become a naptime must have – or a favorite for bedtime. And I hope they get some fun imagination playtime as well.

RankMuppet Babies Plush Figure DescriptionMuppet Babies Stuffed Animal Picture
#1Kermit Muppet Babies PlushKermit Muppet Babies Plush Stuffed Animal
#2Kermit Froginizer Muppet Babies PlushForginizer Kermit Muppet Babies stuffed animal
#3Gonzo Muppet Babies PlushGonzo Muppet Babies Plush Figure
#4Dr. Meanzo Gonzo Plush Stuffed AnimalDr. Meanzo Gonzo Stuffed Animal
#5Animal Muppet Babies Plush Stuffed AnimalMuppet Babies Animal Plush Stuffed Animal
#6Summer Penguin Muppet Babies Plush Stuffed AnimalMuppet Babies Summer Penguin Plush Stuffed Animal
#7Captain Ice Cube Summer Penguin Plush Stuffed AnimalMuppet Babies Captain Ice Cube Summer Penguin Stuffed Animal
#8Miss Piggy Muppet Babies Plush Stuffed AnimalMiss Piggy Plush Stuffed Animal - Best Muppet Babies Stuffed Animals List
#9Super Fabulous Piggy Plush Stuffed AnimalSuper Fabulos Miss Piggy Stuffed Animal
#10Fozzie Bear Muppet Babies Plush Stuffed AnimalFozzie Bear Muppet Babies Stuffed Animal
#11Muppet Babies Rockin' Animal Animated PlushMuppet Babies Rocking Animal Plush Stuffed Animal
#12Muppet Babies Kermit 8-Inch Bean PlushMuppet Babies 8-inch bean plush
#13Muppet Babies Animal 7-Inch Bean Plush Stuffed AnimalMuppet Babies 7-Inch Bean Plush
#14Muppet Babies 7-Inch Bean Gonzo Stuffed AnimalMuppet Babies Gonzo 7-Inch Bean Plush
#15Muppet Babies Bean Plush PiggyMuppet Babies Bean Plush Ms. Piggy Stuffed Animal
#16Muppet Babies Fozzie Bear 7-inch Bean PlushMuppet Babies 7-Inch Bean Plush Fozzie Bear Stuffed Animal
#17Muppet Babies 6-Inch Summer Penguin Bean PlushMuppet Babies 6-Inch Plush Summer Penguin
#18Kermit and Gonzo Hand and Hand PlushKermit and Gonzo hand and Hand Muppet Babies Plush Stuffed Animal
The Best Muppet Babies Plush Stuffed Animals

Quick Muppet Babies Plush Stuffed Animals Information

There are basically a few different groups of Muppet Babies Plush Stuffed Animals that you can pick from.

Gonzo Muppet Babies Plush Figure

1.) Standard Plush Muppet Babies Stuffed Animals – These are the stuffed animals that are made from super soft plush materials, are usually 12 to 13-inches tall, and are basically the standard Muppet Babies characters in their everyday outfit.

You have the entire gang to pick from – Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, Summer Penguin, Animal, and Fozzie Bear. They look good and are what most people choose!

Dr. Meanzo Gonzo Muppet Babies Superheroes Stuffed Animals

2.) Muppet Babies Superhero Themed Plush Stuffed Animals – In some of the episodes, you will see the Muppet Babies change into superheroes – or villains – while playing. There are a few really cool superheroes themed Muppet Babies Plush stuffed animals that you can pick from too!

These stuffed animals would include Kermit as The Froginizer, Piggy as Super Fabulous, Summer Penguin as Captain Ice Cube, and Gonzo as the evil Dr. Meanzo. These plush stuffed animals are sure to bring a lot of fun to any kid that loves when the Muppet Babies become superheroes!

Muppet Babies Gonzo 7-Inch Bean Plush Stuffed Animal

3.) Muppet Babies Bean Plush Stuffed Animals – These stuffed animals aren’t 100% soft plush like the options in part 1 and 2 – but rather are bean filled – you know like those Beanie Babies that everyone used to collect when we were children.

These options are normally in the 6 – 8-inches size, and you can get the normal characters – Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, Summer Penguin, Animal, and Fozzie Bear.

All of these stuffed animal categories are really nice. Picking the right option just depends on what type of stuffed animal you are looking for and which character your child likes the most!

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Hopefully, these toy reviews get the juices flowing – and help you find that perfect toy you are looking for.