T.O.T.S. Toys: The Best T.O.T.S. Toys from Disney Jr.

Best T.O.T.S. Toys - Toy TOTS Train
This Toy TOTS Train is a great Toy!

We are one of those households that probably watches to much Disney Jr. – and because we watch so many shows on that network, we end up with way too many Disney Jr. TV Show themed toys!

One of the shows on Disney Jr. that really surprised me on how popular it became in our household was T.O.T.S. This show quickly became my youngest child’s favorite and is the show he requests at every opportunity.

This also meant that we had to buy a few T.O.T.S. toys, and to help any parents that are in a similar situation, here is our list of the best T.O.T.S. Toys from Disney Jr.!

Hopefully, this list of the Best T.O.T.S. Toys will help you find that perfect gift idea or new toy for your household!

Quick List of the Best T.O.T.S. Toys

Here is a quick list of the Best T.O.T.S. Toys, with a much more detailed review about each option listed below!

#1.Disney Jr. T.O.T.S. Nursery Headquarters PlaysetT.O.T.S. Nursery Headquarters
#2T.O.T.S. Figure Set Disney Jr. T.O.T.S. Figure Sets
#3Disney Jr. T.O.T.S. Choo-Choo TrainBest T.O.T.S. Toys - Toy TOTS Train
#4Disney Jr. T.O.T.S. Nursery StrollerT.O.T.S. Toy Stroller
#5T.O.T.S. Surprise Babies Nursery Care SetT.O.T.S. Baby Figures
#6T.O.T.S. Themed Stuffed Animals T.O.T.S. Freddy Plush Stuffed Animal
#7Disney Jr T.O.T.S. Care for Me Pet CarrierT.O.T.S. Care for Me Pet Carrier
The Best Disney Jr. T.O.T.S. Toys

Best T.O.T.S. Toys List and Detailed Reviews

T.O.T.S Nursery Headquarters Buy Here - Best T.O.T.S. Toys

1.) Disney Jr. T.O.T.S. Nursery Headquarters Playset This T.O.T.S. Nursery Headquarters playset should bring a lot of playtime fun. It has multiple levels and includes some great features like a curved baby slide, a little elevator, a flypad that makes sounds and lights up, and an overall fun design.

It also comes with three toy figures – a baby Mia, a baby Marty the Monkey, and a baby Bella the Bunny. Besides those three figures, it also comes with a baby bouncy seat, cloud cart, a baby bottle and brush, and a bathtub. Basically, all those things you would expect to find in a baby nursery.

It does take 2-AA batteries to operate all the lights and sounds, which should be included. Overall, it is a fun playset that is about 14-inches tall and won’t take up too much room in your house!

The downside to the playset is it doesn’t come with any of the main characters like KC, Pip, and Freddy – which brings us to the second option on our list – the T.O.T.S. Figure Set.

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Disney Jr. TOTS Figure Set Reviewed

2.) T.O.T.S. Figure Set If you are looking to get some smaller figure sets that feature most of the main characters, you should start with this T.O.T.S. Figure Set. This was a Christmas gift for our youngest son in our household, so if you want to read a full review about this option, you can click here: The T.O.T.S. Toy Figure Set Reviewed.

If you don’t want the full review but just the quick skinny on this figure set, here you go: This figure set includes 5-figures: Pip, Freddy, KC, Captain Beakman, and Mia. It also includes a carrying case that can be opened and closed. Mia can fit into this carrying case and it can be placed onto the back of Freddy.

And that is the inside scoop. The figures are locked into their poises, so there aren’t any moving parts. They are inexpensive – often under $20 – and the biggest figures will be about 3-inches in size, but the size does vary based on the character.

The figures look great, just like the characters on TV and should be a great addition to anyone’s toy collection if they love this show!

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T.O.T.S Toy Train - best Tots toy list

3.) Disney Jr T.O.T.S. Chugga Choo-Choo Train PlaysetMy child loved the special T.O.T.S. Train episode where a train was built to help KC at the nursery put the babies to sleep – and it should come as no surprise that that episode was turned into a toy.

Which brings us to number three on our list of the Best TOTS Toys list – the T.O.T.S. Train Toy!

This really cool toy features a motorized locomotive car up front, and four detachable passenger cars that hook-up behind it. When the train is in motion it will makes noises and light-up; so it does require 3-AAA batteries to operate.

This toy will come with some mystery figures as well, but overall, it is the really fun motorized train that is going to make your child excited with this toy!

T.O.T.S. Toy Stroller

4.) Disney Jr. T.O.T.S. Nursery Stroller If you are looking for a bigger toy, and something different than toy figures, check out the Disney Jr. T.O.T.S. Nursery Stroller.

This really fun stroller stands about 25.5-inches tall, and when you are pushing it the basket will rock back and forth (and the decorative rings on the side will flap as well). This basket can also be removed from the stroller and can be used as a baby carrier.

There are lots of lights and sounds that the stroller will make, and it does require 3-AAA batteries to operate. There is also some light-assembly required to put everything together.

Besides the T.O.T.S. Stroller and Carrier, this toy also comes with a toy Mia, one bottle, one rattle, some toy treats, a toy bottle of baby powder, and all of those basic things that you would assume are needed!

This is a fun toy that does a lot of fun things – and we could easily see this one becoming a favorite in any household!

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T.O.T.S. Baby Figures Set

5.) T.O.T.S. Surprise Babies Nursery Care SetIf your child already has the main characters from the TV show, or if their favorite part of the TV show is all of the cute babies – the T.O.T.S. Surprise Babies Nursery Care Set is a great figure set for you.

It comes with 10 different little T.O.T.S. baby figures – and they are cute and range from a little sheep, horse, and even a baby sloth.

They also have some accessories like a couple of highchairs, a couple of cribs, a toy bottle, toy cup, and toy rattle. Between all of these cute figures and cute accessories, you child should have a lot of fun recreating the T.O.T.S. Nursery!

This particular set also comes with a special glitter mystery figure – but the big selling point is going to be all the toy figures you are going to be able to incorporate into playtime!

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TOTS Plush Stuffed Animals

6.) T.O.T.S. Themed Stuffed Animals – With so many adorable characters on the TV Show, it only makes sense that they would create a bunch of different stuffed animals based on the characters.

You will have your basic plush stuffed animals, your T.O.T.S. Tickle and Toot options, and your T.O.T.S. Cuddle & Wrap Plush stuffed animal options.

Here are some of these great T.O.T.S. Themed Stuffed Animals choices:

Tickle & Toot Options (these 10-inch plush stuffed animals will giggle, burp, and toot when you squeeze their bellies)

Disney Jr. Cuddle & Wrap Options (10-inch-tall plush stuffed animals with a plush wrap/swaddle)

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T.O.T.S. Pet Carrier

7.) Disney Jr. T.O.T.S. Care for Me Pet Carrier – The last toy option on our list of the Best T.O.T.S. Toys is the T.O.T.S. Care for Me Pet Carrier! This really cool toy will make your child feel like they are parts of the T.O.T.S. team and are either taking care of babies or getting them ready for delivery.

This toy set comes with one carrier that will open up, one stuffed animal, and a bunch of accessories like a bottle, brush, rattle, food bowl, and shampoo bottle. Basically, you get all of those accessories that you need to take care of a baby stuffed animal!

There are a couple of different Pet Carrier options that come with different stuffed animals. Here are those choices:

These carrier options should all be pretty popular with children!

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Final Notes

These are some great T.O.T.S. Toys! Between the figure sets, playsets, stuffed animals, and everything else – I imagine it must be easy for you to find a T.O.T.S. toy that will be enjoyable in your house!

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