PJ Masks Transforming 2-in-1 Mobile Headquarters Review

PJ Mask Mobile Headquarters Photo
Here it is – the PJ Mask Mobile Headquarters.

My kids have an interesting relationship with the TV show PJ Masks. They used to love it but have started to not like it nearly as much as the early seasons. I think it has gotten a little weird for them.

However, they still love their PJ Mask Toys. In fact, we ended up buying the PJ Masks Transforming 2-in-1 Mobile Headquarters for my oldest son’s seventh birthday gift. It goes really well with the rest of the PJ Mask toys they already own!

We have been very happy with this toy – and more importantly my son has had a lot of fun with his new PJ Masks Headquarters!

So, here is our PJ Masks Mobile Headquarters review with all of the good and bad features that come with it!

Quick PJ Mask Mobile Headquarters Toy Review


Let us start with the basics. This toy is big and the reason it is called the 2-in-1 Headquarters is because it will transform from the standing Headquarters to the mobile PJ Masks Seeker vehicle.

In headquarters mode, it stands over 3 feet tall and has 4 different levels. The description says five, but they count a small platform that is connected to the top level.

There is a green level at the bottom for Gekko, a red second level in the middle for Owlette, and a blue third level for Catboy. The fourth/top level has the “computer system”, some buttons you can push, and a slightly smaller ledge on top of it. The buttons on the top level make noise such as the “we are the PJ Masks” song as well as some others. They also light up and do some cool things.

We should also note that each level has a ramp/door that opens up and you can drive any of the vehicles you own down them. At the front part of the headquarters is an elevator that you can use to move a vehicle from level to level as well.

Getting the vehicle to standup in headquarters mode is pretty simple. There is a little button on the side, near the top of the headquarters, that you just need to make sure is in unlocked mode. Most kids should be able to handle that with no problem. It can be a little tricky at first to open up the top to expose the command center – just make sure you lift up on the clear plastic windshield part and you will be fine!

PJ Masks Headquarters vehicle mode

To turn it into mobile vehicle mode, simply make sure that side switch we talked about is in unlocked mode, and slowly start to close it. It will become a vehicle in about 3 seconds and you really don’t have to worry about things like your child’s fingers getting pinched. I tried to pinch mine just to make sure, and really didn’t have any success doing that!

You will also need to make sure the switch to keep the ramps closed gets flipped if you want it to be in vehicle mode. This is also really easy to do and there is even a big yellow arrow pointing to the switch at the bottom of the toy in case you didn’t see it. Once this is done, the toy is ready to be driven around!

It drives around pretty well. It is big and a little heavy so young children might have a slight issue controlling it, but nothing major. The downside to mobile vehicle mode is there isn’t a ramp that opens, or the back of the vehicle doesn’t open to let smaller vehicles out – but otherwise it really is easy to use and fun to play with!

Besides the big vehicle/headquarters – this set comes with a Catboy car and a 3-inch Catboy figure. Any other vehicles and figures that you want need to be bought separately.

It does require 2-AAA batteries to operate the command center and to allow it to make noise. Those batteries are not included. It does require some simple assembly, but it should only take you about 5-minutes to put it all together.

The part that is going to annoy you as a parent is that it comes with all the stickers unattached. That is going to take you some time, and we always end up with a sticker or two that we didn’t quite put on the best. WHY CAN’T THEY ATTACH THE STICKERS TO THE TOY THEMSELVES!

Besides that annoying point – everything else with the toy is pretty smooth. The headquarters is slightly wobbly on carpet, but it does stand well and shouldn’t fall over.

That is our quick PJ Mask Mobile Headquarters review! And overall, I think your child is really going to like playing with this one!

The Danger Scale

We always like to include our “danger scale” on our reviews to let you know if this toy is safe to leave with unsupervised children. This one is! It is a little heavy and can cause some damage if children decide to drive it down some steps…or try to ride it down some steps…but basic play should be very safe!

There aren’t any small parts or choking hazards – and everything is put together really well. We would give this a 3 out of 10 – very safe toy!

Danger Scale 3

The Parents Annoyance Scale

There are a few things about the PJ Mask 2-in-1 Mobile Headquarters that are going to annoy you as a parent. It makes a lot of noise and will even play that annoying PJ Mask theme song, but luckily the volume isn’t that bad.

But the most annoying thing is the stickers. I mean why do I have to decorate the toy that I bought from you correctly? Couldn’t you have already done that for me? That is why this is getting a five – I hate those stickers!

Parents Annoyance Scale 5

Final Grade and Other Links of Interest

Gold Star Rating

Overall, this is a gold standard toy for us. We will see if that changes over the years, but we love how the toy can be used in a number of different ways.

Our kids currently really enjoy PJ Masks which helps increase the enjoyment level of this one as well! I would consider the PJ Mask Mobile Headquarters a slam dunk present for any young PJ Mask fan!

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