The Best PJ Masks Toy Figure Sets

PJ Masks Light Up Romeo and Catboy Figures

It didn’t take very long for the PJ Masks to catch on in a big way in my household – and judging by the amount of PJ Masks Halloween Costumes and backpacks I see – It has been very popular in just about everyone else’s household as well!

That of course has led us to having a big PJ Mask Toy collection – and we wanted to help you out by reviewing and listing the BEST PJ Masks Figure Sets!

So, what is the best PJ Masks Figure Set? The answer is the PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set. And we will explain why later.

And since the start of any good PJ Masks Toy collection must start with collecting the different characters – here are your best PJ Masks Character Figure Set Options!

Quick Ranking of the Best PJ Masks Toy Figure Sets

Here is a list of the Best PJ Masks Toy Figure Sets ranked. Underneath this ranking is a very detailed review of each option – so we encourage you to read on!

RankPJ Masks Figure Set NamePicture with Link
#1APJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set Style 3PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set Style 3
#1BPJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set Style 4PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set
#2APJ Masks Transforming Figure Sets - GekkoPJ Masks Transforming Figure Set - Greg to Gekko
#2BPJ Masks Transforming Figure Sets - OwlettePJ Masks Transforming Figures Owlette
#2CPJ Masks Transforming Figure Sets - CatboyPJ Masks Transforming Figure Set - Catboy
#3APJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Figures - OwlettePJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Figure - Owlette
#3BPJ Masks Super Moon Adventures Figure - GekkoPJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Figures - Gekko
#3CPJ Masks Super Moon Adventures - CatboyPJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Figure Catboy
#4APJ Masks Light Up Figures - Romeo and CatboyPJ Masks Light Up Romeo and Catboy Figures
#4BPJ Masks Light Up Gekko and Night Ninja PackPJ Masks Light Up Gekko and Night Ninja
#4CPJ Masks Light Up Owlette and Luna GirlPJ Masks Light Up Luna Girl and Owlette Toy figures
#5PJ Masks Super Moon Adventures Collectible PackPJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Figure Set
#6PJ Masks Collectible 5-Piece Figure SetsPJ Masks Collectible Sets
#7PJ Masks Mystery Mountain Figure SetPJ Masks Mystery Mountain Figure Set
The Best PJ Masks Figure Sets Reviewed

Detailed Ranking & Review of the Best PJ Masks Figure Sets

PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Style 3

1.) The PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set The PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set is without a doubt the best value you can get when purchasing a set of PJ Masks toy figures. The deluxe figure set usually gives you 16 or 17 pieces, making it a great way to start your PJ Masks Toy Collection.

The deluxe figure sets will change characters from time to time, but right now there are two very popular deluxe figure sets to pick from. You have style 3 and style 4.

Style 3 comes with the following: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja, Munkigu, and Newton Star toy figures that are 3-inches tall and have moveable arms and legs. Style 3 also comes with the following accessories: Birdy, Cat, Lionel, Splat Ball Shooter, Lunar Scooter, Owlette’s binoculars, Catboy’s lasso, and Gekko’s sword. This gives you a total of 17 figures and accessories to make your PJ Masks fan happy!

PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set Style 4

Style 4 has a little bit more of the classic/old school characters to it. The figures in style 4 include: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Romeo, Luna Girl, Armadylan, Night Ninja, and 3 little Ninjalinos! These figures are also 3-inches in size (except of the Ninjalinos – they are smaller) and they also have arms and legs that move (again – except for the Ninjalinos, they are in that static arm pointing up poise).

Besides the figures, Style 4 also comes with a shooter, Catboy’s Powerup Lasso, Museum Shield, Dino Mask, and Luna Girl’s Moth. This gives you a grand total of 16 fun figures and accessories to add to your PJ Mask collection!

Both styles are great with durable figures and fun accessories – it really just comes down to which villains your children like the most. For me, we went with style 4 because Night Ninja, Romeo, and Armadylan are the favorites in this household. And I’ll admit, dad might like the Night Ninja characters the most!

These are clearly the two best PJ Masks Figure Sets you can buy and they provide you with the best value. You are getting a lot of figures for a great price – making them a clear number 1.

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PJ Masks Transforming Figure Set Toy - Gekko - Reviewed

2.) PJ Masks Transforming Figures Set – We have these PJ Masks Transforming Figures Set ranked as number 2 in this best PJ Masks Figure Set list because of their uniqueness.

There are three different Transforming Figures Sets – one for each PJ Masks. They are all sold separately. What you get when you buy one of these sets is a figure of the hero before they become a PJ Mask (so either a 3-inch Connor, Greg, or Amaya figure), a figure of them as a superhero (so a 3-inch Catboy, Gekko, or Owlette figure), and the transforming room/elevator.

What happens is you put both figures into the transforming room. There is a button on top of the room that you push, and it spins the figures around. This lets you change Amaya into Owlette, or Greg into Gekko, or Connor into Catboy.

If you end up purchasing more of these transforming PJ Masks Figure sets, they can be stacked upon each other to create a large tower – and the button will spin all the rooms. It is a really fun concept.

These figures also will move, so they aren’t locked into an action poise like some of the other figure sets on this list.

Here are links to your different PJ Masks Transforming Sets on Amazon:

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PJ Masks Moon Adventures Gekko

3.) PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure FiguresThe PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Figures were a really nice addition to the PJ Masks Action Figure collection. These are nice figures because they are adjustable as well, and not locked into a static pose.

You do have to buy the Gekko, Owlette, and Catboy Super Moon Adventure Figures separately – I don’t believe they have a package that includes all three of them together.

These figures will be about 3-inch tall and can be incorporated into some of the other playsets. Each different PJ Mask Character will be in their special Moon Adventure outfits and will be equipped with some special equipment.

Here is a list of the 3 different characters and what they come with:

These are really cool PJ Mask Moon Figures that should bring some fun to any PJ Mask playtime adventure.

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PJ Masks Gekko and Night Ninja Light Up Figures Reviewed

4.) PJ Masks Light-Up Figure Sets – The nice thing about these PJ Masks Light-Up Figure Sets are they combine one hero figure with one villain figure – making it a great starter pack. There are 3-different 2-packs to pick from – each one has a different hero/villain combination.

The other nice thing about these 2-pack sets is they are moveable – which I do like better than the static action-pose figures lower down on this list. Each figure is going to be about 3-inches tall and can be used in other PJ Masks toy sets.

Each set also has some pretty cool accessories that they come with, and they are called Light-Up figures because each PJ Masks Hero has an amulet that will light up.

Here are the different PJ Masks Light-Up Figures Set choices:

These great figure sets are perfect for getting you a hero and a villain – and are a great option if you want to test the waters to see just how much a child is going to like their PJ Masks toys!

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Non-Movable PJ Masks Figure Sets

These are also some very good PJ Masks Figure Sets, but they are locked into action poses, making them a little less fun in my book.

PJ Mask Super Moon Adventure Figure Set

5.) PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure 5-Pack – One of the many places that PJ Masks get into adventures at is on the moon. So, it only makes sense that they produced the PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure 5-Pack.

This 5-Pack includes Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, Luna Girl, and the PJ Robot. All the figures are holding something, like a Moon crystal or Lunar Orb. These accessories are not removable. They are also in their special “Moon Hero” suits vs. the traditional clothing.

The downside to these action figures is that they are locked into their action poises. That means you can’t move them or insert them into the driver’s seats of any of the PJ Mask Vehicles you might own.

All the figures are 3-inches tall except for the PJ Robot who is a little smaller. They are a great collection of toys that will be popular if your child really like those Moon Adventure episodes!

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PJ Masks Collectible 5-figure Packs

6.) PJ Masks Collectible 5-Piece Figure Sets – The PJ Masks Toy Producers have done a really nice job of creating a few different collectible sets. They actually have a series of 4-different collectible sets that we are including in this ranking.

We should note that all the figures in these sets are in a fixed position – so they are not the best options if you are looking for figures that can be used in some of the PJ Masks vehicles. They are also all 3-inches in size.

Here is a list of the four different options and what they come with:

All these sets look nice and could make a good addition to your PJ Masks toy collection.

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PJ Masks Mystery Mountain Figure Set

7.) PJ Masks Mystery Mountain Figure Set – Like most cartoon shows the PJ Masks will go on different adventures and gain different powers. That is one of the reasons why the PJ Masks Mystery Mountain Figure Set was created!

The PJ Masks Mystery Mountain Figure Set comes with 5-pieces: Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, AnYu, and the Dragon Gong. Each figure looks really good and will remind you of the Mystery Mountain TV show adventures.

The downside to this option is the figures are locked into an action poise. They don’t have the moveable arms and legs that Deluxe figure set has. That does limit some playtime options for you.

If your kids do love the Mystery Mountain part of PJ Masks, then these figures will be a lot of fun for them.

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Final Notes and Other Links of Interest

Just looking at this list, you can see just how many great PJ Masks Figure sets are out there! If you are looking for some other great PJ Mask Toys to add to your collection, we would encourage you to check out some of these other reviews we did:

Hopefully, all of these great PJ Masks Toy reviews will help you find the perfect toy for your collection.