The Complete Mega Bloks PJ Masks Sets List and Review

Mega Bloks Toys are cool. PJ Masks Toys are cool. Combine the two and you get Mega Bloks PJ Masks Sets – and don’t worry – these are really cool too!

So, we thought we would help you out and give you a complete list of all the Mega Bloks PJ Masks Sets – with a review and some great information about each listed below as well!

1.) Mega Bloks PJ Masks Build & Blast HQ

Mega Bloks PJ Masks HQ Set

The list of the Mega Bloks PJ Masks Sets should probably start with their headquarters – after all that is the base where everything happens! This PJ Masks Mega Bloks HQ Set should be a lot of fun for any PJ Masks fan.

This is a 51-piece set that is easy to put together and rated for children ages 3+. The first part of what you will build is the tower, which has a working ramp/opening at each level (one for each PJ Mask). The doors can store all of the PJ Masks vehicles if you get some of the other sets.

Besides the tower, this playset comes with a buildable Cat-Car that has actual wheels that allow it to move, a Catboy figure, 3 Ninjalino blocks, and a catapult that will launch sticky-splats. Overall, you are getting just about everything you would want in a HQ playset.

This is a great toy and a great option for children that can’t get enough of the PJ Masks!

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2.) Mega Bloks PJ Masks Catboy vs. Ninjalino

Mega Bloks Catboy Set

If we are going to have a headquarters, we are going to need some heroes to go into the HQ. Luckily, the first of the character based Mega Bloks PJ Masks Sets is the Mega Bloks PJ Masks Catboy vs. Ninjalino set.

This set is only 26-pieces and will be built in no time. It includes a rolling Catboy Car that you build that has a Catboy figure that fits inside of it. Your child will have fun driving Catboy around and getting into crazy adventures.

You also built a smaller cityscape that will have 3 Ninjalino blocks incorporated into it. The cityscape will have a catapult on it where you are able to launch sticky splats at Catboy and his vehicle. This seems like a good time to me!

The rolling vehicle, cool cityscape, and Catboy figure will make this a fun addition to your toy collection.

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3.) Mega Bloks PJ Masks Gekko vs. Night Ninja

Mega Bloks PJ Masks Gekko Set

The second PJ Mask that we need to cover on this list is Gekko. So, what we have here is the Mega Bloks PJ Masks Gekko vs. Night Ninja Set (on a side note, Night Ninja is my favorite PJ Masks character for some reason).

This is a 25-piece set that is rated for children 3+ and can be built in a flash. The main part of this set that you are going to build is the Gekko Mobile and the Gekko character. Just like with Catboy, the Gekko Mobile also moves around and the Gekko characters fits inside. The little twist here is the Gekko mobile has a tail that swings back and forth when being driven.

The next part of the set is the cityscape. It has a spinning crane on the top of it that is being manned by a Night Ninja block – not an actual figure. It looks good and is pretty simple overall.

This set is really built for any of those kids that are big Gekko fans!

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4.) Mega Bloks PJ Masks Owlette vs. Luna Girl

Mega Bloks Owlette Set

The last of the PJ Masks that we haven’t talked about is Owlette. Saving the best hero for last and to complete the group of heroes, here is the Mega Bloks PJ Masks Owlette vs. Luna Girl set!

This is a 26-piece set with the main part being – you guessed it – the Owl Glider and Owlette figure. Just like the other two hereos, the Owlette figure will fit securely into the Owl Glider. In this case, the Owl glider does not have wheels, but does have wings that can flap – which is pretty darn cool.

The next part to the set is the cityscape. This one features a moth block, and I guess you would call it a spinning Luna Girl backdrop. The only downside to these sets is that the villains are not figures – but backdrops or actual blocks.

You can easily collect all three hero sets and combine them with the top listed PJ Masks HQ Set to create one fun PJ Masks world!

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5.) Mega Bloks PJ Masks Romeo’s Lab Builder

Mega Bloks Romeo's Lab - Best Mega Bloks PJ Masks Set

The final entry on our list of the PJ Masks Mega Bloks Set has to be a villain. Someone for the PJ Masks to battle, and in this case, that villain happens to be my son’s favorite character. We give you the Mega Bloks PJ Masks Romeo’s Lab Builder set.

This is actually my favorite set, and it includes 44-pieces. The first part of what you are going to build is Romeo’s Lab. The lab has rolling wheels, a “magnetic” crane, and a driver’s seat that will fit the toy Romeo figure that also comes with this set.

The second part of what you build is Romeo’s Robot sidekick. He is poseable and can also be constructed into a giant laser!

This is a great set because it actually gives you some villain character sets; unlike the block villains you get in all of the other options!

Collect all the sets to create the hero and villain PJ Mask Action that kids crave!

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Final Notes & Other Links of Interest

There you have it; those are your best Mega Bloks PJ Masks sets. If you collect them all you will have a villain to stop, PJ Masks vehicles to drive, and a Headquarters to plan your heroic actions at!

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