The Best Mega Bloks Toys for 2021 Reviewed

Mega Bloks has been a staple in the toy community for years – and were some of our kid’s favorite toys when growing up! There are so many different Mega Bloks Sets and Toys that we wanted to create a list of the Best Mega Bloks Toys for 2021 with a small review about each one!

Hopefully this list will help you find that perfect Mega Bloks toy!

Mega Bloks Bag - Best Mega Bloks Toys

1.) Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag – First on the list of the Best Mega Bloks Toys is the classic Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag. This is what most of us think about when we think about Mega Bloks – a big bag full of blocks that can be assembled and come in all sorts of colors and sizes!

This particular bag comes with 80 different pieces – in classic red, blue, yellow, and orange color scheme. It also comes with a big bag so you can store all these bloks when not in use. This really is the starter package to a great Mega Bloks collection.

If you want more than 80 Mega Bloks, Check out some of these options as well.

Mega Bloks First Builders Build 'n Learn Table

2.) Mega Bloks First Builders Build ‘n Learn Table – If you want your toddler to have a nice play space or platform to start building on, this Mega Bloks First Builders Build ‘n Learn Table is a perfect option. It comes with 30 Mega Bloks and a table to use to build those Mega Bloks on.

The table itself is easy to put together and easy to take apart – it is also lightweight and easy to move from room to room. This table is about 16-inches high, has a length of 5.3-inches, and is about 24-inches wide. This is the perfect size for children in that 1 to 4 or 5-years of age group.

This toy would make a great addition to a bedroom or toy room – and gives your toddler a place to start their independent playtime building adventures!

Mega Bloks CAT Ride on Toy

3.) Mega Bloks Cat 3-in-1 Ride-on Toy Mega Bloks makes a lot more than just big bags of Mega Bloks. One of those great toys they make is the Mega Bloks Cat 3-in-1 Ride on Toy.

This fun vehicle can be ridden around on by a child – and it can also be pushed around by a parent with the child hanging on tightly. There are buttons they can push that make all sorts of mechanical noises – which toddlers love. It also has an excavator arm that can pivot in a 360-degree range.

It also comes with 10-Cat Themed Mega Bloks – and there are a few places you can actually attach the Mega Bloks to on the Cat ride-on toy. Under the seat is a storage area for the bloks – and it will turn into a storage area for a lot of other toys as well!

We have had a great experience with this toy, and if you want to learn more about it we would encourage you to read this review: The Mega Bloks Cat 3-in-1 Ride-on Toy Reviewed.

Mega Bloks Halo Sets

4.) Mega Bloks Halo Sets We often think Mega Bloks only makes toys for toddlers and young children – but they do have some sets geared towards older children. One of those options for children 8+ would be the various Mega Bloks Halo Sets. These cool Halo Sets are based on different vehicles in the popular video game series.

There are also a lot more Mega Construx Halo Sets – with these Mega Construx sets being geared towards older children.

Mega Bloks Build & Race Rig

5.) Mega Bloks Build & Race Rig – Looking at this list of the Best Mega Bloks toys for 2021, I probably have this Mega Bloks Build & Race Rig ranked to low – this is a really cool toy!

This toy set includes a big rig truck and and little race car. One of the big reasons why children love this set is because the big rig truck can go from truck form and be reconfigured into an actual raceway track. There are 8-blocks and 3 raceway pieces that can be rearranged to make these tracks. You can even open the front of the truck for some built-in storage.

The little race car also make 5 different racing sounds and really does a nice job of flying through the speedways and racetracks your child creates!

My description is not doing this toy enough justice – click on the buy now link picture to see some other great photos of this toy in action!

Mega Bloks Toy Wagon

6.) Mega Bloks Pull ‘n Play Wagon – Going back to popular Mega Bloks Toys for toddlers and preschoolers, you have to include the Mega Bloks Pull n’ Play Wagon on any best Mega Bloks Toys list.

The big selling point here is the wagon. It has a folding, easy to grip handle that makes it really easy for children to pull around the house. It is NOT a full-sized wagon that kids can ride around in – but has product dimensions of about 12 x 7.75 x 7.5 inches – and weighs less than 2-pounds.

It comes with 15 Mega Bloks that can be stored and pulled in the wagon – but a lot of the time the wagon is going to be used to pull around stuffed animals and other toys. That is just how kids operate. These bloks can be used with any other Mega Blok sets as well.

There is a slightly different wagon from Mega Bloks as well. This would be the Mega Bloks Shape sorting wagon which comes with 25 Mega Bloks and some special shape blocks that can be sorted into the wagon as well. You can learn more about this option here: The Mega Bloks Shape Sorting Wagon.

Mega Bloks Cement Mixer

7.) Mega Bloks CAT Cement Mixer – If you are looking for a fun vehicle toy for toddlers that also combines the world of Mega Bloks – check out this Mega Bloks CAT Cement Mixer.

This set includes a bright yellow Cat Cement Mixer that has a spinning drum and 8 building blocks. The cab and lid of the cement mixer has spaces where you can build on. The truck moves along the floor with ease – and is durable enough to handle the eventually crashes that all vehicles driven by toddlers will have to endure.

The drum can be difficult for children to remove by themselves, so some adult help might be required from time to time.

Mega Bloks ABC Musical Train

8.) Mega Bloks ABC Musical Train One of the very first toys that we got my oldest son was this Mega Bloks ABC Musical Train. It became a toy that he played with for a very long time – and one that he ended up incorporating into his other Mega Bloks.

This set is nice because it allows children to build a train in their own unique way. It has 3 base pieces with wheels on it to go along with 47 other different colored and sized blocks. The little blocks come printed with letters on them, ranging from A to Z.

This set apparently now comes with a smokestack that you can push to play music and make train sounds – I will say that feature wasn’t available in this toy six or seven years ago when we bought our version! If you do want to read about our experience with it, check out this full review: The Mega Bloks ABC Train Reviewed.

Mega Bloks Dump Truck

9.) Mega Bloks Cat Large Dump Truck – I think all children love dump trucks, and this Mega Bloks Cat Large Dump Truck should become a very popular toy in any toy room.

This particular dump truck version comes with the dump truck, a construction worker figure, and 25-blocks. The back of the dump truck lifts up and allows you to dump out the blocks. The size of the dump truck is 12 x 17 x 12.37 inches – which is actually pretty large.

This dump truck really moves around well and my child has been known to try and ride it around a time or two. We certainly have enjoyed having a Mega Bloks Dump Truck in our household, and you can read about all of our enjoyment here: The Mega Bloks Dump Truck Reviewed.

Mega Bloks Lets Get Learning

10.) Mega Bloks Let’s Get Learning! Set – One of the really good playsets that you can buy from Mega Bloks would be the Mega Bloks Let’s Get Learning! Set.

This is a 150-piece Mega Blok Set with a lot of the blocks having printed decorations on them. These decorations include things like shapes, numbers, math problem symbols, and other things that can be used to teach different things to children.

Or course, the bloks are in numerous different colors and shapes and can be used to create all-sorts of different things. Sometimes just building fun structures and having a great time during imagination play time is the best thing to do for children!

Mega Bloks Playful Panda Bucket Set

11.) Mega Bloks Animal Themed Buckets – There are a bunch of animal themed Mega Bloks Buckets that come with a cute bucket, and 25 or so Mega Bloks included inside them. Instead of listing each bucket out as a separate option – we are just going to show all of the great choices you have!

Like we said, these fun animal themed buckets will make young children happy, and the 25 blocks they come with will be a great starting point for a Mega Bloks collection!

Mega Bloks Sonny School Bus

12.) Little Mega Bloks Vehicle Toys – There are some cute Mega Bloks Vehicle Toys that should bring some enjoyment to playtime. These sets will come with the vehicle, 5 blocks, and usually a figure unless otherwise noted.

All of these fun vehicles can be pushed around and played with, and the blocks and figure need add more fun to them.

Man, this is a lot of great Mega Bloks Toys to pick from – we hope you have found what you are looking for!

Mega Bloks Romeo Play Set

13.) Mega Bloks PJ Masks Builder Sets – My sons just happen to be big PJ Masks Fans, so these Mega Bloks PJ Masks Builder Sets are very popular with them – and I’m assuming they would be very popular with any PJ Mask fan!

These sets are rated for children 3+; and are pretty simple to put together but may require some help from a parent depending on your child’s age. Here are some of the fun set options you can choose:

What a great selection of Mega Blok Toys!