The Best PJ Masks Toys

It is no secret that the longer a show is on the air, the more merchandize they are going to produce. PJ Masks continues to run and become very popular with children – and their merchandize line has grown with them!

We had to create a list of the Best PJ Masks Toys for you so you could see some of the best options that are out there. There are numerous toys to pick from, so hopefully this Best PJ Masks Toys list will guide you in the right direction!

Quick Recommendations List of the Best PJ Mask Toys

If you don’t want to read a full review of each PJ Mask toy here is some quick recommendations based on what you are looking for!

There are so many more great PJ Masks Toys to look at, so we would encourage you to check out the pictures and full reviews below!

Best PJ Mask Toys List

Here is a quick list and link to buy the Best PJ Mask Toys. Below that is a much more detailed review of each entry to this best PJ Mask Toys List – and I would really encourage you to check each one of those reviews so you can see just how many great PJ Mask toys are available!

RankPJ Mask Toy NamePicture
#1PJ Mask 2-in-1 Mobile HeadquartersPJ Mask Mobile Headquarters
#2PJ Masks Deluxe Figure SetPJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set
#3PJ Masks Seeker VehiclePJ Masks PJ Seeker Vehicle Toy
#4The PJ Masks Transforming Figure SetsPJ Masks Transforming Figure Set - Catboy
#5PJ Masks Moon Adventures FiguresPJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Gekko
#6PJ Masks Light Up Figures SetPJ Masks Light Up Gekko and Night Ninja
#7PJ Masks Moon Adventures PlaysetPJ Masks Super Moon Adventures Playset
#8PJ Masks Moon Adventures Rocket HQPJ Masks Moon Adventure Rocket
#9PJ Masks Moon Adventures Mega RoverPJ Masks Moon Rover
#10PJ Masks Moon Adventures Rover VehiclesPJ Masks Moon Adventures Rover Vehicle - Catboy
#11Mega Bloks PJ Masks SetsMega Bloks Romeos Lab - complete list of the Mega Bloks PJ Masks Sets
#12Original PJ Masks Vehicle SetsPJ Masks Original Vehicle Sets
#13PJ Masks Kickback Motorcycle Vehicle ToysPJ Masks Kickback Motorcycles
#14PJ Masks HeadquartersPJ Masks Headquarters
#15PJ Masks Off Roader PJ Masks Off Roader Rescue Toy Set - Best PJ Masks Toys
#16PJ Masks Save The Sky VehiclesPJ Masks Save The Sky Vehicles
#17PJ Masks PJ Air JetPJ Masks Air Jet
The Best PJ Masks Toys Reviewed

The Best PJ Mask Toys Reviewed

PJ Masks Mobile Headquarters

1.) The PJ Mask 2-in-1 Mobile Headquarters – This is a really fun toy and a great starting point if you know you are going to end up collecting a lot of different PJ Mask Toys. We also like this as the best PJ Masks Headquarters toy.

This toy will stand over 3-feet tall, has different levels for the different vehicles, has a cool command center on the top with buttons that can be pushed to make noises, comes with a 3-inch Catboy figure and Catboy vehicle – and should provide a lot of fun!

It is called the 2-in-1 Mobile HQ because it can be changed from HQ mode to large vehicle mode. When in vehicle mode it can easily be driven around! Both modes are easy for kids to operate and should create a lot fun!

There is no better place to start a PJ Mask Toy collection than with the HQ! Also, if you want to read a full review on this toy (we own it for our son) please click on the following link: The PJ Mask 2-in-1 Mobile HQ reviewed!

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PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set Buy Now - Style 4

2.) PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set – If you are going to have the PJ Masks Headquarters, you are probably going to want some heroes and villains to battle it out! That is why we have the PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set as second on our list of the best PJ Masks Toys!

The downside about PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Sets is they do get updated every so often, changing some of the figures that are included in them. For example, we purchased a deluxe figure set that had Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, Luna Girl, Romeo, Night Ninja, Ninjalinos, and Armadylan – they call this style 4 (you can see this option on Amazon buy clicking here: PJ Mask Deluxe Figure Set Style 4). This is my favorite style because of the classic characters included.

Style 3 includes Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja, Munkigu, and Newton Star – as well as some different accessories. This style seems to be more like the space adventures group. I don’t follow the TV show as closely as I used to, so I could be wrong on that one! Here is where you can check out Style 3 on Amazon: PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set Style 3.

All the figures are about 3-inches in size, can be incorporated into other PJ Mask toys and are going to bring a lot of fun to playtime. These deluxe packs also bring the best value in terms of getting a lot of figures at the best price compared to trying to buy smaller sets.

We strongly recommend adding these PJ Mask Deluxe Figure Packs to your toy collection – and you can read about our experiences with them here: The PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set Reviewed.

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PJ Masks PJ Seeker Vehicle Review

3.) PJ Masks PJ Seeker Vehicle If you are looking for a vehicle where all of the PJ Masks can capture bad guys together – the PJ Masks Seeker vehicle is going to be a great choice for you!

This vehicle has a long trailer that connects and disconnects from the driving compartment. The trailer has a side entrance, a back entrance, and a ramp that comes out the back where you can drive smaller vehicles down. On top of this trailer is a tower that has a shooter that shoots discs, a crane arm that moves and has a cage attached to it, and a spotlight that lights up and makes all sorts of great sounds.

The trailer can fit a couple of the different vehicles in it, the sounds and lights it has will delight kids, and you will normally get at least one of the PJ Mask figures to come with the toy. Right now, at the time of this article you can actually get all three PJ Mask figures with the purchase of this vehicle!

There are a lot of great features to this toy and a lot of reasons why you would want to buy it! You can also read our full review and our experiences with this toy here: The PJ Masks PJ Seeker Vehicle Reviewed.

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PJ Masks Transforming Figure Set Toy - Gekko - Reviewed

#4.) PJ Masks Transforming Figure Sets – We have these PJ Masks Transforming Figure Sets at number four on our Best PJ Masks Toy List because of how unique they are. There are three transforming figure sets – one for each PJ Mask – and they are a lot of fun to play with.

Each set is going to come with two figures and the transformation room. One figure will be the PJ Mask figure without their superhero costume (for example Greg), one figure will be the PJ Mask figure with their superhero costume (for example Gekko), and you will have the transformation room. You get to place both figures in the transformation room (they are divided into two rooms basically), you press the button on the top of the room which spins it, and regular Greg becomes Gekko!

This toy is kind of like the old Superman shows where he would jump into a phone booth and come out dressed in his superhero outfit – same concept!

The figures themselves are 3-inches tall and can be pulled out to be played with separately. You can also buy each character’s transformation room (they are sold separately) and stack them all up on each other to create a large tower!

These are fun sets that should bring a lot of enjoyment to any child that loves the PJ Masks!

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PJ Masks Moon Adventures Gekko

5.) PJ Masks Super Moon Adventures Action Figures – Since cartoon shows are notorious for creating slight character variations to make even more merchandize that your kids are going to want, it was no surprise to see the PJ Masks spending a lot of time on the Moon and the creation of the PJ Masks Super Moon Adventures Action Figures line!

These figures are obviously dressed in the PJ Masks Mood Adventures suites and unfortunately are sold separately – meaning you need to buy 1 for each PJ Masks if you want the entire team. The bright side is if your child only really loves one of the characters, that is the only one you need to purchase!

Each PJ Masks Super Moon Adventures Figure is 3-inches tall, comes with a light up jet pack, and a Moon helmet. They also all have limbs that can be moved! There are a couple of static Super Moon Adventures packages – but again beware if you buy these because they are locked into a certain pose.

Each figure also has a special accessory that they come with, and here are your choices for them:

All three of them look really cool and should make a popular addition to your toy collection. If you like these Moon Adventure themed PJ Masks Toys, check out this list: The Best PJ Masks Moon Adventure Toys.

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PJ Masks Gekko and Night Ninja Light Up Figures Reviewed

#6. PJ Masks Light Up Figure 2-Packs – The best thing about these PJ Masks Light Up Figure 2-Packs is they come with one hero and one villain – making them a great starting point for anyone just starting to collect PJ Masks toys!

Each different PJ Mask has been paired with a different villain, making some fun combinations. These figures are also 3-inches in sizes, moveable, and able to be used in other PJ Masks toys.

We should note they are called light up figures because each PJ Mask does have an amulet that will light up, and each villain is going to come with one accessory.

Here are your awesome choices:

Overall, these are really fun PJ Masks Figure packs that are great for adding villains to your PJ Mask Toy collection.

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PJ Masks Moon Adventures Lair Playset

#7.) PJ Masks Moon Adventures Playset This is a fun playset that ties into all of those adventures on the Moon that the PJ Masks find themselves getting into.

What this set includes is about a 14″ high, multi-level playset, and a 3-Inch Luna Girl and Catboy Figure. The playset has a Moon crystal jail on the bottom level with a trap door on the second level that will drop characters into the trap. The second level also includes these “zero gravity” belts – which is basically a play you can attach your figures into and have them battle it out off the ground.

The third layer has a secret platform, a moon blaster that launches projectiles, and an elevator that can go up and down. Both of the figures can be moved to different positions and can be incorporated into other PJ Masks toy sets which is a big plus.

This is just a nice hideout/base that kids should enjoy playing with – especially if they really love those Moon Adventures episodes of the PJ Masks.

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PJ Masks Moon Adventure Rocket Ship

8.) PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Rocket HQ – I think most kids love space, so why wouldn’t they love a cool Rocket toy – and add to the fact it is a PJ Masks toy, you got yourself a real winner!

This really cool set is going to include the rocket, a Gekko figure dressed in his Moon Adventure suit, and Gekko’s smaller moon rover vehicle. There is a button on the rocket that will release a ramp and allow you to drive the space rover down the back.

There are two legs that help the rocket stand up. The one downside to this toy is those legs pop off pretty easily, and that can be frustrating to kids – especially if they are having problems putting them back on.

Besides that, this really cool rocket toy should help add a lot of fun to your PJ Masks Adventures – and allows them to blast off all the way to the Moon!

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PJ Masks Moon Rover Review - the best PJ Masks Moon Adventures Toys

9. PJ Masks Super Moon Mega Rover – Of course, if you are going to take your PJ Masks to the moon, you might want them to have a vehicle for once they get there. That is where this cool PJ Masks Super Moon Mega Rover comes into play!

The best part about this toy is how it looks. It has six big tires, a launcher on top, a big cockpit that will fit all three members of the PJ Masks, and a big back area that is reminiscent of a dump truck. Oh, it even makes all sorts of sounds and lights up depending on the buttons you push.

This set does come with one 3-inch Catboy figure and does require 2-AA batteries to make all of the sounds and light up. Those batteries should be included.

Overall, you are just getting a really cool looking vehicle that fits the entire PJ Masks team and should bring a lot of enjoyment to playtime!

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Owlette PJ Masks Moon Rover Toy

10.) PJ Masks Super Moon Adventures Rover Vehicles To finish off on our listings of PJ Masks Super Moon Adventures Toys, you have the PJ Masks Super Moon Adventures Rover Vehicles. These is one vehicle set for each PJ Mask – that will obviously come in the matching color.

The downside to these sets is that if you want all 3 PJ Masks, you are going to have to buy each set individually. When you do buy a set, it will come with the Rover Vehicle that your 3-inch character can ride, a 3-inch PJ Mask figure, and an accessory depending on which character you pick.

Here are a list of each figure set and what comes with each option:

These fun vehicle/character combo packs are a great way to start a PJ Masks Toy collection!

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Mega Bloks Romeo's Lab - Best Mega Bloks PJ Masks Set

11.) PJ Masks Mega Bloks Sets This addition to the Best PJ Masks toys list is geared towards slightly younger kids – but I think they are really going to enjoy playing with these PJ Masks Mega Bloks Sets!

The sets are pretty simple, you have Mega Bloks that you put together to create PJ Masks Vehicles and Characters based on the set that you buy. You can also buy all of the sets and combine the storyline and characters together!

My personal preference is I think the Mega Bloks PJ Masks Romeo’s Lab Builder is the coolest set, but it doesn’t have any of the PJ Masks included in it.

Here are the choices you have when it comes to these Mega Bloks sets:

Between all of these great sets, you are looking at a lot of fun! If you want to learn more about these sets, click this link: The Complete Mega Bloks PJ Masks Set List.

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Original PJ Masks Vehicle Sets

12.) Original PJ Masks Vehicle Sets with Figures – There are a bunch of different PJ Masks Vehicles Sets that include the appropriate Superhero Figure depending on which vehicle you decide to buy. This makes sense because each character drives a different vehicle – so you need toy sets that cover all of these options.

Here are the ORIGINAL PJ MASKS VEHCILE SETS you can pick from –

These are great original sets featuring the main characters – there are some different sets listed below this one as well!

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PJ Masks Pullback Motorcycles

13.) PJ Masks Kickback Motorcycle ToysIf you want a vehicle and figure set that is different than the original vehicles listed above – but will still provide a lot of fun – check out these PJ Masks Kickback Motorcycle Toys. Each PJ Mask has their own set, and they have some fun features that kids will enjoy.

These are pullback toys – meaning you pullback on the motorcycle and it will launch forward. Each motorcycle fits one 3-inch character, and each set comes with one figure and one motorcycle. You can buy all three to get the motorcycle PJ Masks gang going!

Here are links to the three different options you have:

Collect all three or pick the one that features the character your child likes the best!

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PJ Masks Headquarters

14.) PJ Masks Headquarters Playset – If you are looking for a much smaller version of the Headquarters than the one listed at number 1 – check out this PJ Masks Headquarters Playset.

This headquarters set is about 19-inches tall, features 3-levels, and has all-sorts of sounds and lights. You have a control center that creates lights and sound, it has an elevator that you can take up to the second floor, it has a shooter, and there are all sorts of passages and traps – basically there is enough fun features to keep your children entertained for a while!

This set comes with a 3-inch Catboy figure and a Catboy Car. All the 3-inch figure sets work on this playset, so we would encourage you to combine this toy with those figure sets to recreate all kinds of PJ Masks adventures!

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PJ Masks Off Roader Vehicle Set

15.) PJ Masks Off Roader Rescue Set Sometimes TV cartoons get a little strange – and you are seeing this with the PJ Masks Off Roader Rescue Set. This set is basically used to catch dinosaurs.

This set starts with an off-road SUV vehicle that can fit all three PJ Masks characters in the seats. You will need to buy a figure set to get Owlette and Gekko – since most sets only come with a Catboy.

Besides the vehicle, this set includes one 3-inch Catboy figure, one 6″ dinosaur figure, one pile of bones, and one rolling cage.

This rolling cage can be used to capture the dinosaur, and then the cage fits into the back of the vehicle or can be pulled a long by the vehicle. If you like PJ Masks and you like dinosaurs, this seems like a fun vehicle set that you can pick!

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PJ Masks Save The Sky Vehicle Sets - Best PJ Masks Toys Reviewed

16.) PJ Masks Save the Sky Vehicle Sets – Besides the original vehicles and the motorcycles – there are also these PJ Masks Save the Sky Vehicle Sets. These vehicles have wheels on the bottom so they can be pushed around (they are pretty discrete so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb) – but they also have wings so you can pick them up and fly them around!

These cool vehicles have a really sleek design that kids should love – and each vehicle will come with one 3-inch figure. You need to collect all three options to have the entire gang.

The figures that come in these sets have a cool helmet/goggle design to them – the helmet is not removable. They have poseable arms and legs and fit right into the vehicles.

Here are your set choices:

These fun and well designed vehicle sets should make a big splash if your child loves those Save the Sky Vehicles from the show.

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PJ Masks Air Jet

17.) PJ Masks PJ Air Jet – Over the years of the TV show, many vehicles have come and gone – and the PJ Masks PJ Air Jet is one of those vehicles that suddenly appeared.

The vehicle set is pretty straight-forward. It comes with the Air Jet and one 3-Inch Catboy Figure (I told you Catboy is the character that comes with all these sets). The Catboy Figure comes in his special Air Jet suite – and it does have poseable arms and legs so it can fit in the driver’s seat of the air jet.

The Jet is really cool. It has pop-out wings that will pop-out when you hit a button, and it will light up and make sounds as well! It also has a missile shooter that you can use to catch the bad guys. It also has a built-in handle on top, so it is easy to carry around and easy for kids to pretend they are flying it!

It does require 3-AAA batteries to operate. I love the design of this vehicle and it should be a lot of fun.

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Final Notes & Links of Interest

These are some great PJ Masks toys, and please check back from time to time because new toys are added frequently.

If you are looking for some different toy ideas, we would encourage you to check out some of these review links:

Hopefully, these great toy reviews will help you find the best toy options!