The Best Fisher-Price Little People Toys Reviewed

Little People Launch and Loop Raceway Toy

Fisher-Price Little People Toys have been a big hit with both of my sons, and you will hear that same sentiment reflected from numerous other parents (at least the five that I have talked to).

The reason this brand of toys have been so popular is because of the wide variety of choices and characters you can pick from. From fire fighters to pirates, there is a Little People Toy set for everyone.

Below is a list of our favorite choices. These aren’t necessarily in order of what’s best to worst, but more of a comprehensive list of the great options you can pick from! Below this quick reference chart is a more detailed review of each one if you need to learn more. Enjoy!

Best Little People Toys of 2021 Cheat Sheet

We have about 40+ different Little People Toys listed here. If you don’t want to read the individual reviews or scan through all of the pictures – we created a quick cheat sheet for you showing your our top Little People Toy Recommendations in different categories – with an affiliate link to purchase if you are interested!

Now, if you want to see more great choices and see pictures and more detailed reviews of each Little Person Toy – keep on reading!

Best Little People Toys Chart for 2021

Here is your quick Best Fisher-Price Little People Toys Chart with pictures, a brief description, and a link to purchase. After that is a much more detailed review of each one!

Toy PictureToy DescriptionLink to Buy
The Little People Toy Fire TruckBuy Here
The Little People Farm SetBuy Here
The Little People Toy Zoo TrainBuy Here
Little People Toy AirplaneBuy Here
Little People Toy CamperBuy Here
Little People Tow N' Pull TractorBuy Here
Little People Surprise & Sounds HomeBuy Here
Fisher-Price Little People Sit 'n Stand SkywayFisher-Price Little People Sit 'n Stand SkywayBuy Here
Little People Going Camping Play SetBuy Here
Fisher-Price Little People Big Yellow School BusFisher-Price Little People Big Yellow School BusBuy Here
Little People Treehouse PlaysetBuy Here
Little People Friendly School ToyFisher-Price Little People Friendly SchoolBuy Here
Little People Food Truck ToyFisher-Price Little People Serve it Up Food TruckBuy Here
Little People Big Animal ZooBuy Here
Little People Musical Zoo TrainBuy Here
Little People Dump TruckBuy Here
Fisher Price Little People Big helpers Home toyFisher-Price Little People Big Helpers HomeBuy Here
Little People SUVBuy Here
Little People Toy HelicopterBuy Here
Little People Noah's ArkBuy Here
Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers GarageFisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Garage Buy Here
Little People Caring for Animals Farm SetLittle People Caring For Animals Farm SetBuy Here
Little People Wheelies SetBuy Here
Little People Zoo Animal SetBuy Here
Little People Wheelies Community HelpersBuy Here
Little People Pirate ShipBuy Here
Little People Floaty BoatBuy Here
Little People Farm Animal SetBuy Here
Little People Christmas Story SetBuy Here
Little People Launch and Loop Raceway ToyFisher-Price Little People Launch and Loop RacewayBuy Here
Little People Animal TrainFisher-Price Little People Animal TrainBuy Here
Little People Off Road ATV AdventureBuy Here
Little People School BusBuy Here
Little People Amusement ParkBuy Here
Little People Mickey & Minnie House PlaysetBuy Here
Little People Mickey & Goofy's Gas & Dine PlaysetBuy Here
Little People Spinning Sounds AirportBuy Here
Little People Mini GarageBuy Here
The Best Little People Toys of 2021

Quick Review of Each Fisher-Price Little People Toy

Little People Fire Truck - best toddler transportation toys

1.) Little People Fire Truck– This is just your classic fire engine truck. It includes a fire ladder that swivels around, as well as a bucket seat on that ladder that moves up and down. The toy plays over 25 different songs and sounds, plus it moves really well when racing it!

You also get a couple of fire fighter figures and a fire fighter Dalmatian puppy that comes with it. There isn’t much not to like here – and this toy has brought lots of enjoyment to my household. If you want to read about my child’s experience with this toy, check out this full review: The Fisher-Price Little People Fire Truck Review.

Little People Farm Set

2.) Little People Farm Set – This isn’t a vehicle, but rather a really fun farm play set. This toy is a large barn that opens up, with a silo attached to it on the right hand side. There is a handle attached to the top of it, which allows it to easily be carried around by your child when it’s snapped shut. The silo is a fun place for your child to dump toys and farm animals into.

Besides just having a well-built red barn to play with, this toy comes with the farm animals you would expect (including a chicken, cow, goat, pig, horse, sheep, a farmer, and even a bale of hay). This toy is a real winner because you get both the barn and animals needed to have a fun play farm! This is also a toy that we did a full review on: The Little People Farm Set Reviewed.

Little People Zoo Choo-Choo Toy Train

3.) Little People Toy Zoo Train One of the first toys we ever reviewed on this site was the Little People Toy Zoo Train. That toy is still played with on a regular basis in my house. The train itself moves really fast on the carpet, and it has multiple buttons you can push to play different songs.

The toy comes with a couple of different animals and a conductor- and you can even put the animals in the driver’s seat if you want. Besides animals, you can give all sorts of different toys a ride in the back.

Little People Travel Today Airplane

4.) Little People Toy Airplane One of the more iconic Little People Toys is the Little People Toy Airplane. This toy looks just like an airplane and there has been numerous variations released over the years. The version we own plays one of the most annoying songs ever – but our kids love it. It comes with a pilot, some passengers, and some luggage and really encourages some imagination flying time. If you are looking for a fun airplane toy for your child, it’s hard to beat this one.

***2020 Update*** Pictured is the current version – Fisher-Price Little People Travel Together Airplane. Very similar type of toy!

Little People Toy Camper

5.) Little People Toy Camper Do you want a Little People Toy that makes lots of noise and sings lots of songs – than the Little People Toy Camper is for you! It comes with over 50 different songs and outdoor noises.

The camper itself opens and closes. When closed, it moves around really well on its wheels, and when open it becomes an outdoor camp ground. The set includes bunk beds, a picnic table, a campfire that glows, chairs, a fishing dock, a boat, and even a fishing pole. Lots of creative things you can do with this toy!

Fisher Price Little people Tow N Pull Tractor

6.) Little People Tow ‘N Pull Tractor This toy is your basic tractor that has a wagon attached to it, and can be pulled and pushed very easily. It has a “pop up” pig that will pop up out of the hay in the wagon when the tractor is pulled.

It also comes with a farmer and a cow. Very nice toy that is really good for younger children. Unfortunately, this toy can be pretty hard to find right now and is often unavailable on a lot of online stores.

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home

7.) The Little People Surprise & Sounds HomeThis toy is a home that can be opened and shut. When it is closed, it does have a handle on the top that allows you to carry it around. When open, you have a house with multiple rooms and lots of fun noises for your child to discover.

For example, if you lift the toilet seat you hear a flushing sound. There are over 50 sounds it makes! I mean, it is pretty impressive that there are sounds and lights when you do things like lift the toilet seat or open the fridge.

Fisher-Price Little People Sit 'n Stand Skyway - best little people toys for 2020

8.) ***New to the List for 2020*** – Fisher-Price Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway This is a really cool toy because it basically has two modes to it. There is the sit mode where everything is close to the ground, and the stand mode where it becomes a tower that is almost 3-feet tall! And you can easily switch between the two modes.

The set includes two different cars and has all sorts of ramps and cool things that should keep your child entertained. It also has lots of bright colors to make sure the toy looks great as well!

Little People Going Camping playset

9.) Little People Going Camping PlaysetThis playset comes with all the toys you need to create a fun camping scene. It has multiple people, a moose, picnic table, cooler, tent, sleeping bags, SUV, Trailer, and an ATV!

It also has fire pit that you can push the sticks down on to “start a fire” and pull them back up to put out! It is a lot of fun for children with big imaginations.

And it really makes me think that maybe I should be packing more things on my camping trips.

Fisher-Price Little People Big Yellow School Bus

10.) ***Added in 2020*** Fisher-Price Little People Big Yellow School Bus – This is the most up to date version of the classic school bus toy from Little People. This version still has the big, yellow school bus that we would all expect, but it even has a pull handle that will store underneath the bus if you don’t want to pull it!

It also comes with 4-different little people characters and there is room inside the bus for up to 12 passengers. It does all the things you would expect like make sounds, light up, and it even has a cool stop sign on it.

This updated version is great

Fisher-Price Little People Swing & Share Treehouse Playset

11.) Little People Swing & Share Treehouse Playset – This is a super fun toy for children to play with, even I played with a similar style toy 30 years ago. Yes, I am that old believe it or not.

The treehouse set comes with two toy children and a toy dog. It has lots of swings and platforms for those figures to play on – and it even has a trapdoor.

There are buttons that play songs and sounds – plus make the swing move back and forth. Great all around toy for children.

Little People Friendly School Toy

12.) ***2020 Addition*** Fisher-Price Little People Friendly School This Fisher-Price Little People Friendly School is one of the great themed playsets in the Little People toy world! It comes with two figures, the school building, all sorts of music & sounds, and a lot of fun!

Also included are ​a working teeter-totter, spinning globe, real metal bell & and other fun activities that represent school time. This toy can also be folded up to preserve space and easily store all the pieces that come with the set. A really great addition to our list in 2020!

Little People Food Truck Toy

13.) Fisher-Price Little People Serve It Up Food Truck (New for 2021!) – A new addition to our list for 2021 would be this Fisher-Price Little People Serve It Up Food Truck. Kid’s love trucks, they love playing chef – and now we have combined both of those things into one fun toy!

This fun toy comes with the food truck, a chef figure, and a customer figure. The truck easily moves around – and when you push the driver’s seat or press the taco tray area – it is going to make sounds, phrases, and sing songs!

You can also flip open the top of the truck to expose a dining area. This is a really sweet food truck toy!

little people big  animal zoo

14.) Little People Big Animal Zoo – The Little People Big Animal Zoo is a ton of fun! It has a big tree, a swing, and other nice additions to it. Personally, I really like the design of the tree house and know kids will really enjoy that part of it. It also comes with a large elephant, a monkey, zoo keeper, and 2 toy food pieces.

Like most Little People Toys, this one lights up and makes noises – and has fun little activities built in that are waiting to be discovered! I don’t see how kids wouldn’t want to play with this toy!

Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Train toy

15.) Little People Musical Zoo Train – This is designed a little differently than the Zoo Train listed above. This one reminds me more of a circus train, which can be a really fun design for children who love animals!

It comes with the train engine plus two carts to pull, a conductor, and a toy tiger and giraffe. What kid doesn’t want to pull toy animals in a fun looking train!

This toy even made our list of the best Little People Toy Trains which you can read about by clicking on the link!

Little People Toy Dump Truck

16.) Little People Dump Truck This is a fun little toy that kids who love construction equipment will enjoy playing with. It comes with a construction worker plus a boulder that you can load up into the back of the truck – and of course the actual dump truck itself.

When you press down on the driver’s seat you get truck sounds, phrases, and music. It is a very simple toy, but it should make a great addition to any kid’s toy car collection.

Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

17.) *** 2020 Addition to our List ***Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home – This Little People Big Helpers Home is a really cool play house that will open up into two one-story side rooms and the main two-story part of the house. There are all sorts of buttons to push in the bathroom, playroom, kitchen, and other parts of the house that will make all sorts of noises and do all sorts of different things.

It also comes with a dog, a couple of toy Little People figures, and all sorts of furniture. Really would be a fun addition for most toddler’s toy collection!

little people toy suv

18.) Little People SUV This is a fun toy for children, and it is well-sized with dimensions of 10.2 x 5.6 x 8 inches. Included is a toy figure, and the SUV will make different sounds and noises. The trunk also opens and closes – in case your child has anything important they need to take for a ride.

This toy is a fun option that is very simple, but should bring some enjoyment being driven all-around your home!

Little People Toy helicopter

19.) Little People Toy Helicopter If you are looking for a fun helicopter toy to zoom around your house, pick this one! If you press down on the driver’s seat you will hear 8 different helicopter noises and sounds.

This toy is going to include a pilot and the helicopter – and it should go on a lot of fun adventures in your home. Again, it is a very simple toy – but sometimes that is best and it lets kids use their imaginations to create all sorts of fun adventures.

Little People Noah's Ark Toy

20.) Little People Noah’s Ark As a parent that is trying to teach their kids about the Bible, this is an awesome toy! This fun Ark comes with the boat plus 9 toy figures – Noah, and two Elephants, two lions, two zebras, two giraffes. The deck of the boat can be removed so children can place the animals inside the ark very easily.

The toy Noah and animals give you child the ability to recreate the famous Bible Story, or give you child the opportunity to play lots of fun games. I really do like this toy a lot.

Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Garage

21.) ***2020 Addition to the List*** Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Garage This really cool Little People Big Helpers Garage looks just like a garage – and it even has a basketball hoop attached to it. Your child will enjoy putting the ball on the lever and shooting it towards the hoop!

Beside the basketball hoop, it comes with one little person figure, a skateboard, a bike, a rake for imaginary leaves, and a bunch of fun. The garage door does open!

Little People Caring for Animals Farm Set

22.) Little People Caring for Animals Farm Set This toy is very similar to the above farm set, but with a little more modern look and it makes a lot more noises (I’m not sure if more noises is a good thing or a bad thing for parents, but I know kids love it).

This barn set comes with a farmer, pig, chicken, horse, and a cow – plus two plastic food pieces. It has a really fun silo, chicken coop, fences and gates – basically everything you would expect for a cool farm set to have! This is just an all-around fun toy that was designed to look great!

Little People Wheelies Toy Car Set

23.) Little People Wheelie Truck Set If you want to have a variety of vehicles for your child to drive and crash around, picking a set like this is a great idea.

This set comes with four trucks, with one of them shaped like a train. The figures are built right into the vehicles, and it is a great starter set. They move well and can get a little bit of speed to them when they are pushed on hard surface floors! This is a great toy idea for any child that really loves vehicles! You can see some other great vehicle toys in this article here if you need some more inspiration: The Best Toddler Transportation Toys.

Little People Toy Zoo Animals Pack

24.) Little People Zoo Animals – If your child loves animals, and you are looking for more animals for your farm set or zoo space – this is a great set of toys.

This has nine animals including a penguin, zebra, lion, panda, tiger, monkey, kangaroo, alligator, and seal. Since so many other Little People Toys like the farm sets and zoo sets have space for more animals – this would be a great addition to those collections. Or, if you child just likes pretending they have a zoo and playing with animals, this would also be great for them.

Little People Toys Community Helpers Vehicle Pack

25.) Little People Wheelies Community Helpers Pack Little People makes a couple of neat toy vehicles packs, and this Little People Wheelies Community Helpers Pack is one of those great vehicle pack options.

You have a helicopter, police car, fire truck, and ambulance (you know, vehicles that work into the community helping theme) – all of those toys are things that children love! These vehicles move around really well, even the helicopter with its set of wheels!

Fisher-Price Little People Lil' Pirate Ship Toy

26.) Little People Lil’ Pirate Ship It might just be me, but I think most pirate toys are really cool, and this Little People Lil’ Pirate Ship is no exception.

This is a fun pirate ship that has a cannon, pirate figure, parrot, and of course a cannon ball that the cannon shoots. I must say the design really incorporates a lot of fun colors and this toy does all the things we would expect from a Little People Toy.

It is hard to imagine how your child wouldn’t love incorporating this toy into their adventures! If you need some ideas on other great pirate toys, check out this link: The Best Pirate Toys Reviewed.

Little People Floaty Boat Toy Boat

27.) Little People Floaty Boat If you are in the search of a great toddler bath toy, this Little People Floaty Boat might be the right toy for you!

This fun toy can be used in water or on dry land. The boat really does float, making it a great bath toy. Included in the set are the toy boat, toy captain, and a toy fish. The fish will squirt water, and the boat includes a fun little steering wheel! This is a toy we highly recommend for bath time!

Little People Toy Farm Animal Set

28.) Little People Farm Animal Friends This is another toy set geared for kids who love animals. This one is all about the farm animals, with the set including a pig, rabbit, turkey, goat, duck horse, and more!

These animal toys can be added to any of the other Little People Toy Farm sets, or even the zoo sets and vehicles. Or, they can be incorporated to any non-Little People toy farm. My kids will even just build a giant fenced in space with toy blocks to keep these animals from escaping.

Little People Christmas Story Toy Set

29.) Little People Christmas Story Set For any child that loves Christmas or for any parent that is trying to teach their children about the birth of Jesus – this Little People Christmas Story Set is really cool.

If you couldn’t tell by the name, this is a fun Christmas themed Little People Toy celebrating the birth of Jesus. It includes a toy manger that comes with Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, an Angel, the 3 wise men, two donkey, a camel, sheep, and a cow. It does light up and play “Away in the Manger.”

Could be a great Christmas gift as well!

Fisher-Price Little People Launch and Loop Raceway Toy

30.) ***New 2020 Addition to the List*** Fisher-Price Little People Launch and Loop RacewayThis Fisher-Price Little People Launch and Loop Raceway is really cool – and actually we should probably have this much higher on the list.

This playset comes with 2-vehciles, multiple tracks to put those vehicles on, a launcher to launch those vehicles down said tracks – and even an orange Hot Wheels loop track (and if your kid is into Hot Wheels like mines is, check out this Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage if you haven’t seen it). You can also purchase more wheelies vehicles from Little People that will fit on this track!

Little People Animal Train

31.) Fisher-Price Little People Animal Train – This Fisher-Price Little People Animal Train is the most recent of the Animal/Zoo train releases from Little People.

This particular train has a great blue color to it, comes with a conductor and a toy lion, will play all sorts of songs and make all sorts of noises when pushed, and has a little storage space in the back to haul animals in. It is a pretty fun toy for kids!

Little People ATV Adventure Toy

32.) Little People Off Road ATV Adventure This is a track made for younger children, but it includes a couple of cars with figures insides, a couple of boulders, and a race track for them to ramp on and off of. There is a little launcher built into the track that will launch the vehicles when pulled as well.

There are a lot of fun things built into this toy that should be a lot of fun for your kid!

Old, Themed, and Currently Unavailable Little People Toys

little people school bus

Old Version) Little People Lil’ Movers School Bus The school bus is just a fun toy for younger children to push around and play with. It includes 3 characters that go with the bus, and when you push down on the driver seat all sorts of sounds and lights will start playing.

The figures will start wobbling when they are seated inside of the bus. The bus itself moves well and looks really good, which is why children enjoy this toy so much. And for some reason, children really seem to like school buses, which makes this a great toy!

Little People Amusement Park Toy

N/A – Little People Amusement Park Playset This really fun activity set has multiple slides and a loop to ramp vehicles on and off of. It is two sided, and stands right around two feet tall.

When you send the car down the roller coaster ramp it makes lots of noises and the toy lights up.

This toy does include 2 vehicles plus the amusement park set. This toy does require 3 AAA batteries to run. This was an Amazon exclusive toy at one point – so I can’t promise it will be on the market forever!

We know we may have missed some of your favorite Little People Toys – so if you see a toy you think should be on the list, please let us know!

Little People Mickey and Minnie PlaySet Toy

Disney Themed – Fisher Price Little People Disney Mickey & Minnie House PlaysetI know my child loved the Mikey Mouse Gang during his early years, and this toy would have been a blast for him to play with. It has Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto – as well as a pink house for Minnie, a house for Mickey, and a dog house for Pluto. For children that love Mickey Mouse, they will enjoy this toy.

Since it is Disney Themed and more of a limited time Little People Toy – it can be hard to find anyone selling this model.

Little People Mickey and Goofys Gas and Dine Playset toy

Disney Themed – Little People Mickey & Goofy’s Gas & Dine Playset – Another great Disney Little People Toy, with this one involving Goofy & Mickey. It has a little dinner and a garage, plus a Mickey Mouse figure, Goofy Character, small car, and diner chair. The set does fold up for easy storage, and the garage door opens up.

Since it is Disney Themed and more of a limited time Little People Toy – it can be hard to find anyone selling this model.

Little People Spinnin Sounds Airport Toy

Not Currently Available – Little People Spinnin’ Sounds Airport – This is a really fun airport playset. This version comes with a small airplane and baggage cart – plus a pilot figure, passenger figures, luggage pieces, and a table and chair.

The plane connects to the cloud, and if you hit the cloud it will spin around. It makes all sorts of fun noises and phrases, which will make it a lot of fun for most young children. It really reminds me of an airport toy I use to play with at my grandparent’s house!

Little People Mini Garage Toy

Not Currently Available – Little People Mini Garage This is a fun toy garage that comes with a tow truck, a car, a couple of figures, and a garage for your child to repair cars in!

I think it is pretty cool to have an auto repair shop themed toy, and this toy is really good for imagination time. I would think this toy would bring plenty of enjoyment to any playroom.

Final Notes & Links of Interest

Thank you for reading and I hope you at least got an idea of which Little People Toy would be perfect for your situation! There really is a great selection of Little People Toys available.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, we would recommend checking out some of these other great toys.