Our 30 Favorite Toddler Transportation Toys Reviewed!

Green Toys Toy Airplane - the best toddler transportation toys

I know we have done a lot of individual reviews on a lot of these toys, but we also wanted to provide adults with a more comprehensive list of our favorite toddler transportation toys (ages 1 – 3). When it comes to toy planes for toddlers, toy trains for toddlers, toy trucks for toddlers, toy cars for toddlers, toy construction equipment for toddlers, and everything else that moves, this list will help you find some great options!

I know this goes without saying, but my sons and I haven’t been able to play with every toy train, car, or truck that’s out there. We have been able to play with a lot of them, so here is a list of some of our favorites.

If you have had a great experience with some toddler transportation toys that aren’t listed here, please let us know! I know I’m always looking for more gift and toy ideas. Also the toys below aren’t listed in any particular order, they are just toys we have enjoyed! 

Quick Cheat Sheet of the Best Toddler Transportation Toys

If you don’t want to spend the time reading a lot of individual reviews on toddler transportation toys and looking through pictures; here is our recommendation on the best toddler transportation toys.

Quick 2021 Best Toddler Transportation Toys Chart

Here is a quick reference chart showing the 30 best toddler transportation toys with a more detailed review of each toy below the chart!

Toy RankToy NamePicture
#1Mega Bloks Toy Dump Truck Mega Bloks Dump Truck
#2The Little People Zoo TrainLittle People Zoo Choo-Choo Toy Train
#3The Little People Toy AirplaneLittle People Travel Today Airplane
#4Thomas the Train Sit and PushThomas and Friends Ride On Toy
#5Mega Bloks First Builders Learning TrainMega Bloks First Builders 1-2-3 Train Set
#6Green Toys AirplaneGreen Toys Toy Airplane - the best toddler transportation toys
#7Green Toys Toy HelicopterGreen Toys Toy Hellicopter
#8Liberty Imports My First RC Cartoon CarLiberty Imports My First RC Cartoon Car Reviewed
#9Little People Lift ‘n Lower Fire TruckLittle People Fire Truck - best toddler transportation toys
#10Melissa & Doug Stacking TrainMelissa and Doug Stacking Train Toy Review
#11MOONTOY Push and Go Toddler Monster TrucksMoontoy push and go monster trucks
#12VTech Sit to Stand Alphabet TrainV-Tech Sit to Stand Alphabet Train
#13Green Toys Traingreen toys toy train and storybook
#14TOMY John Deere Animal Sounds HayrideTOMY John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride Toy
#15John Deere Sandbox Truck and Tractor Packjohn deere sandbox toy truck and toy tractor
#16Fisher-Price Little People Tow’n Pull Tractor
#17Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Pirate ShipLittle People Pirate Ship Toy - best toddler transportation toys reviewed
#18Green Toys Rocket ShipGreen Toys Toy Rocket Ship
#19VTech Drop and Go Dump TruckVTech Drop and Go Dump Truck
#20Liberty Imports Cartoon Friction Powered Play Vehicles (Set of 4)Liberty Imports Cartoon Construction Toys - List of best toddler transportation toys reviewed
#21Best Choice Products Excavator Digger Scooter Pulling CartBest Choice Products Toy Digger
#22Battat Garbage TruckGarbage Truck Toy
#23VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Starter PackVTech Smart Wheels Starter Pack
#24TOMY 11” John Deere Tough TractorTomy John Deere Toy Tractor
#25Tonka Retro Classic Steel Dump Trucktonka dump truck toy
#26Tonka Steel BullDozertonka steel bulldozer toy
#27Green Toys Car CarrierGreen Toys Toy Car Carrier
#28VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Big Rig Car CarrierVtech Car Carrier toy
#29Kid Connection My First Vehicle Fire TruckKid Connection My First Fire Truck Toy
#30Green Toys Ferry BoatGreen Toys Toy Ferry
The Best Toddler Transportation Toys Reviewed for 2021

Quick Review of Each Individual Toy

Mega Blocks Dump Truck 1

#1. Mega Bloks Toy Dump Truck – These are just really good all-purpose toys that can be used inside and out. They are fun to drive around and can be loaded up with all sorts of toys. There are lots of fun options to pick from, including John Deere and Caterpillar designed trucks! These dump trucks often come with a set of bloks.

*2021* Update – The more popular version of this dump truck is now the Mega Bloks Cat Dump Truck if you are looking for a larger dump truck. They do make some smaller options! Read more in depth about this change here: The Mega Bloks Dump Truck Reviewed!

Little People Zoo Choo-Choo Toy Train

#2. The Little People Zoo Train – I love this toy because my son loves both animals and trains. The back can be loaded with different zoo animals and it makes all sorts of different sounds when pushed. More animals can be bought to be added to the standard polar bear and gorilla that come included.

*Another 2020 Update* – This model of the Zoo train is harder to find now, but there are some updated versions of the toy that are just awesome! Check out more about those here: The Little People Zoo Train Reviewed!

Little People Travel Today Airplane

#3. The Little People Toy Airplane – This toy has one song that is plays over and over again when it moves that will annoy parents (it scored an 8 out of 10 on our parents annoyance scale). However, children that love airplanes will enjoy flying this toy around, hopefully not crashing into to many things.

This has also gone through a nice design update since we originally reviewed it back in 2016! Check out all the cool updates on it in the linked article.

Thomas and Friends Ride On Toy

#4. Thomas the Train Sit and Push – All toddlers should have some type of sit down toy they can push on their own. This is a great option because it is easy for kids to sit down on and move, but also easy for parents or kids to push. It also has numerous buttons to push, makes all sorts sounds, and even has a hidden compartment to hide things in. Great for any Thomas the Train fan!

This was another toy that was a huge hit with our sons; and a great gift idea for a first birthday party. Read more about our experience with it here: The Thomas the Train Sit & Push Toy Review.

Mega Blok Learning Train

#5. Mega Bloks First Builders 1-2-3 Learning Train -This is a mixture of a transportation toy and a building toy.  This is normally a 50 piece set, with 3 of the pieces being moving platforms with wheels.

What is nice about this is it gives your child the ability to create their own train. The block train will move pretty well, and if you own more mega bloks the train set will probably become incorporated with the rest of the collection.

Green Toys Toy Airplane Reviewed

#6. Green Toys Airplane – Kids who love airplanes are going to enjoy playing with these colorful toy planes. It doesn’t do anything crazy special, but as a parent I love supporting a toy company that makes there product in America and from 100% recycled materials! You have two color choices in red and blue.

A simple but fun toy that kids should really enjoy!

Green Toys hellicopter

#7. Green Toys Helicopter – This is another fun flying toy that is made from 100% recycled milk jugs! It comes in two blue/green color schemes. Included is two spinning rotors and a little green plastic bear pilot.

It is durable enough to survive those unfortunate toddler crash landings, and should be a toy that toddlers love flying around the house and outside!

Liberty Imports My First RC Cartoon Car Vehicle

#8. Liberty Imports My First RC Cartoon Car – This toy is recommended for children 18 months and older, and is about 6 inches longs and 4 inches high. It is remote control operated, with both forward and reverse possible.

The control is easy for kids to use, and there are the toy blinks and plays music when the right button is pushed.  The truck requires 3 AA batteries and the remote requires 2 AA batteries!

Unfortunately, batteries aren’t included!

Fisher-Price Little People Lift 'n Lower Fire Truck

#9. Little People Lift ‘n Lower Fire Truck – I am a huge fan of Fisher-Price’s Little People Toys and this is another winner. With a recommended age of 12 months to 5 years, this fire truck makes over 25 different sounds/songs!

It comes with two fire fighters and a fire dog, and they can climb up and down the fire ladders to activate lights and sounds. Pushing the toy is easy to do and also makes noises. It can get a little annoying for parents over time, but kids love it!

We did a great in depth review about this Little People Fire Truck that you can read here as well!

Melissa & Doug Stacking Train Reviewed!

#10. Melissa & Doug Stacking Train – I am not sure if this is technically a train toy or a block toy, but my son really likes it.

He loves pulling the 3 piece train around, but he also really likes stacking all of the removable blocks into a large tower or stacking them back onto the train. Either way, this is a really solid toy for kids. Your only challenge as a parent is going to be keeping those blocks from getting lost! But I have faith in you!

Moontoy Push and Go Toddler Monster Truck Toys

#11. MOONTOY Push and Go Toddler Monster TrucksIf you are looking for something a little bit different, this is a really cool toy. It comes as a set of 3 – if the monster trucks being based on a bull, crocodile, and leopard.

They is a button on the top that opens their mouths and shows their teeth, you get to pull them back to have them drive on their own, and the fun design and bright colors are going to make them very popular! Just a great idea for any young children!

V-tech Sit to Stand Alphabet Train

#12. VTech Sit to Stand Alphabet Train – This toy is best for child 1 to about 2 1/2 years of age. It has 3 ways to be played with, a floor mode, riding mode, and walker mode. This is nice because your child can grow with this toy.

It is loaded with extras like 26 letter blocks, piano keys, and a book. Great all around transportation and learning toy from a company (VTech) that I love!

Green Toys Toy Train and Storybook

#13. Green Toys Train – This bright and colorful train set comes with 3 carts that can be connected and disconnected. The open cart is perfect for pulling additional cargo around. It comes with two toy conductors and should bring hours of enjoyment!

*2020 Update* Right now the best way to get this Green Toys Train is by purchasing the Train/Storybook Gift set which also includes a great story you can read to your kids too!

TOMY John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride Preschool Toy

#14. TOMY John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride This is great for toddlers that love tractors, animals, or both!

The tractor pulls two carts, and it comes with 4 animals and a farmer! The toy signs Old MacDonald, and when you place the toy animals into the correct spots in the hay carts, it makes the corresponding animal sound.

John Deere Sandbox Truck and Tractor Pack

#15. John Deere Sandbox Truck and Tractor Pack – As the name implies, this is a great outdoor transportation toy choice. You can scoop up sand with the tractor and dump it into the truck, what kid wouldn’t enjoy doing that for hours.

And they are also fun to play with inside! So, if your child loves tractors and dump trucks, why wouldn’t they like these toys!

Fisher-Price Little People Tow’n Pull Tractor -

#16. Fisher-Price Little People Tow’n Pull Tractor This fun toy has a tractor pulling an open wagon, and it comes with a farmer, pig, and cow. The pig will pop up and down as the tractor moves, which kids really seem to enjoy.

It makes lots of fun noises, and the batteries are included! Little People makes some great toys that toddlers are really going to like – and this one easily falls into that group!

Fisher-Price Little People Lil Pirate Ship

#17. Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Pirate Ship – This is a really fun toy that will allow toddler’s to use their imaginations, especially if they like TV shows like Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It comes with a pirate, working cannon, parrot, and of course a cannon ball you get to fire from the cannon!

*2020 Update* This is still a really cool toy – unfortunately It has been discontinued by Fisher-Price. You can still buy it online but the price is normally really high – or you can purchase something a little different from Fisher-Price like the Fisher-Price Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship – although this is normally for slightly older kids.

green toys rocket ship

#18. Green Toys Rocket ShipDoes your toddler like space? This really fun rocket ship comes with 2 astronauts, and is built from 100% recycled materials.

The red and blue design is really eye catching, and toys that encourage using your imagination are always a big hit in my household.

Overall, this toy should be a lot of fun for you!

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

#19. VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck – This is great for children 6 months to about 2 years. It comes with 3 rocks, and when you place those rocks into the back of the dump truck it counts them for you! A great learning toy, but one that will probably become outdated as your child grows older.

VTech does a great job of creating colorful toys of things that toddler’s love – and adding some educational value to them!

Set of 4 Cartoon Friction Powered Push & Play Vehicles for Toddlers

#20. Liberty Imports Cartoon Friction Powered Play Vehicles (Set of 4)This is a great play set for children 18 months and older. Made from durable plastic, they are good indoor or outdoor toys. The set of 4 can be bought at numerous online stores, and comes with a tractor and wagon, bull dozer, dump truck, and cement truck.

I like to think of this toy as the perfect starter set. I mean, you get all the basics with a tractor, bull dozer, dump truck, and cement truck! Your toddler will be on their way to starting their own construction company.

Best Choice Products Kids Excavator

#21. Best Choice Products Excavator Digger Scooter Pulling Cart – This toy has a manufacturer’s recommendation age of 18 months to 5 years. This is great because your child can sit on it and push it around with their feet, and use the arm digger.

There are also lots of buttons to push that make noise, and the seat lifts up for a hidden storage compartment (for some reason this type of feature is my son’s absolute favorite thing).

***Bonus Toy Recommendation*** – If you are looking for a slightly different Toddler Ride On Excavator – check this option out from Mega Bloks (our kids have loved it) – The Mega Bloks Caterpillar Ride On Toy Review.

Battat Garbage Truck

#22. Battat Garbage TruckThis is just a great looking garbage truck toy. It is good sized and has lots of working parts, levers to pull, doors to open, basically all of the good stuff you would want to see in a garbage truck toy. It even has a removable driver.

This company also makes a similar dump truck, fire engine, front loader, and cement truck that can be purchased.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Starter Pack, Set of 3

#23. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Starter Pack – If you are looking for a nice group of toys for a young toddler, this VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Pack will be a great option for you. You get a fire truck, police car, and helicopter.

Each toy makes plenty of noise and has all sorts of fancy lights on them, which should delight any toddler!

TOMY John Deere 11" Tough Tractor

#24. TOMY 11” John Deere Tough Tractor – This is just your classic toy tractor that I think many of us had growing up. It doesn’t have all the fancy bells, whistles, and sounds of some of these toys – but really brings back that nostalgic feeling of the toys I had growing up!

This toy is solid enough to play outside or inside, and is recommended for children ages 3 and up!

tonka dump truck

#25. Tonka Retro Classic Steel Dump Truck – This is another one I’m including on the list, well, because I think we all had this toy growing up.

It is nothing fancy, just your classic heavy duty metal dump truck. It has a manufacturer’s recommended age of 0-7 years, I had no problem with my 2 year old son playing with it, but watch them since it is heavy and can be rammed into lots of things.

tonka steel bulldozer toy

#26. Tonka Steel BullDozer – This toy should be used by kids closer to 2 to 3 years of age, just because there are some small parts that could become choking hazards if they are broken off.

It is another classic Tonka toy that doesn’t do anything special, but is built to last for a very long time. It is also a great outdoor toy or can be used indoors as well!

Green Toys Car Carrier Vehicle Set Toy, Blue, Standard

#27. Green Toys Car Carrier – Another great toy from Green Toys is their Car Carrier. This set comes with the big truck and car carrier trailer – plus three smaller cars that can be loaded, unloaded, and hauled around by the big truck and trailer.

Like always, the toys from Green Toys are made from recycled materials and are made from BPA-Free Plastics which I know we all like!

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Big Rig Car Carrier

#28. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Big Rig Car Carrier – Another great option from VTech is the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Big Rig Car Carrier. This fun toy makes all sorts of sounds, has all sorts of buttons to push, and even comes with two little cars that can be carried around.

Kids tend to love toys that have lights and make fun sounds, and VTech always seems to deliver on that front! This should be a great toy for most toddlers!

Kid Connection My First Vehicle Fire Truck

#29. Kid Connection My First Vehicle Fire Truck This is a really good fire truck toy for children around 2 years of age. It has plenty of lights and sirens, can be pushed around really well, and should bring your toddler plenty of enjoyment.

If you have a child that is obsessed with fire trucks – well, I think that would make this toy a homerun!

Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy, Blue/White, Standard

#30. Green Toys Ferry Boat – The final toy on our list of the 30 best Toddler Transportation toys is the Green Toys Ferry Boat. This is a 3-piece toy set that comes with the Ferry but also two smaller cars that can be ferried to their desired destination.

And yes, this toy is designed to float – so it will make a great bathtub toy or summer pool toy!

Final Notes

We hope you have enjoyed this list of the 30 best toddler transportation toys reviewed! We are always making some updates to these lists, so check back often.

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