Bluey Family Home Playset Reviewed

Bluey Family Home Playhouse Set
The Bluey Family Home

If you have read some of our previous reviews, you probably remember just how much our kids (and maybe we as parents) really like the TV show Bluey. Some of the episodes are eerily reminiscent of the events that take place in our household!

It is a great TV show that really encourages imaginative play – and we have been very happy with how much our two youngers sons have enjoyed playing with their Bluey Family Home Playset!

The Bluey Family Home Toy has a lot of great features that we think your child will enjoy and we wanted to give you a full run down of our experiences with it!

So here it is, our complete Blue Family Home Playset Review!

The Bluey Family Home Playset Reviewed

Bluey Playhouse Set

Starting with the basics of the Bluey Family home toy, it is designed to look just like the home in the TV show. The front of the house is solid with a front door that opens. The back of the house is where the playtime fun begins!

The house is about 12-inches tall, the width of the house is about 5-inches, and the length of the house is about 17-inches. The house is divided into four rooms – two upstairs and two downstairs. There is a slight divide between the rooms, but it leaves enough room for your toys to go back and forth between rooms.

There is also a brown plate that is attached to the back of the playhouse. When it is closed, only the upstairs two rooms are exposed. When it is open, it basically expands the bottom of the house another 4 or 5-inches to expose an outdoor play area! This also provides storage for the other pieces that come with the playhouse, they can just be put in the bottom area and closed when not in use.

There is a lot of furniture pieces included with the toy. I don’t remember the exact amount, but I know it includes at least two beds, two chairs, two rugs, a bathtub, refrigerator, toilet, and a couple of stools. These pieces can be removed and played with, and they can be placed wherever your child desires!

Bluey Playhouse Mega Bundle Set

Included in this basic playset is one Bluey figure that is about 2.5-inches tall. One of the drawbacks of this basic set is that if you want the entire family you are going to have to purchase a separate figure set unless you buy the Bluey Family Home Deluxe Set which I will talk about in just a little bit.

There is some assembly require, basically snapping a couple of pieces together and it should only take you about two seconds. This toy doesn’t make any crazy sounds or do anything overly special – it really is just a great basic playhouse that fans of the show should love to play with.

Like we said above, there is a Bluey Mega Bundle Home Playset which as of the time of writing this article is an Amazon exclusive. It is the exact same playset except it also includes a Chilli, Bingo, and Bandit figure to complete the family- plus a cool BBQ grill, Chef’s Hat for Bandit, a picnic table, and even some toy sausages and a salad! It does cost about $20 to $25 more – but it is worth it compared to buying the BBQ set and rest of the family separately.

Overall, this is a really nice playset that will encourage some great playtime adventures. It doesn’t do anything fancy – but that is okay! We would certainly recommend it for children that love the show – and we know the playhouse has become home to all sorts of different guests when our children are playing with it!

The Danger Scale

Like always, we like to tell parents how much potential danger a toy could be – not only to your kids, but your pets, yourself, and your home. If two crazy young sons, this is information we always like to tell you about!

But honestly, this toy is super safe (unlike that wicked Thomas the Train Push Toy we wrote about years ago). It is recommended for children ages 3+ because a piece could be a choking hazard. I’m not sure which piece…I’m guess your child would have to ripe something apart.

After that, the only real danger is the toy furniture getting thrown at you or a pet, but its light and plastic – not much damage is going to happen here. So, I’m going to give it a 2 out of 10 on the danger scale.

Danger Scale 2

The Annoyance Scale for Parents

The great news for parents is this toy isn’t annoying at all. I put the thing together in about 5 seconds (not like that darn train table), your children can easily play with the toy independently from you, and it doesn’t make any crazy sounds.

The only potential annoyance is stepping on some of the plastic furniture pieces. This slight inconvenience is going to lead us to giving it a 2 on the annoyance scale.

annoyance scale 2

Final Grade and Other Links of Interest

silver star

We really did like this Bluey House Toy and our children have had a lot of fun playing with it. We are going to give it a silver star rating because it doesn’t do anything special – meaning its appeal really is to Bluey Fans.

However, if your child loves the show as much as mine do – this could easily become a Gold Star Addition to your toy collection.

If your child loves Bluey, but you aren’t sure about purchasing this playhouse, I would encourage you to check out the following links to other Bluey Reviews we did:

We hope you enjoyed this review and we hope you come back to see some of the other great toys our children are playing with!