The Bluey Grannies Figures 2-Pack Set Reviewed

Bluey Grannies Toy
Janet & Rita – The Bluey Grannies

One of the last Bluey toys that we got our children for Christmas was the Bluey Grannies 2-Pack Figure Set. If you aren’t familiar with the show Bluey, the two main characters have a couple of hilarious episodes where they dress up like grandmas and create all sorts of mischief.

My kids find these episodes to be hilarious, they even started pretending they were grandmas themselves and causing all sorts of mischief in my home. It was amazingly funny and slightly annoying at the same time! It was really funny when they started pretending to be grandmas in front of their own grandma!

Because of their love for this show – and to try to get them to play grannies without messing up my house – we purchased this toy. So, here is our review on the Bluey Grannies 2-Pack Figure set.

Quick Bluey Grannies 2-Pack Figure Set Review

Bluey Grannies Set Reviewed

This Bluey Grannies Figure Set is a really simple toy. It comes with two figures, a Bluey figure and a Bingo figure. These figures are the standard 2.5-inches in size and can be used in all the other Bluey toys like the house or the family vehicle.

These figures also come with two blankets and a pair of glasses that once added turn Bluey and Bingo into Janet and Rita (the names they gave to their granny characters). These plastic blankets and glasses are very easy to place onto the figures and remove from the figures.

And honestly, that is about it. There really isn’t anything fancy here – no sounds, no batteries, no assembly required – these are a pair of figures that can be used to play grannies or can be incorporated into the rest of your Bluey toys.

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The Danger Scale

Like we said above this toy is just a couple of plastic figures, a couple of blankets that cover them, and a pair of glasses. Even with my overactive imagination and my kid’s ability to get into trouble with toys in ways I couldn’t even imagine – I’m struggling to find any danger here. I’m going to have to give it a 1 on the danger scale.

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The Annoyance Scale

Just like on the danger scale, it is really hard for me to be annoyed by these Bluey Grannie figures. Again, they don’t make sounds and they don’t require any assembly…. I guess those blankets and glasses fall off sometimes and my kids ask me to help put them back on. So, I’m going to give it a 2 out of 10 – and that is probably a stretch.

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Final Notes & Links of Interest

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This Bluey Granny Toy Set really is a great toy for fans of the show Bluey and if you have other Bluey Toys. If you don’t have those things, this toy probably isn’t going to interest you very much.

This isn’t a Gold Star toy, but I do think it is a good Silver Star Toy in our grading scale. It isn’t flashy, but if your children are great at using their imaginations and love playing with action figures – this will be fun for them!

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And if you haven’t watched the cartoon Bluey – You need to! It is a family favorite in our household!