The Floor is Lava Game Review

The Floor is Lava Game

I think most parents all share a similar experience where their child goes through a “Floor is Lava” stage. My youngest son when though a very aggressive Floor is Lava stage where he was jumping on furniture and everything was fair game to keep him off the floor (lava).

That is about the time we decided to research possible Floor is Lava Games to try and keep our furniture from getting ruined and we were able to find this Floor is Lava Game from Endless Games.

There are some nice rules to it and some big reasons why children should enjoy it. So, check out our Floor is Lava Game Review and check out our personal experiences with it.

Quick Floor is Lava Game Review

The Floor is Lava Board Game for Kids

This Floor is Lava game is for 2 to 6 players and is for ages 5 – 105 (we don’t really want any 106-year-olds jumping around the house). It comes with 25 colored foam tiles, a spinner, 27 challenge cards, and an instruction manual.

The first thing you do is spread out those 25 foam tiles across the floor. Then the gameplay goes something like this: someone yells the floor is lava and all of the players run to the nearest foam square – the color doesn’t matter. A designated spinner will spin the included spinner, and all players need to run to a square of the spun color (you can jump on other spaces that aren’t the right color to reach the space you need. Whomever is the last to reach the right colored tile will have the square they were previously on removed from the game. This means you are going to lose a tile after every spin.

Small note – if you spin and there are no longer any tiles of that color remaining, you may spin again.

As long as you can reach a tile of the spun color without touching the floor you are safe. If you touch the floor AT ANY TIME with any part of your body, you are out. You are also out if you cannot reach a tile of the spun color without hitting the floor.

The nice thing about this game is you can place the tiles as far apart or as close together as you want, and you can also decide on whatever pattern you want to put them down in.

There are also challenge cards included with the game. If you land on a square that has a (?) mark on it, you must perform the action of the challenge card WITHOUT touching the floor. If you touch the floor you are out. Challenge cards will have you doing things like touching your toes or spinning your arms in arm circles.

Don’t fall into the lava and you are the winner!

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Our Unique Floor is Lava Review

I think this Floor is Lava game has been a great addition to our game collection. Unfortunately, it wasn’t able to fully solve my problem of having a 4-year-old jumping on furniture, but it does give him a positive outlet I can steer him towards!

If you do only have two kids like I do, and they are playing against each other, one parent does have to volunteer to be the spinner – so this game might require some adult participation.

Our kids really enjoy jumping from place to place – and you can see the excitement creep into the game as the available spaces diminish over time. It might not be their favorite game, but it is certainly one that they enjoy playing a lot!

I honestly don’t have any complaints about the game, you are getting a playable, less destructive Floor is Lava game than the ones my kids would play on their own!

Final Floor is Lava Game Grade

silver star

This Floor is Lava Game for Kids is a solid Silver Star game on our rating scale. The game play has enough variety to it because you are in charge of where the foam tiles go, and kids love jumping from place to place trying to escape that incoming flow of lava.

If it did solve my problem of having a child playing the floor is lava on all of my possessions, I probably would have upgraded it to a Gold Star Rating – but what are you going to do.

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