Let’s Go Fishin’ (Fishing Game for Kids) Review

Let's Go Fishin' Game for kids

If you weren’t aware, one of my favorite past times is fishing. I have spent a lot of time chasing big fish in multiple states and countries. To try and encourage my kids to have that same type of excitement for fishing – you must hook them early and get them some fishing themed games!

One of the fishing games we have liked the most is Let’s Go Fishin’. It is a simple fishing game, but it really improves hand eye coordination and it gets pretty exciting for young children – especially when they “beat” dad.

Here is our review of Let’s Go Fishin’ so you can see what makes this game fun – and you can see the experiences we have had with it.

Quick Let’s Go Fishin’ Overview

Lets Go Fishin' Game Review

The nice thing about this Let’s Go Fishin’ game is its simplicity. The game is for 1 to 4 players (but is more fun if you have at least 2 players) and is rated for ages 4+.

The game comes with a big base that looks like a little pond. There is a switch that you hit that is going to rotate the base and get the fish moving. There are 21 slots for you to place the toy fish into the base. Each player gets a little fishing rod which they are going to use to try and catch a fish.

Now the fun part about this game is when the switch is flipped, the base starts spinning and moving the fish – but the fish also open and close their mouths when moving. It is almost overwhelming for kids seeing all 21 fish opening and closing their mouths and deciding which fish to go after. It is a lot of fun.

Let's Go Fishin' XL Edition

When you time it right, you get the end of your fishing rod into the mouth of the fish, the fish closes its mouth, and you pull the fish from the pond.

The rules of the game are to try and catch as many fish as possible – and when all the fish are caught you count to see who has the most. That person is the winner.

It takes some timing and skill to get those fish out of the pond, and it is fun watching kids laugh and talk while going thru this process!

Editors 2021 Note: There is also now a Let’s Go Fishin’ XL Game you can play which might be a good idea for most households. It has some advanced scoring rules and 42 fish to catch!

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Our Review of Let’s Go Fishin’

This fun kid’s fishing game has been a staple in our household for a long time. The setup is quick, it is easy for kids to play – and it is fun to watch them argue over whose fish that was supposed to be. Gameplay only takes a couple of minutes to complete a round – so it isn’t something you have to monitor closely for a long time. We would recommend this game – especially for dads trying to encourage fishing behaviors!

Final Grade for Let’s Go Fishin’

Gold Star Rating

I think this Let’s Go Fishin’ Game is a perfect game to have in the household for young children. It keeps them entertained for a few minutes and it doesn’t require any adult supervision or setup. Our 4-year-old still loves playing with it – actually so does dad.

I also love the XL version of the game and having a couple different speeds, different scoring options, and twice as many fish to catch. I would recommend that version, but you can’t really go wrong with either one. We are going to give this one a Gold Star Rating – knowing I might be a little biased.

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