Lucky Ducks Memory and Matching Game for Kids Reviewed

Lucky Ducks Memory and Matching game reviewed

It is not always easy to find a great board game for young children. So, if you are looking for a board game for youngsters to play, this Lucky Ducks Memory and Matching Game is a great choice. The game play is simple enough that children will easily grasp how to play – but still enjoyable enough to keep them engaged!

We have been playing the game for years and it was a great first board game for both of my sons.

Here is our Lucky Ducks Memory and Matching Game review and description – plus our personal experiences with the game so you can see why we like it so much!

Quick Lucky Ducks Review & Overview

This Lucky Ducks game is for 2 to 4 players – and is recommended for children ages 3+. Like we said above, it is a great choice for introducing kids to the world of board games.

It comes with one circular duck pond board and 12 ducks. The board has four different shapes on it – a circle, star, square, and a triangle. Each duck will also have one of those shapes on the bottom of them – meaning you will have 3 ducks with circles, 3 ducks with stars, 3 ducks with squares, and 3 ducks with triangles on the bottom.

You are going to place the 12 ducks onto the “water way” of the board. In the middle of the board is a big red button that you get to push – which is going to rotate the ducks around the board! Kids love this movement. You are going to pick one of the shapes on the board to be where you sit, and your goal is to catch the 3-ducks that have the same shape on the bottom of them.

You take turns picking out a duck and seeing if it has the right shaped sticker on the bottom. If it doesn’t, you put it back on the board – and the movement of the board makes it challenging for children to remember where all the shapes they need are!

It is a simple game with fun rules, and the movement of the board and the quick pace help keep young children engaged!

We should note it does require 2-AA batteries to get the board spinning – and I don’t believe the game comes with the batteries, they are sold separately.

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Our Thoughts on Lucky Ducks

This Lucky Ducks game is certainly a game I would recommend for parents looking to get a good board game for 3, 4, or even 5-year-olds. Like we said, the rules are easy to follow, the movement and guessing keeps children engaged – and it is the perfect game for parents to either dominate by always getting the right shape – or letting the kids win a time or two by guessing wrong.

Our children are still playing this game even after having it for a few years, and I always thing that is a sign of a successful game. I also like how I don’t have to be involved in the setup or game play – it is simple enough for young children to handle by themselves, and the gameplay only takes a couple of minutes.

Our Lucky Ducks Game Grade

Gold Star Rating

This was a tough choice for me deciding between a Gold Star or a Silver Star rating. For all the reasons listed above – the ease of game play, the movement, the ability for kids to play by themselves, and for the great introduction this game can be into the world of board games for young children – we are going to give it a Gold Star rating.

Another big reason for this grade is because it has stood the test of time, and is still played with to this day.

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