Pop the Pig Board Game Review

Pop the Pig Board Game

One of the things we make sure to do each Christmas is buy each of our sons at least one board game we can play as a family. Luckily for us, there is no shortage of different board games out there to buy!

One of the games we got was Pop the Pig – I believe we got this one because one of our sons saw a commercial for it and kept begging us to get it. It has actually been a lot better than some of the board games we have gotten due to commercials!

Without further ado, here is our Pop the Pig Board Game Review, so you can see our experiences with it, and see if it is a toy worth adding to your collection!

Quick Pop the Pig Board Game Review

Pop the Pig Board Game

This is a very simple board game that is perfect for younger children – and is rated for children ages 4+. There are 24 little burger pieces, a big Pig Chef, and a die you roll. The burger pieces come in 4-different colors and will have a number on the bottom of them.

Gameplay is simple. You take turns rolling the dice. When you roll you will get a certain color – you pick one of the burgers from the appropriate color pile. You look at the bottom of the burger to see the number – and you push down on the head of the pig the appropriate number of times based on the number you got from your burger. Those numbers can range from 1 to 4.

Once you push down on the pig enough times, the belt will unbuckle, and the arms and legs will come flying out! Kids will love seeing the belly grow with every press – and whomever pops the pig will be the winner!

I like this game because the pig doesn’t just pop instantly – it will take a few minutes to get the gameplay going. There is a skip side on the die, so players can lose a turn – and it is an overall fun game for children – especially because they love seeing that Pig Pop!

This is a game that we crack out all of the time, and we love that our 4-year-old doesn’t have any issues picking up on the rules! We would recommend this board game for households.

Final Grade & Final Thoughts

silver star

The nice thing about this game is my 7-year-old can set it up and play it independently with my 4-year-old with no issues. They don’t need a parent to play this, but it is for 2-6 players – so it is fun and easy for parents to play this game with kids as well!

We are going to give the board game a silver star rating – but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a gold star toy in your household.

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