Hot Wheels City Gator Garage Attack Set Review

Hot Wheels City Gator Garage

Fun fact of the day, Hot Wheels has been around since 1968 and has created over Six Billion toy cars since being founded. I think that makes it safe to say that Hot Wheels has produced a lot of cool tracks and a lot of cool toy cars.

One of the Hot Wheels City Sets we own is the Hot Wheels City Gator Garage Attack Set. It is not a fancy set, and honestly it is not as good as some of the other Hot Wheels Sets we own, but there are some fun features to it.

So, here is our Hot Wheels City Gator Garage Attack Set Review, giving you our honest opinion of it, and letting you know our personnel experiences with it.

Quick Hot Wheels City Gator Garage Set Review

Hot Wheels Gator Garage Attack

Rated for children ages 4 – 8, this really is a very simple Hot Wheels Track. It is a garage that has a hidden gator inside of it, with a big decorative Hot Wheels wrench on the garage itself. The garage will pop open revealing the giant gator – who just might eat your Hot Wheels car. On the right side of the set is a little car lift, and on the left side of the set is a couple of robotic repair arms that you can pretend you are doing repairs to a car with. Both the ramp and the arms move positions.

There are two big orange buttons on the roads in front of the garage and by the robotic arms. When those buttons are hit, the garage pops open and the gator mouth pops out – covering the front part of the road.

The garage and gator are really easy to set up and “reload.” You just lift the gator and place it back into its position – than you close the left side of the garage, close the right side of the garage – and it is ready to be used again.

The downside to the track – at least in the one we own, cars that just drive over the orange buttons are strong enough to cause them to release. So, you basically have to place a car in the place where the gator will attack and push down on the orange button by the robotic arms to get the gator to pop out. The orange buttons do work as a good block to keep your cars from rolling, but it sometimes takes three or four button pushes to get that gator to pop out.

There are three different places that you can attach track pieces to, and basically create roadways that lead to the garage or attach to other Hot Wheels City Tracks. Since this is just a building, it does function better and is more fun when it is connected to other track pieces and Hot Wheels City sets.

There are some fun features to this toy, and it does make a nice addition to other Hot Wheels Track Sets, but it isn’t the best standalone toy.

Annoyance Scale

Good news for parents is that this toy is not very annoying. The only thing that could annoy you is your child might need help reloading the garage with the gator. And your child might complain that the buttons aren’t launching the gators how they would like. All of that is enough of an annoyance to give it a 3 out of 10 on the annoyance scale.

Parent's Annoyance Scale 3

Final Grade

bronze star grade

This Hot Wheels City Gator Garage Attack was a tough toy to grade. It is simple, and it is fun – but it is pretty basic. I would also say it works a lot better when paired with other Hot Wheels City tracks than when it is just played with by itself.

Because of those factors we are going to give it a bronze star rating. I would also say that other sets like the Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush and the Hot Wheels City Bat Manor have been more popular choices in our household. Our kids will play with those a lot more often, but this Gator Garage will be a nice toy for anyone just starting a Hot Wheels City Track collection – or for any kid that loves gators and garages.

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