Don’t Break The Ice Board Game Review

don't break the ice board game

The one game that my 4-year-old requests that I play with him more then any other would be Don’t Break The Ice from Hasbro. This fun game has always been one that he really wants to play – and I enjoy playing it with him as well.

There really isn’t anything to complicated about this game – but you will be amazed at how excited a child gets towards the end every single time they play! It is crazy how much excitement they get out of this game!

Here is our Don’t Break The Ice Game Review – with some insight to our experiences with it, so you can see just why my child has loved it so much!

Quick Don’t Break the Ice Game Overview

Don't Break the Ice Board Game Review

Don’t Break the Ice is a game for 2 – 4 players and is rated for ages 3+. The game comes with 2 little plastic hammers, 32 small ice blocks, 1 bigger ice block, 1 penguin figure, and the frame for the board. The frame consists of a large square and 4 legs.

Setup only takes a minute or two but can be a little difficult for young children. You flip the square board over, place all the little squares into the board, place the big square in the middle, and make sure everything gets put into the right place. The last few small squares are where most youngsters struggle – just because it is a tight fit to get them all in there.

Once the board is set up, put the legs in it and flip it over. Place the penguin figure in the large square in the middle. Once that is done, you will take turns knocking one ice brick out at a time. Sometimes more than one will fall out, but the goal is just to keep hitting one brick until it falls down. The loser is the one who knocks the penguin down and makes all the blocks come tumbling down.

Children are going to love the excitement of hitting the ice blocks towards the end of the game – and being nervous about the one who knocks the penguin off the board!

It is a simple game that only takes a few minutes to play and setup – but the excitement of seeing children knocking the penguin off the board is priceless!

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Our Personal Review of Don’t Break the Ice

This game has been very popular with our children and we really like how easy it is to play, how easy it is to set up, and how children can play it easily on their own. I also love how excited children get when there are just a few ice blocks left on the board and they are so excited to see what happens next! All these things are big positives.

The downside to this game is the game play is repetitive over time. There are only so many blocks you can knock down, you always get to basically the same point where there are only 1 or 2 blocks to knockdown. This is probably a bigger issue for parents, but kids don’t seem to mind.

Overall, there is a reason why my child keeps begging me to play this game with him, and we would recommend this game for most families!

Final Grade for Don’t Break the Ice

Gold Star Rating

Because my children love Don’t Break the Ice so much, and because of all the good features of the game that we listed above, we are going to give it a Silver Star rating.

I could see this being a Gold Star Board Game, but due to the repetitive nature of the game it is hard for me to give it that gold star rating – even if my children don’t seem to mind!

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