Shark Bite Game Review

Shark Bite Game for Kids

Have you ever noticed that kid’s channels and kid’s cartoons really do a nice job of convincing children they need a certain toy or game? It is amazing how effective advertising is on kids – and how those kids are able to convince us adults to buy those products.

Shark Bite was a game that we ended up buying for either Christmas or a birthday because one of our sons said they wanted it really bad. I mean, the commercial does make it look like an amazing experience playing this game.

Honestly, this game is okay – there are some things that my sons enjoy about it and a couple of things that can get them frustrated. Because of that, we wanted to give you our opinion and share our experiences with shark bite!

Quick Shark Bite Game Overview

Shark Bite Game

Shark Bite is a very simple game that even very young children will be able to play. It is for 2 – 4 players and is rated for children ages 4+. Our three-year-old had no issues playing this game – but there are small parts, so you do have to be minorly concerned with choking hazards.

The game is shaped like a giant shark, and the first step is to push the shark down into a locked position. This is pretty easy to do – even for younger children. After that, you are going to have 12 sea creature pieces that you put into the holes at the bottom of the shark. Once this is done you are going to have a die that you take turns rolling, and a small fishing rod that you use to hook the sea creatures and pull them from the shark’s mouth.

The die will tell you how many fish you are trying to pull from the shark’s mouth, and eventually the shark will snap up while you are trying to pull a sea creature – surprising all the kids that are playing! If the shark snaps you, you lose the game.

Yes, it is that simple.

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Our Personal Shark Bite Review

Shark Bite is a simple game with somethings that we really like and some things that aren’t so great.

Things we like:

  • How simple it is to set up and how easy it is to be played without any parental help.
  • The shark snapping up and cool and makes kids happy – even after they have seen it happen 50 times.
  • It is a quick game – you can be done playing a round in a minute.

Things we don’t love:

  • Kids can get frustrated at just how quick this game is. I’ve seen the shark snap before the first or second player could even scoop up a sea creature. A kid not getting a turn or a kid losing on their first turn can get them frustrated.
  • It says it can be a four-player game, but really, I would play with more than 3-players and the quick gameplay make it a weak option for game nights.

We would recommend this game for anyone looking for that quick, action-packed game that kids can play independently. If you are expecting Shark Bite to be longer or more involved, you will probably be disappointed.

Final Grade on Shark Bite

bronze star grade

Shark Bite was a tough game for us to grade. If you are looking for a simple, fast-paced game that kids can play independently – this is a good choice. In our household, this game does not see as much playtime as a lot of other board games.

Because of my kid’s reaction to it over time, especially based on how bad they wanted it to begin with, I am going to give this game a bronze star grade.

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