Christian LEGO Sets & LEGO Compatible Bible Themed Block Sets

Christian LEGO Sets - Moses LEGO Figure

Most kids are going to go through a major LEGO phase where LEGO bricks become their favorite toys – and their imagination takes over allowing them to build some amazing creations. I also understand how parents are always trying to incorporate Christian and faith-based toys into their child’s toy collection. Having Christian themed LEGO sets would be a way for parents to check both of those boxes.

LEGO is understandably not going to create any type of LEGO set they feel can be controversial – and that includes Christian themed LEGO sets, which means there are unfortunately no official Christian LEGO Sets out there.

However, there are some Christian themed block sets that have been created by different people that are compatible with LEGO bricks and other LEGO sets. This gives you some really good Christian “LEGO” sets that you can incorporate into your child’s toy collection. Here are some of the best Bible “LEGO” sets that you can purchase today.

Nativity Bricks Ultimate Kids Nativity Set

Christian Lego Set - Nativity Bricks Nativity Set

The biggest set that we currently see out on the market would be this Nativity Bricks Ultimate Kids Nativity Set. This Christian Block Set was built to be large and still gives you the opportunity to incorporate into other similar toys.

Nativity Bricks recommends this set for children nines-years-old and older. The set itself includes 315-pieces and will take the normal child right around an hour to finish building.

You are going to be able to recreate Jesus’ birth story with this set, which include: Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the Three Wiseman, a barn, all sorts of different farm animals and camels, an Angel, and even the birth star.

You are getting a great set that portrays the birth of Jesus in a fun way for kids, and can get the conversation started about why Christmas is so important. And since these blocks can be incorporated into other sets, it gives your child a chance to reflect about Jesus all-year long.

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Nativity Blocks Moses Figurine

Nativity Bricks Moses Figure - Best Christian LEGO Sets

Moses is one of the most important people in the Bible, and his story is the source of inspiration and the embodiment of faith to many people. It is really neat to see Nativity Blocks create a Moses Figurine that can be incorporated into your LEGO collection.

This Moses Figurine is 13-pieces that only takes a little bit of time to put together. It includes his God-gifted staff and a block featuring the 10 Commandments. It really has a great look to it.

The best part about this however, is the fact that you can incorporate Moses into all the other LEGO sets. This gives your child the opportunity to recreate Biblical adventures for Moses, but also gives your child the chance to make up some adventures for him.

It really gives you an opportunity to talk about Moses and why he was such an important person.

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Final Notes

It is really neat that people are making Christian themed sets that can be incorporated into LEGO collections. This is a market that is changing all of the time and can be tough to monitor what is available, so we will be updating this article regularly any time we find another Bible themed set that we feel you should be aware of!

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Enjoy your LEGO time and we hope we gave you some good information on some different options to add to that collection.