The Hot Wheels Mario Kart Track Reviewed

The Hot Wheels Mario Kart race track reviewed

What do you get a 5-year-old boy for his birthday who loves Mario and Mario Kart, but you do not want to buy them a video game? How about a great Hot Wheels Mario Kart themed track that launches Mario Kart themed Hot Wheels cars? Trust me – it will be a winner.

We made our son’s 2021 birthday extra special when he got to open this Hot Wheels Mario Kart track.

So, here is our Hot Wheels Mario Kart Racing Track review. Read below to get a general overview of what the toy is like and any possible pain points – plus you get to read about our personal experiences with this toy, see our overall recommendation, and even get some other links to great Mario Brothers themed toys.

Quick Hot Wheels Mario Kart Racing Track Review

The Hot Wheels Mario Kart Racing track is large and a lot of fun. The track is over 4-feet in length from one end to the other, and about 12-inches high at the highest point. Width wise, you are looking at a track that is about 20-inches wide. The design has a smaller bend curve at the beginning and a much larger loop that cars will drive around towards the end.

The beginning of the track has a launcher where you place your cars. There are two tracks – so you can have one car in each racing each other. These are two big buttons – one red, one blue – with a mushroom on them. You hit these buttons to launch your cars past the first curve and into the automatic launcher that builds up the speed of the vehicles and launches them over the large hoop. The large loop is held up by a white castle tower that also has storage for the cars in the back.

At the beginning launcher area is two smaller buttons. Those smaller buttons – one read and one blue – have a turtle shell on them. You can hit the turtle shell button to basically create a block that is going to make the car on the other track crash.

There are lots of little decorations that are all over the track making it look great. For example, there is a little Toad’s hut, a couple of gold coins that will spin when the Hot Wheels hit them, and even a group of Toads watching the race.

Mario Kart Hot Wheels Vehicles

When you are racing, each track is going to have a flag. This flag will lower each time your racer hits the switch at the finish line. The flag lowers with each lap until the race is completed by one of the racers. When this occurs, the winner can keep driving laps. The loser will actually be blocked from driving more laps – meaning your children can’t argue over who won the race. The track takes care of that argument for you! If you don’t care about winning races, there is a little switch that you can hit that will allow both tracks to keep going even if one of them have lost the race.

The track is pretty easy to setup – for its size, it is the easiest Hot Wheels track I’ve ever had to deal with in terms of putting it together. The only annoying thing about the setup is all the stickers you have to place on it – I hate putting stickers on toys since I never seem to get them all lined up right!

It does require 4-D batteries to operate the automatic launchers that gets the cars flying around the track and enough speed to handle the large loop curve. Surprisingly, the toy isn’t very loud when in use. The toy only comes with a Mario and a Yoshi Hot Wheels car – so you are going to have to buy more vehicles if you want to get the entire Mario gang racing!

That is the basics of this toy – and overall, we have been very impressed with it!

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Final Grade for the Hot Wheels Mario Kart Track

Gold Star Rating

This Hot Wheels Mario Kart Circuit Racetrack has been a very popular toy that both of my children love to play with. It is pretty easy for them to use – but it does take sometime getting the hang of how hard to hit the buttons to get the cars rolling without flipping off the track. However, even that is pretty cool for them – especially if the wreck looks awesome!

The toy isn’t very annoying for parents. It isn’t very loud, but it is large and takes up a lot of space which is a negative if you don’t have a large toy room. This toy hasn’t been gathering dust on a shelf, so I really like the replay usage it has as well!

Overall, we give this toy our highest Gold Star Ranking – and think this toy will make a great addition to any household.

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Video Review for the Hot Wheels Mario Kart Track

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