Fisher-Price Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Zip, Slide & Zoom Clubhouse Review

Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Zip, Slide & Zoom Clubhouse Toy

I’m pretty sure every kid goes through a Mickey Mouse phase – and this has been a recurring theme for like 50 years. Our oldest son liked Mickey, but our youngest son REALLY liked Mickey.

So, for his 2nd birthday we got him this Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy – and this Mickey Mouse Zip, Slide, & Zoom Clubhouse has been a great toy ever since.

If you are looking for a great Mickey Mouse toy for a youngster you know, check out this Fisher-Price Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Review to get an idea of what makes this toy so fun and to learn about some of the personal experiences our children have had playing with it!

Quick Fisher-Price Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy Overview

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy from Fisher-Price

There are a lot of fun features to this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy. The size is also perfect for that 2 – 5 age group. When you measure from its highest point where the balloon is, the height is about 16-inches. It is also a little over 20-inches in length. So, big enough to be easy to play with, and small enough to be easy to store.

What is nice about this toy is it does go through slight design changes every few years to stay in touch with was is going on in the Mickey Mouse cartoon show.

The version that is out there right now looks almost identical to the one I own with some slight cosmetic design differences. It comes with a 3-inch Mickey figure that bends at the waste – and a little red car that Mickey can drive.

The clubhouse itself has a really neat hot air balloon zipline. You can place your Mickey figure in the basket and zip it down the line from the top of the clubhouse to the bottom. The zipline is attached to a giant hand at the top and a small hand that is on a green platform at the bottom of the clubhouse. This zipline is easy to knock lose at the bottom of the clubhouse – so you might have to help your child rebuild it from time to time.

Towards the top of the clubhouse is a slick blue slide. This blue slide leads down to the big yellow foot garage – with that garage having a big yellow door on it. This is the most exciting part of this toy and the biggest reason why my son loves it.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy

You can push the Mickey figure down the slide and it goes all the way down to the yellow foot garage. Mickey slides through an opening in the back of the garage and lands in that little red car. There is a big green button that you can push that will lift a little ramp in the yellow foot garage and blast out the Mickey Car out the front of the garage – with Mickey now driving it! This process amazes and thrills young children and you can see them doing it for hours!

There are a few other little features that make this set cool as well. There is a seating area in the clubhouse with a couple of seats in it. It has a little garage arm to block or open a road – and just some cool decorative details that kids will enjoy.

This toy does require some assembly – but it shouldn’t take too long, and it does not require batteries which is always a plus.

I think that description probably gives you a great idea of why this toy was so popular with my youngest son – and I’m telling you, they are going to love the blue slide!

Annoyance Scale for Parents

Like always, we like to tell parents how annoying a toy is going to be for them! The good news is this Fisher-Price Mickey Mouse Zip, Zoom, & Slide Clubhouse is not going to be very annoying for you! It helps that the toy doesn’t make any noises or require any batteries!

Now this toy does require a little bit of assembly, but the pieces do snap together very easily. However, this toy is easy for kids to carry around and youngsters are going to drop it and bang it around pretty easily. That does knock these pieces loose often, which means you are probably going to have to reassemble everything often. The balloon zipline comes lost often as well, and your child might need some help reassembling that too.

As long as your child doesn’t lose any of the pieces, the reassembly is only slightly annoying – so we are going to give this toy a 3 out of 10 on the annoyance scale, which isn’t bad at all!

Parent's Annoyance Scale 3

Final Grade for this Fisher-Price Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Set

Gold Star Rating

I have a lot of sentimental attachment to this toy because it was one of the first real gifts that my youngest son loved and played with all the time. I also love the design of this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playset and the blue slide and balloon zipline are very popular with our son.

Because of all these factors, I am going to give this toy a Gold Star Rating and can safely say I’m extremely happy we bought this toy for him – and hopefully you will have as much fun with it as we have!

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