The Best WWE Toys Reviewed

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It has been a blast watching my sons start to like the WWE – just like I did when I was a kid. It is also nice to see that the WWE makes a lot of great toys, just like they did when I was a kid (we all know that the WWE does an amazing job of showcasing their superstars).

We thought it would be fun to create a list of the Best WWE Toys – letting you know about some of the great options that are out there, and some of the fun that my kids have had we these toys.

There are numerous different wrestling action figures, rings, steel cages, vehicles, and other toys that you can add to your toy collection, so please enjoy this list of the best WWE Toys, and we hope you find some options that your children are going to love!

Quick List of the Best WWE Toys

Here is a quick list of the Best WWE Toys – with a much more detailed review of each one listed below!

  1. WWE Wrekkin’ Kickout Ring Playset
  2. WWE Wrekkin’ Collision Cage (Steel Cage) Toy
  3. WWE Championship Showdown Action Figure Sets
  4. WWE Wrekkin’ Rampage Rig
  5. WWE Superstar Wrestling Ring
  6. WWE Wrekkin’ Slambulance Vehicle Toy
  7. WWE Ultimate Edition Action Figures
  8. WWE Elite Action Figures
  9. WWE Wrekkin’ Performance Center Playset with Gym
  10. WWE Wrekkin’ Vehicle Toys with Superstars
  11. WWE Bend ‘N Bash Figures
  12. WWE NXT Take Over War Games Bundle Playset
  13. WWE Superstars Ultimate Entrance Playset
  14. WWE Plush Toys

More Detailed Reviews of the Best WWE Wrestling Toys

WWE Wrekkin' Kickout Ring - Best WWE Toy

1.) WWE Wrekkin’ Kickout Ring PlaysetI always like toys that create a little bit of variety and create some unpredictability, which is actually what the WWE Wrekkin’ Kickout Ring Playset does. It is a wrestling ring that can host all your matches – but it also includes a breakaway table and a crane to add a little extra drama.

Included in the set is a championship belt that you can attach to the crane, making your own version of a ladder match where you need to get to the belt to win. The crane also breaks away – but there is actually a couple of special features that make this ring even cooler!

It has a “bell” attached to the ring that you can slam to do different things. One mode is called referee mode. Basically, when you have one wrestler pinning the other in the center of the ring, you slam the bell. It will either do nothing, which means your superstar got pinned, or it will bounce the wrestler – meaning he kicked out of the pin. This gives you that surprise finish – hit that bell three times and see if you kickout before the three count!

You can also switch the bell the launcher mode – which will basically do exactly what it sounds like. You can place your wrestler in the ring and slam the bell – launching him out of the ring to do attacks or whatever it is you want them to be doing! These fun elements really bring a lot of enjoyment that you wouldn’t get with just a standard ring, and it is why we had to rank this toy so high! You can also see this toy on our list of the best WWE Wrekkin’ Toys!

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WWE Wrekkin' Steel Cage Ring Toy - Best WWE Toys

2.) WWE Wrekkin’ Collision Cage (Steel Cage) Ring – If you are going to have a really fun WWE Toy collection that children love, I feel like you need a couple of different things to start – some type of wrestling ring and some wrestling action figures. There are some different ring options that are really cool – but I think the WWE Wrekkin’ Collision Cage Ring is one of the best.

This ring is about 13-inches by 13-inches in size, and just like the name implies, it is surrounded by a steel cage. The steel cage has some “Wrekkin” spots on it, which are basically areas where you can “knock out” some pieces of the steel cage. This is really cool when you are throwing a wrestler out of the Steel Cage!

Parents are also going how easy it is to put this steel cage ring together. It is going to take about 5-minutes, and everything snaps into place easily. The ring also has a nice bounce to it – so when you are slamming wrestlers down on it, you get to see them bounce off the canvas!

This is just a great starting point for any WWE Toy collection, and we have loved having it in our house. You can read our full review we did of this toy here: The WWE Wrekkin Collision Cage Review.

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Best WWE Toys - WWE Championship Showdown Action Figure Sets

3.) WWE Showdown Action Figures Sets – Like we said above, to have a collection full of the Best WWE Toys, you are going to have to have a ring and some action figures. The reason I listed the WWE Showdown Action Figures sets in the number two slot is because you get a pair of action figures with these sets, and most of these sets are based on real WWE rivalries!

This makes them a perfect option for starting a collection, because you will have two figures and a natural rivalry. The action figures will be about 6-inches in size, and they have 10-points of articulation, meaning they will be able to do all of the wrestling moves you wanted them to do. Also, we should note that these figures are very realistic looking, and you will be amazed at the little details like tattoos and even logos/names included on the ring apparel.

There is also over 30 different WWE Showdown Action Figure Sets that you can pick from – meaning you should be able to find a combination of wrestlers that your child will love! You can see the full list of options here: A Complete List of the WWE Showdown Action Figure Sets – and we will also say we have loved our Rock vs. John Cena, King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley, and Goldberg vs. Drew McIntyre sets that we have purchased (click on the links to read about those reviews!

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WWE Wrekkin' Rampage Truck Toy

4.) WWE Wrekkin’ Rampage RigOur first entry in our list of the Best WWE Toys that isn’t an action figure, or some type of wrestling ring is the WWE Wrekkin’ Rampage Rig. This WWE themed truck is a lot of fun, and we have seen some crazy vehicles driven to the ring over the years in the WWE (I’m looking at you Brock with your tractor at SummerSlam) – so why not have some fun toys based on those crazy experiences!

This is a functioning truck, so its wheels move, and you can drive it down to your steel cage match. The back of the truck has a crane that extends 18-inches and has a 360-degree spin radius. Attached to the crane is a wrecking ball that can be used to slam into wrestlers, but it also opens up and a championship belt could be placed into it!

There are also 11-pieces that “breakaway” from the truck – hence the Wrekkin’ name. There are a few other surprises included in this toy – but it doesn’t include any action figures, those are sold separately.

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WWE Superstars Wrestling Ring Toy

5.) WWE Superstars Wresting Ring – Okay, I heard you – what if you want an inexpensive, but well-built WWE Wrestling Ring that isn’t a steel cage or some crazy type of wrestling mat? Then, we would encourage you to look at the WWE Superstars Wrestling Ring from Mattel!

This wrestling ring is about 14-inches in size, is easy to put together (it should take about two minutes to get the ring posts unwrapped and attached to the ring – and the ropes attached to the ring posts), and even has a “spring-loaded” mat. Meaning you are going to get a little bit of a bounce when those wrestling hit the ring!

I also love how it comes with 4 different event plates that get snapped into the ring to change the event. Included are Monday Night RAW, SmackDown, WrestleMania, and SummerSlam. These plates are easy to remove and snap back into place, giving you the opportunity to change the events your toy wrestling action figures are participating at!

For the price & quality, it is hard to get a better wrestling ring than this, as long as you don’t mind it not having any crazy bells & whistles…or steel cage walls!

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WWE Wrekkin' Slambulance Toy

6.) WWE Wrekkin’ Slambulance Vehicle – Another entry for our best WWE Toys list from the WWE Wrekkin’ toy line would be this WWE Wrekkin’ Slambulance Vehicle. You might think it is weird to have a WWE themed ambulance toy, but I think you would be amazed at home many WWE matches involve an Ambulance and a stretcher.

If you couldn’t tell by the name, it looks like a real ambulance – and you can push it around if you would like to. It even comes with the stretcher you need to wheel your injured wrestlers away from the ring.

Just like the other toys in the Wrekkin’ line, this vehicle has 8 different pieces that break of the ambulance – including the doors, bumper, the hood, and even a side panel of the ambulance. The stretcher can be placed into the back of the ambulance, and if you push the “chaos” button that is located under the hood, the spring-loaded stretcher will shoot out of the ambulance! It is a pretty fun feature of this ambulance.

I really thought hard about ranking this toy higher – especially with how much my son said he loved it and described it to me in great detail. I imagine it will be a big hit with any WWE wrestling fan.

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WWE Ultimate Edition Action Figures

7.) WWE Ultimate Edition Action Figures – The bread and butter of WWE toys is WWE Action figures, and it can be hard to keep track of all the different Action Figure lines being produced. One of the more expensive Action Figure Lines from the WWE is the Ultimate Edition Action Figures.

WWE Ultimate Edition Action Figures are sold individually and come with a bunch of extras. For example, they will come with different sets of hands for different poises, different heads with different facial expressions, normally they will have some additional ring attire, and they can have some extra features like a championship belt or something else they normally bring to the ring.

There are a lot of different superstars that have Ultimate Edition Action Figures – some from the past and some who are currently WWE superstars. Here are some of the most popular options:

Like we said, there is a bunch more of these WWE Ultimate Edition Action Figures available, so hopefully you can find the Superstar you are looking for!

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WWE Elite Action Figures - Hulk Hogan

8.) WWE Elite Action Figures If you are looking for something a little extreme than the Ultimate Edition Action Figures line, the WWE Elite Action figures line would be a great place to start!

The WWE Elite Action Figures line also includes Superstars from the past as well as today, are about 6-inches in size, look just like the superstars they are based on, and feature the iconic ring attire they wore/wear! These action figures have a couple less “heads” to switch out and accessories with them than the Ultimate Action Figures line but will still be a great edition to any wrestling toy collection. These action figures also feature a staggering 25 points of articulation! This makes a bunch of different wrestling moves possible!

The number of wrestlers who have an Elite Action figure has to be in the hundreds, but here are some very popular options:

Just about every major superstar has one of these action figures – so if you don’t see the one you are looking for listed above, do some searching and you just might find it!

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WWE Wrekkin' Performance Center

9.) WWE Wrekkin’ Performance Center Playset with Gym – The WWE Wrekkin’ Performance Center is another great WWE toy in the Wrekkin’ toy line. This toy is based on the WWE Performance Center and features 3 different areas that you are going to be able to smash! Those areas include the wrestling ring, a gym area, and a scaffolding area.

The center of the ring will collapse, and that can even cause the scaffolding and giant sign on this playset to collapse as well. This toy reminds me of some of those crazy WWE wrestling matches where the ring couldn’t contain the action!

And of course, there is a gym area where you can battle – or have a hardcore match in. The gym area includes a punching bag, a mirror, and a weight bench that will all collapse as well. This isn’t the best option for a traditional ring, but it is a great option for kids that love creating a lot of havoc with their wrestling matches!

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WWE Wrekkin' Vehicles - The Rock and Sportscar

10.) WWE Wrekkin’ Vehicle Toys with SuperstarsOne of the unique toy options created by WWE is these WWE Wrekkin’ Vehicles that include a WWE Superstar as well. There are some Motorcycle, Car, and ATV options, which we could have listed separately on this list of best WWE toys but thought it would be better for us to keep all of these vehicles together.

Each one of these vehicles has different parts that will breakaway – which is why they are part of the WWE Wrekkin’ toy line. For example, the hood and doors will fall off the cars, the motorcycles will come apart in different pieces, and even the ATV will break apart. Each of these vehicles also come with a different 6-inch WWE figure. Here are some of the most popular Vehicle/Superstar combinations:

If you want something a little different, one of these toys would be a great option!

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WWE Bend N' Bash Figure Sets - John Cena

11.) WWE Bend N Bash Action Figures – My oldest son is very literal, and he wants his toy to be on the more realistic side – like most of the action figures listed above. My youngest son doesn’t really care – he doesn’t mind things being crazy, which is why he likes these WWE Bend N’ Bash Action Figures.

These figures are a little shorter – about 5.5-inches tall – than the more realistic action figures listed in some of the other slots on this list. They are also called Bend N’ Bash because their arms are VERY stretchable – meaning you can do all sorts of crazy locks and attacks! They bodies are also soft, giving them a little more flexibility. These figures will also have some accessories that can be used in the matches. For example, the John Cena figure has a weight set that can be used to beat your opponent!

There are a lot of fun options in this toy line – here are some of them:

Again, this is just a taste of the figures in the Bend ‘N Bash line – so feel free to search them out on online shopping sites to see if you find the Superstar you are looking for.

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WWE NXT Take Over War Games Bundle Playset - best WWE Toys

12.) WWE NXT Take Over War Games Bundle Playset If there is a toy that is listed to low on this list of best WWE Toys, it would have to be this WWE NXT Take Over War Games Bundle Playset. If you aren’t familiar, this “War Games” theme is two rings attached together with two steel cages – and a bunch of mayhem happening on the inside! These are some of the most fun PPV events!

This playset includes two rings that have two steel cages – with everything attached together. Just in case you were wondering, there is not a steel cage wall running down the middle of the two rings, they just surround the outside. Both steel cages have a door that opens – and the set has a really cool look to it.

Also included is a Keith Lee wrestling figure, two ladders, a steel chair, and a table that will break away. You can’t have wargames without some carnage – so those steel chairs, ladders, and table are necessary to maximize fun!

The only real downside is it only comes with one figure – making it pretty hard to have a proper War Games Pay Per View Event – you are going to need to buy some action figures from somewhere on this list!

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WWE Superstars Ultimate Entrance Playset

13.) WWE Superstars Ultimate Entrance Playset The WWE Superstars Ultimate Entrance Playset is one of the more unique WWE toys. Basically, one side of the entrance playset is the backstage area, and the other side is the entrance ramp that will take your wrestler down to the ring.

The backstage half of the toy includes a couch, chair, tables, cameras, mirror area, a place to hang your outfits – basically all the things you would do backstage getting ready for a match. This set also comes with a Nikki Bella superstar action figure, so you have someone to get ready for a match! When they are ready, there is a little stand you can place the action figure onto.

The entrance side of the playset includes a ramp for the wrestler to walk down and is decorated to look like there are explosions going on when they enter. The entrance ramp has a little wheel that you spin that reveals your wrestler that is standing on the stand, and really tries to create a fun entrance.

I would say this is probably WWE’s attempt to create a fun toy targeted for younger girls, since most of their other playsets includes something that breaks or explodes.

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WWE Plush Toys - Kofi Kingston

14.) WWE Plush Toys – I remember how excited my oldest son was when he got his plush John Cena – he would take that toy to bed to sleep with, but also perform all sorts of different wrestling moves on it as well. WWE has a great selection of 8+ inch plush toys that should excite any young wrestling fan.

There is a great selection of different WWE plush toys that are officially licensed, with some of my favorite being:

There are a lot of awesome WWE Plush toys out there and hopefully some of these choices will get you pointed in the right direction. I also hope your child has as much fun as mine does beating up his wrestling buddy!

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