NERF Roblox Zombie Attack: Viper Strike (Sniper Rifle) NERF Gun Review

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One of my son’s favorite types of toys is NERF guns. Another one of my son’s favorite things is video games (especially Roblox) – so when NERF does something fun like make NERF funs in a Roblox theme – you know my son is going to want that! And that was definitely the case with the NERF Roblox Zombie Attack: Viper Strike NERF gun!

We ended up getting this NERF Sniper Rifle for my son as a Christmas gift, and I must say it has been one of his favorite toys. I should also admit that dad has had a lot of fun with it as well, setting up targets and shooting at them with my sons.

So, check out our review of the NERF Roblox Zombie Attack Viper Strike Sniper Rifle, and see if you think it would be a good NERF weapon to add to your collection (and I’m going to guess that you are going to think it is)!

Quick NERF Roblox Viper Strike Sniper Rifle Review

NERF Sniper Rifle - Roblox Zombie Attack Viper Strike

It is the look of the NERF Roblox Zombie Attack Sniper Rifle that is going to excite your kid. It has a really cool red color, a snake pattern design, the barrel ends with a snake mouth opening showing fangs, includes a cool looking scope, a kickstand that you can use to balance the sniper rifle, and it is LONG – about 32 inches in length to be exact. The size and look make it awesome.

Parents are also going to like how easy it is to put together. You will need to snap the barrel into the correct place, and you will need to click in the yellow plastic pieces that creates the bolt action – but that is about it. All and all – it is going to take you about 2 minutes to get put together.

The loading and shooting processes will take a little bit of time to teach your kid depending on their age – my six-year-old was able to get it in just a couple attempts after I showed him. He is only six, and I know the recommended age for this toy is 8+, but it was just too much fun for him.

The shooting process starts by loading the clip – and it will hold up to six darts. This NERF Gun does come with six elite darts, so you don’t need to buy any extras until you lose these. Once the clip is loaded, make sure the yellow bolt action lever is pulled back and insert the clip. Once the clip is inserted, push the bolt action forward to load one of the darts. At this point, I would use the scope to aim – and you will be pretty surprised how accurate this NERF gun is. Once you fire, pull back the bolt action and push the bolt action forward to reload and start the process over. It is a single shot Sniper Rifle, which makes it a ton of fun for us when we are doing target practice! When you are out of darts, there is a yellow button to push to remove the clip, just make sure the bolt action is in the back position.

This Roblox NERF Sniper Rifle does have a two-leg stand that can be used if you are in the prone shooting position, or the stand legs can be pushed up if you want to carry the sniper rifle around and shoot it that way. The scope even has the X-sight on the inside and is a ton of fun for kids.

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Final Thoughts and NERF Roblox Viper Strike Toy Grade

Gold Star

This NERF Roblox Zombie Attack Viper Strike Sniper Rifle is one of my favorite NERF guns that we have ever owned. Both of my son’s love carrying around and shooting each other with it – but the thing they enjoy most with it is having shooting competitions. They love setting up a NERF Target and shooting six shots at it and seeing who scores higher.

Overall, the only complaint I could have, is that it is a single shot NERF gun, but that actually makes it more fun for our NERF Shooting competitions. It did take a little bit of time for my son to get the shooting/reloading process down, but that wasn’t too bad. The occasionally dart does get stuck during the shooting process, but there is a little slide just under the scope that allows you to get into the gun and remove a lodged dart. Overall, I’m giving this NERF gun a Gold Star.

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