The Best Nerf Targets Reviewed

Nerf Targets Original Photo

Nerf is one of the most iconic toy brands – with almost all of us having a nerf blaster when we were growing up. I haven’t met many kids that haven’t wanted a Nerf blaster at some point, and I have met many family members who think it is a good idea to buy someone …

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Nerf Bulls-Eye Target Review

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My youngest son is a huge fan of Nerf. Every time he sees a new Nerf gun, he asks if he can get one, and we have bought a lot of them over the years! So, we thought it would be a good idea to buy him something to shoot those Nerf guns at (that …

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Nerf Elite Digital Target (Blue & Orange) Review

Original Photo of the Nerf Elite Digital Target

At the time of writing this review, I think we own about 9 different Nerf blasters ranging from single shot nerf weapons, to sniper rifle themed nerf weapons, to automatic battery powered Nerf weapons. If you have a Nerf arsenal this big, you need to have a few Nerf targets to practice on. That is …

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