The Best Nerf Targets Reviewed

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Nerf is one of the most iconic toy brands – with almost all of us having a nerf blaster when we were growing up. I haven’t met many kids that haven’t wanted a Nerf blaster at some point, and I have met many family members who think it is a good idea to buy someone else’s kids a Nerf gun! That is how my house has ended up with about a dozen Nerf guns and multiple Nerf targets.

For the parents who are just getting their Nerf collections started, it can be a good idea to have some targets in the household that aren’t you or a sibling. So, we thought it would be a great idea to give you a list of the Best Nerf Targets Reviewed! That way, you won’t have to worry about being the only target inside of your home!

And the good news is there are plenty of great options to choose from. There are digital targets, targets with multiple play modes, simple targets perfect for a toy room, there are great outdoor target options, and everything in between! You should have no problem finding a good Nerf target in this Best Nerf Targets list!

Quick List of the Best Nerf Targets

Here is our list of the best Nerf targets. Below this quick list is a much more detailed review of each entry on the Best Nerf targets list – with pictures!

  1. Nerf Bulls-Eye Digital Target
  2. Nerf Elite Hoovering Target
  3. Nerf Elite 5-in-1 Target Challenge
  4. Nerf Target Combo Pack
  5. Nerf Digital Flip Target
  6. Nerf Elite Digital Target
  7. Nerf Inflatable Target
  8. Nerf Elite Portable Practice Target
  9. Nerf Skeet Shot Disc Launcher
  10. Nerf Rocker Shot Targets

Detailed Reviews of the Best Nerf Targets

Nerf Bulls-Eye Target - the Best Nerf Target

1.) Nerf Bulls-Eye Digital Target This Nerf Bulls-Eye Digital Target is the preferred Nerf target of our household and has brought a lot of enjoyment to playtime! What I like the most about this target is how easy it is to setup and how easy it is to use. It has a very sturdy base that can be placed almost anywhere, including thick carpet.

The design includes 6 “flip-back” targets that range from 5-points to 75-points, and a button on the very top that can be worth 100 points. These flip back targets work really well, and when they are hit by a dart they really do flip back. The overall size of this target is about 14-inches in height, so it is very easy to store as well when not in use.

It comes with 3-different game modes that can be played in 1-player or 2-player mode. The games can be selected by the three buttons on the base of the target. The buttons are easy to use, so you won’t have to worry about children struggling to operate the toy.

Overall, this is a great Nerf Target, and you can easily see why we ranked it so high on our list of the best Nerf targets reviewed. If you want to read a full review and learn a little more about our experiences with these toys, check out this review that we did on it: The Nerf Bulls-Eye Digital Target Reviewed.

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Nerf Elite Hoovering Target - Best Nerf Targets

2.) Nerf Elite Hoovering Target You could easily convince me that the Nerf Elite Hoovering Target should be in the #1 slot on our list of the best Nerf Targets. It really comes down to if you are looking for a unique and fun target, or if you like the more traditional target that keeps score for you!

Why did we call the Nerf Elite Hoovering Target the most unique option? Because this target consists of four balls that are floating in the air – and the point is to hit all four balls! This target uses little fans that get the balls to float in the air, where they are bobbing up and down slightly – allowing them to adjust their heights. This target does include air control knobs so you can control how high the balls are floating as well.

Included in the set is the base/fan system, four balls (that have storage built-in to the base), and a net that can be placed behind the target. The target is about 9.5 inches high and 12 inches wide, so it is a target that can be played with indoors!

Overall, this is a very fun and creative target that should be some real enjoyment to your household!

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3.) Nerf Elite 5-in-1 Target Challenge Adding this Nerf Elite 5-in-1 Target Challenge option to this list of the best Nerf targets does seem like cheating because this isn’t a singular target, but rather a collection of five different targets, however, it is the perfect option if you like variety and aren’t really sure which target to get!

Like the name implies, this is a collection of five different targets that includes: 1.) Spin to Win (this has two targets that spin up and down a pole). 2.) A three ring knock down target (you hit a ring and it gets knocked down). 3.) Hex A Drop Target (hit the targets and the Hex piece keeps dropping down the target). 4.) A Ringer Target and 5.) A trophy target. Like we said, this brings a lot of different variations to the table – and gives your kids a lot of fun options. They might also enjoy setting up all five targets and creating a shooting range/obstacle course type of challenge.

All of these targets are also smaller in size and can easily be setup in a bedroom or other play space. We couldn’t blame you if you picked this option so you could create a fantastic Nerf themed shooting challenge!

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Nerf Target Combo Pack

4.) Nerf Target Combo Pack What I like about the Nerf Target Combo Pack is that it allows you to create some unique target practice options – including being able to use the kickstand so it stands up on a flat surface or putting all the targets together and creating a hanging target option.

How this target works is you have you one bigger, triangular flash target. You also have three smaller circular targets that can either be attached to the bigger triangular target to create a big target with multiple places to shoot, or they can be left unattached from the triangular target to give you multiple places to take target practice at. If you want to attach the smaller targets to the bigger one, the clips are included and very easy to use.

Both the bigger triangular target and the smaller circular targets light up when they are hit – allowing you to know when you made contact. It does have a kickstand base or a nail mount if you want to hang it – giving you flexibility and multiple shooting options! Overall, it is a well-designed target that should be fun.

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Nerf Digital Flip Target - Best Nerf Targets

5.) Nerf Digital Flip Target – Very similar to the very first target listed on our best Nerf Target List, the Nerf Digital Flip Target is also a “flip-back” style, but it isn’t in the pole shaped design that the Nerf Bulls-Eye Digital Target has. Rather, this Nerf Digital Flip Target has a hexagon shape that some people might even prefer to the pole shaped option!

How this design works, is you have five targets that range from 10 points to 50 points. Each of these targets can be shot “inwards” or “outwards” based on the mode you select. Basically, this means you can have the triangular shaped targets all facing the middle of the target, and you hit them, and they spring outwards. Or you can face the triangular targets along the outside of the frame, and when you shoot them, they will spring back towards the middle. It is a super cool design.

There are 3-game modes “reverse flip”, “flip out”, and “Ultimate Flip.” There is also a digital score keeping LCD Display. You can play each of these game modes on either 1-player or 2-player mode – so let the competition begin!

This target does require 3-AAA batteries that are not included, so make sure to pick those up when you are getting ready to have some fun with this target!

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Nerf Elite Digital Blue and Orange Target

6.) Nerf Elite Digital TargetAnother great digital target is the Nerf Elite Digital Target. It has a very recognizable blue and orange color scheme – and a built-in stand that allows you to easily place this target on the carpet, on floors, or other surfaces. If you prefer to hang the target, there is a slot on the back that you could hang on a nail or screw.

The other really nice thing about this target is the 3-different modes it has. Each mode can be played in 1 or 2-player format, and the different modes should provide enough variety to keep your children entertained. These modes include a 30-second get as many points as you can situation, you have seven shots to score as many points as you can situation, and you have 10-seconds to hit the designated spot mode as well.

The nice thing about these modes is that they also give you the opportunity to try and beat your own high score. I’m a big fan of independent play time, so keeping a notebook of your best scores and trying to convince your child to beat the record can be a lot of fun.

This is a target we did an even more detailed review on since it is part of our personal collection, which you can read here: The NERF Elite Digital Target (Blue & Orange) Review.

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Nerf Inflatable Target - Best Outdoor Nerf Target

7.) Nerf Inflatable TargetIf you are looking for a really good outdoor Nerf target, I would consider this Nerf Inflatable Target to be the best outdoor target option. In can certainly be used indoors as well, but the size of it makes it a great outdoor option. It does have a water-filled based which keeps it in an upright position, which is also a why I like it as an outdoor target – it can handle some wind gusts!

Based on this target’s name, you probably guessed that it is inflatable. Once you inflate it, it stands about 4-feet tall, which is why I really like it as an outdoor target. Most of these other targets are much smaller in size. If you have enough space indoors, it can certainly be used in a basement, bedroom, or playroom as well. When it is not in use, it can be deflated as well – making it easy to store.

There are three scoring zones for this target – a 25-point zone, a 50-point zone, and a 100-point zone. Each zone gets smaller in size with the 25-point zone being the biggest and on the bottom of the target, the 50-point zone being the medium sized target and being in the middle of the target, and the 100-point zone being the smallest and very top of the target.

Overall, it is a nice-looking target that is built well enough to handle outdoor use!

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Nerf Portable Target

8.) Nerf Elite Portable Practice TargetThis Nerf Elite Portable Practice Target has one of the more unique designs of any of the targets listed. I wouldn’t necessarily call this one of the best targets, but if you love being organized and being able to keep all of your Nerf darts in one place, you might really like this target!

What I mean by that, is this target is actually built into a mesh bag. It is square in shape, so you can just sit the target on the ground, but it does have a strap that you could hang it from as well. The top of the target – which is basically a mesh bag – is open, so you can place all of your darts into it and even a few Nerf blasters. That makes this target easy to take from place to place (hence the portable name) and it makes it really easy for you to stay organized and not lose all of your Nerf darts!

The target design is a very simple 4 target area that includes two 50-point targets, a 25-point target, and a 75-point target. The 75-point target is the smallest and the 25-point target is the largest. Besides that, it is very simple in design.

If you want a target that is portable and easy to carry around – this is a great option!

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Nerf Skeet Shot Disc Launcher

9.) Nerf Skeet Shot Disc LauncherIn theory, this Nerf Skeet Shot Disc Launcher should probably be ranked higher, because it is a really cool concept. My kids just aren’t talented enough to make a lot of contact with the discs that are being launched, so they get a little frustrated at it – but older kids will probably love this one.

This target includes 10-foam discs that you are going to load into the launcher. You are going to want the launcher to be on a flat surface for maximum effectiveness. This target does have an indoor and outdoor mode, which is good to note. You disc launch height is going to be about 6-feet at a maximum, so it can be hard to use indoors depending on your space.

There are three launch modes you can choose from – a vertical launch, a left and right launch, and a random launch. When you load the discs into the launcher, there are multiple “launch” points – so this target is especially fun when you have it set to random. It does have an LED light indicator that lets you know when the target is about to launch, giving you a fair chance at getting a hit!

This is a Nerf target that is a lot of fun to have some shooting competitions with. Challenge a group of friends and see who can hit the most discs! Overall, this will really increase your Nerf shooting accuracy with some practice.

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Nerf Rocker Shot Targets Reviewed

10.) Nerf Rocker Shot Targets The final target on our list of the Best Nerf targets is the Nerf Rocker shot targets. These are very basic targets, but they have a great price point! So, if you are looking for a cheaper target option, this could be a nice pick. And if down the road you see that your children have a major interest in shooting Nerf guns, you can get some of the other targets on this list!

This target set includes three different targets that are on a round base that gives them a little bit of movement as well. When you hit the target part it will spin – and each side of the target will have a different point value. You can keep hitting the targets and racking up points! This can be pretty fun when you are competing against some other shooters.

This might be the most basic of the targets. They don’t require any batteries, don’t have any LCD screens, don’t have different play modes – they are your classic shoot and add up your points targets.

Like we said, they are very good for beginners or if you aren’t sure how much your child might like Nerf target shooting!

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