WWE Omos Basic Superstars 130 Action Figure Review

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I always find in fun to see which WWE Wrestlers my son is going to like. I try not to pass on my bias to him, but I will tell you I was surprised when he decided he was an Omos fan. I probably shouldn’t have been since he is such an opposing ring presence, but he wasn’t the normal WWE Superstar that my son typically likes.

We ended up buying the WWE Omos Basic Superstars 130 Action figure to place in his Easter basket. It was fun for us to create a WWE themed Easter basket for him, and this Omos action figure turned out to be a great addition. He has fit right into all of the Royal Rumbles and Championship matches he is always having with his growing amount of WWE Superstar Action Figures.

So, check out this review of the WWE Omos Basic Superstars Action Figure to decide if it would be a great addition to your toy collection!

Quick WWE Omos Action Figure Review

Omos WWE Basic Action Figure

There are a couple of different WWE Omos Action Figures that you can select (you can see a full list here: The Best WWE Omos Action Figures Reviewed), but we ended up choosing the Basic Superstars line because it is the least expensive. I know that doesn’t sound like the best reason, but some of these other WWE Action Figure lines can be really expensive, and I knew this was going to be an action figure that got banged around a lot – so it made a lot of sense to pick this option over the others.

The WWE Omos Basic Superstars #130 Action figure is about as simple as you can get. It looks just like Omos with his black pants, black shirt, black boots outfit – and it is a solid half an inch or more taller than the standard 6-inch sized action figures that normally make up this line. That makes a lot of sense, he is referred to as the Nigerian Giant and stands 7’3″ and 400 pounds – so you would want him to be taller than the other action figures in this line.

There are 10-points of articulation to this action figure – including arms, elbows, and hands that move – plus a waist that allows him to bend, and some slight movement in his knees. You will basically be able to perform his standard wrestling moves on other action figures.

And that is just about everything to report. Like we said, it is a very simple action figure – it doesn’t have any extra accessories or an extra pair of hands like some of the other WWE action figure lines do, so we would encourage you to purchase this one if you are looking for a simple and affordable WWE Action figure – and especially if you know it is going to take some wear and tear. We have been very happy with how it has lasted during those Royal Rumble and Championship matches we were talking about earlier.

There are a couple of other Omos Action figure options you can read about here as well: The Best Omos WWE Action Figures.

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