The Best Omos WWE Action Figures

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There are certain WWE superstars that just have a larger-than-life presence to them, and Omos is certainly one of those wrestlers that fit that bill. This young superstar stands 7’3″ and is billed at 416 pounds – which is probably why my son was so drawn to him and why we ended up purchasing our very own Omos Action Figure.

If you have a young wrestling fan like I do, it can be hard to keep up with all the different WWE action figure options you have. So, we thought it would be nice of us to put together a list of all the Best Omos WWE Action figures. That way, if you are in search of the different options you have for this popular WWE superstar, you won’t have to look far!

And hopefully the child you are purchasing your Omos WWE Action figure for likes it as much as our son has liked his! Personally, I just hope Omos actually beats Seth Rollins in our house one day, I’m routing for you Omos!

Quick List of the Best Omos WWE Action Figures

Here is a quick list of the best Omos WWE Action Figures. He is relatively new to the wrestling world, so he doesn’t have as many options as many of the WWE superstars that have been around for a long time, but there are still some great choices! Below this section is a more detailed review and picture of each option you can pick.

  1. WWE Elite Collection Series 97 Omos Action Figure
  2. WWE Championship Showdown Omos vs. AJ Styles Action Figure Set
  3. WWE Basic Series 130 Omos Action Figure

Your Best WWE Omos Action Figure Options Reviewed

Omos Elite WWE Action Figure - Best Omos WWE Action Figures

1.) WWE Elite Collection Series 97 Omos Action Figure The first Omos Action Figure on the list has to be the WWE Elite Collection Series 97 Omos Action Figure. The action figure really captures the look of Omos with his signature black muscle shirt, pants, and boots. It is also about a half-inch taller or so then the other action figures in this Elite Collection, which only makes sense because he is currently the tallest WWE Superstar on the roster.

The other reason this action figure is number 1 on the list of the best Omos action figures is because it has 25 points of articulation, meaning it can bend and perform a number of different moves. It also comes with a couple of different accessories, including a title belt and an extra set of hands.

Overall, it is a very simple action figure, but the points of articulation, the bonus accessories, and the great look give this action figure the edge over the other options on this list! If your child is an Omos fan or needs an Omos figure to recreate some WrestleMania moments, this would be the starting point we recommend!

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Omos vs. AJ Styles Action Figure Set

2.) WWE Championship Showdown Omos vs. AJ Styles Action Figure Set – I feel like I am almost cheating by putting this Championship Showdown Omos vs. AJ Styles Action Figure on the list since it is a 2-pack, but there are a lot of good reasons to pick this option over the other ones. With the biggest reason being you have a natural rival for Omos with AJ Styles, and you don’t even have to buy another WWE action figure for this to happen! Or, you can turn back the clock and have AJ Styles and Omos be the tag team champions once again – but if you go that route, you may have to buy a few more wrestlers for them to battle.

This figure basically has the same Omos look and style as the figure listed in option #1. It has 10-points of articulation, so about 15 less movement points than the action figure already listed, but it also includes a good-looking AJ Styles action figure – so you will have to make a choice about if you want the extra AJ Styles action figure or the little better Omos action figure.

This set also has two stands and a base where you can put the action figures on when they aren’t in use! I love this feature; it helps keep the action figures in my son’s room organized and they look really cool when not in use.

Both of these action figures are listed as 6-inches tall on most sites, but the Omos figure is clearly taller than AJ Styles, which is again what you would expect. I tend to buy these championship showdown action figure sets for my son because of the multiple action figures – but have bought some singular action figure sets when I know it is a wrestler my son loves!

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3.) WWE Basic Series 130 Omos Action Figure – This WWE Basic Series 130 Omos Action Figure is the one we ended up buying in my household; my son isn’t the biggest Omos fan, and this action figure just happened to be on sale, making it the perfect addition to my son’s WWE themed Easter basket. If you want to read the full review and some of the personal experiences we have had with this toy, you can read that review here: WWE Omos Action Figure Reviewed.

As far as Omos action figures go, the reason this one is listed as third in our list of the best Omos Action figures is because of how simple it is. It looks great – with the Omos look you would expect. It has 10 points of articulation, so that is enough to do all the basic moves you would want it to do when you are playing with it. It does not come with any extra bells & whistles – there isn’t an extra pair of hands, any accessories, any championship belts, anything like that. It really is just the action figure.

However, this is also the cheapest Omos action figure option. You if you are looking for a good looking, very basic, and very affordable WWE Action figure – this Omos option could be the right pick for you.

Depending on what you are looking for, one of these 3-options should be a great choice for you.

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