The Best Roblox Toys Reviewed

The best Roblox Toys Reviewed

I would say we have a love/hate relationship with Roblox in our house. There are a lot of great Roblox games, and it is a great concept for a video game – but we also don’t always like the content, and especially the chat feature, when our kids decide that is something they like to play online.

One of the nice things that Roblox does is create a BUNCH of different toys based on the different games in the Roblox World. If you have some creative kids, they can take those toys and recreate some of their favorite Roblox moments offline, which is something we are always striving for. So, we put together a quick list of some of the Best Roblox Toys for you to take a look at!

We should note it is very difficult to create a complete list of the Best Roblox Toys since there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different options. But we focused on the bigger themed playsets and the ones we thought are a lot of fun! It should definitely be a big enough list to give you some great ideas!

Quick List of the Best Roblox Toys

Here is a list of our favorite Roblox Toys! We do need to note, that there is 100’s of different Roblox toys, including a bunch of different individual character figures (many of which we didn’t include). We didn’t rank every single one, and we did combine some toys into one listing (for example, there are about 12 different Roblox Themed Nerf Guns that we combined into 1 entry on our list), but there should be plenty of great Roblox Toy options listed below to get the excitement going for any Roblox fan! Below this list of the Best Roblox Toys is a picture and more detailed review of each one!

  1. Roblox Ninja Legends 29-Piece Playset
  2. Roblox Jailbreak: Museum Heist
  3. Roblox Champions of Roblox Action Figure Set
  4. Roblox Legends of Roblox Action Figure Set
  5. Roblox Jailbreak: SWAT Unit
  6. Roblox Dungeon Quest: Fusion Goliath Showdown Set
  7. Roblox Jailbreak: The Celestial Vehicle
  8. Roblox Jailbreak: Drone
  9. Roblox World Zero Action Figure Set
  10. Roblox Brookhaven Outlaw & Order Playset
  11. Roblox Adopt Me Pet Store
  12. Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg: Camping Crew
  13. Roblox Meme Pack
  14. Roblox Pirate Showdown
  15. Roblox Car Crushers 2: Grandeur Dignity
  16. Roblox Legends of Speed by ScriptBloxian Studios: Velocity Phantom
  17. Roblox Tower Defense Simulator: Cyber City
  18. Roblox Arsenal Operation Beach Day
  19. Roblox Tower Battles: ZED
  20. Roblox Nerf Weapons

The Best Roblox Toys Reviewed

Roblox Ninja Legends Set - The Best Roblox Toys

1.) Roblox Ninja Legends 29-Piece Playset The very first Roblox toy that we ended up buying in our household was the Roblox Ninja Legends 29-Piece Playset, which was purchased as a Christmas present (or a birthday present – those two dates are so close together) for our oldest son. It has also ended up being one of the best playsets we have ever bought and has been a very popular addition to our household.

The 29-pieces that makes up this playset includes 6-action figures that have cool weapons and armor, 6 square monster looking guys, a treasure chest, and what I would call a ninja themed dojo building. The armor and weapons of the action figures can be switched around, and they have a really good overall look.

It is the theme of this playset that really makes it fun – I know my children love the ninja style of it – and the ability to destroy the building and easily put it back together is a nice touch.

For a more in-depth review of the Roblox Ninja Legends 29-Piece Playset, check out this review that we did: Roblox Ninja Legends Playset Review. And you won’t regret adding this toy to your toy collection!

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Roblox Jailbreak: Museum Heist Playset

2.) Roblox Jailbreak: Museum Heist Playset – I know my boys love playsets that have lot of figures & pieces, which give them the opportunities to tell some great stories and go on some amazing adventures. The Roblox Jailbreak: Museum Heist Playset is a toy that allows that to happen, and should be a big hit with kids.

This Museum Heist Playset is big – with 33 included pieces. Those included pieces include 7 figures – like a couple of criminals in orange jumpsuits, a SWAT team guy, a security guard, and more. It also includes Museum pieces, like Roblox’s take on the famous Starry Night painting and the famous Egyptian Headdress.

It also includes all the things you would expect to be at a Museum Heist, like dynamite, a crowbar, weapons for the cops, you know – burglary things. Oh, did we mention it also includes a helicopter that has a rappelling line? So, when you decide you want to break into a museum, you have a lot of different options with this playset!

This playset allows for so much creativity! There are different ways to break into the museum, some great characters to play with, and some great artwork to steal! I know your child will like this one.

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Roblox Champions of Roblox Figure Set

3.) Roblox Champions of Roblox Figure Set I’ve always been a fan of buying a set of figures vs. buying a 1-pack, and this Roblox Champions of Roblox Figure Set turned out to be a great buy! I won’t go into all the details of why we bought that set, but if you are interested, you can click on this link to read about our experiences with this figure set: Roblox Champions of Roblox Figure Set Review.

The basics of this playset are really simple, there are six terrific looking action figures in a knight theme. And each of these figures has an awesome looking weapon – including a battle axe, swords, a staff, and even a mace. There is also a shield included in the set too. These figures just look terrific.

Each of the figures do come apart and can be mixed and matched with other figures in this set (or other sets for that matter) – giving you the ability to create your own fun knight. Anytime you get a good-looking set of action figures that can be incorporated into all sorts of other games, you are going to have a winner!

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Legends of Roblox Action Figure Set

4.) Roblox Legends of Roblox Action Figure Set – We ranked the Roblox Ninja Playset as the best Roblox Action figure set because it has 29-pieces and is awesome. These other action figure playsets can be moved up and down on this list of the best Roblox Toys based on your kid’s preferences – mines just happen to love knights and ninjas the most. Other are probably going to love this Roblox Legends of Roblox Action Figure Set more!

They call this the Roblox Legends set because they picked six characters from famous Roblox games to be included in this set. Those characters are from Litozinnamons Phantom Forces, Gusmanak’s Apocalypse Rising, TheGamer101’s Sword Fighting Tournament, loleris’ Mad Games, Seranok’s Catalog Heaven, and Merely’s Trade Hangout. That probably doesn’t mean a lot to most of us parents (it doesn’t mean anything to me) – but if your child love’s Roblox, they probably have played some of those games before!

This set is also six characters – 13 pieces overall, and these figures can also be mixed and matched with other characters to form your own unique personality. If your child isn’t into the knights and ninjas as much, this playset can be a terrific option for them (especially if they know what you are talking about when you mention those specific characters/games to them).

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Roblox Jailbreak SWAT Toy

5.) Roblox Jailbreak: SWAT Unit We have had a lot of different figure sets on this list so far, so check out this Roblox Jailbreak: SWAT Unit set, which includes a couple of figures and a vehicle as well! If your child is like mine, they will have a lot of fun slamming toy vehicles into all-sorts of different things!

This toy set includes two action figures – one dressed as a SWAT team member and one as a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit. Other accessories include handcuffs, a big case to hold things in, and some toy guns for the SWAT Team member. There are enough fun accessories to stay entertained.

The big selling point however is the SWAT police vehicle. It has lights that light up, four wheels to get that vehicle moving, and break away pieces to make sure some destruction happens when you want it to!

Overall, it is a great toy to recreate those jailbreaks that seem to entertain kids and will give you an opportunity to escape or get caught by the SWAT team member and his vehicle!

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Roblox Dungeon Quest: Fusion Goliath Showdown Action Figure Set

6.) Roblox Dungeon Quest: Fusion Goliath Throwdown Playset – If you are looking for a fun figure set that has a very unique group of figures in it, you should check out this Roblox Dungeon Quest: Fusion Goliath Throwdown Playset! It is actually a 14-piece playset compared to 13-pieces most of these other action figure sets have, but it is the giant Fusion Goliath Robot guy (I hope I got the characters right!) just looks awesome.

Besides the Giant Robot guy, this set also comes with 5 other normal sized action figures. These action figures have different armor and weapons, making them look great. A couple of the figures have a robot look to them, and one carries a giant war hammer that looks like it is ready to cause some damage! You also have a mage character with his staff and some warriors with their blades depending on the type of character you like playing with.

If you haven’t seen a common theme in these Roblox figure sets, the five regular sized action figures can come part and be mixed and matched with all the other figures you may own to create your super creative character. Overall, a this is a unique and awesome Roblox Figure set that should probably be higher on our list of the best Roblox toys!

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Roblox Jailbreak: The Celestial Vehicle Toy Set (Best Roblox Toys)

7.) Roblox Jailbreak: The Celestial Vehicle Toy Sometimes you want a vehicle that has a lot of power…and weaponry. If you think your child fits that bill, they are going to love this Roblox Jailbreak: The Celestial Vehicle Toy set.

This seven-piece set includes two action figures dressed in their mobster like suites – with one of the characters having a cool set of antlers coming from his top hat. Also included in the set is a set of gold bricks, which is clearly what will get these characters sent to jail and will be the reason they want to break out. The minor weaponry of this set includes a rocket launcher and a machine gun that the characters can hold.

However, it is the vehicle that kids will really love. It has a huge gatling looking gun that is attached to the roof of the car and looks like it can cause a lot of damage. The vehicle looks like a sports car and will be fun for your child to drive around. The headlights of the sports car will also light up and the roof can be removed to let the guys drive around in a convertible.

Overall, there the vehicle is cool, the fire power is awesome, the characters have a cool look, and you will be able to create a fun story with this set as well!

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8.) Roblox Jailbreak: Drone Another cool vehicle toy from the Roblox Jailbreak line would be the Roblox Jailbreak: Drone. This toy pretty much checks a couple of different boxes with my child – he loves Roblox and he loves drones; so, a toy based on the look of a drone is a pretty cool thing for him.

This vehicle is very simple – you have two figures, one in the orange criminal jumpsuit, and the second in a guard style outfit with a pretty cool looking helmet on. There are a few accessories that come with the toy as well, and if your children are anything like mine, they will lose those very quickly.

The big selling point here is the silver, drone looking vehicle. It is big enough to fit both figures inside, and it has three drone propellers built into the design. This vehicle looks cool and should be a big hit. Another huge selling point for this particular vehicle is the redeemable code that it comes with to unlock a virtual item on Roblox. All of the toys have a code for those virtual items, but this one is really cool.

All and all, this is a really neat Roblox Vehicle.

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Roblox World Zero Figure Sets

9.) Roblox World Zero Action Figure Set World Zero is a Roblox game that has you pick a character and battle your way through 9 different worlds and over 20 unique dungeons. This became a very popular game, so it was only a matter of time before the Roblox World Zero Action Figure Set was released, and it has been a very popular figure set since that release!

This figure set includes 13 different pieces, which includes six figures and seven weapons. The weapons include staffs, swords, and spears – and can be switched between the different characters. The different weapons are always my son’s favorite part of these sets. The figures have a really cool look – and one of the figures includes this red blob character that is really unique. You don’t see a character like this in the other figure sets!

The set also says you can mix and match the character parts to create your own unique character – which is a big reason to purchase multiple character sets. If your child is a fan of the World Zero game or just likes really unique characters to play with, they are going to enjoy this Roblox World Zero Action Figure Set.

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Roblox Brookhaven: Outlaw and Order Playset

10.) Roblox: Brookhaven Outlaw & Order Playset Very similar to the fun Museum Heist Set listed above is this Roblox: Brookhaven Outlaw & Order Playset! The theme of this playset is to have some fun breaking into a bank, and depending on what side you want to be on – you get to choose if you want to be an Outlaw or the Order.

This playset is a 30-piece set. It includes four figures – two of them being security guards and two of them being the bad guys with black motorcycle helmets. These characters have some weapons and some handcuffs, and the basic accessories you would want to rob a bank – such as a bag and explosives.

The fun part of this playset is you do get the front of a bank building, a safe, ATM Machine, cash, a desk, and enough play pieces that you will be able to design your very own bank to break into. From there, you get to decide if you want to be the good guys or the bad guys, and what might happen to your bank!

Should provide a lot of fun to children that enjoy that type of Roblox game!

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11.) Roblox: Adopt Me Pet Store The next couple of options on this Best Roblox Toys list are way different than the toys listed above. These options don’t have any weapons, explosives, or really anything you could describe as violence. So, let’s start by describing this Roblox: Adopt Me Pet Store playset!

This set is 40-pieces and includes an actual pet shop building frame for you to run your operation out of. There are three different character figures includes as well dressed in their very unique outfits. There are a bunch of accessories like leashes for walking your pets, pet food, pet toys, and a bunch of other things you would need to operate a store. There is also a really fun banana mobile, Unicorn Scooter, and doghouse wagon that can be pulled by the banana mobile. I think these vehicles are really going to get your kids laughing!

But the stars of this set would be the pets themselves. There are about 9 different pets and a couple of eggs – with some of the pets being a dragon, panda, lion, and even a cute puppy wearing a top hat.

All the pieces in this playset make up a really cool pet store – and I personally like how not every Roblox toy has to have some element of violence in it!

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Roblox Camping Crew Playset

12.) Roblox: Welcome to Bloxburg: Camping Crew Another of these very unique sets that don’t have a bunch of weapons included in them would be this Roblox: Welcome to Bloxburg: Camping Crew Set. This is definitely one of the more unique sets, so if you like something that is a little bit different, this could be the option for you.

Obviously, you can tell by the name this toy set is based on the Welcome to Bloxburg game and is a camping theme. It is on the smaller size in terms of pieces – with this set only have 16-pieces included. The set includes six different figures that each have a very different look to them. It also includes a tent that can be snapped together. I’ll be honest, it looks cool – but there is no way you are going to fit all of your figures inside it!

There are some very fun camping accessories included in this playset as well. This camping accessories include a lantern, camping axe, spatula, and even a marshmallow on a stick. And of course, it includes an awesome campfire.

Overall, this camping set will be good for a child that love the outdoors and loves this Roblox adventure.

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13.) Roblox Meme Pack Continuing with our sting of less violent Rolox Toys, you have the Roblox Meme Pack. I don’t really know what to say about this Roblox Set other than it is eclectic. There are a bunch of toys in this pack, and definitely some toys you are going to find anywhere else.

The Roblox Meme Pack is 26-pieces and includes a giant weightlifter guy with a small head, a clown, a smiling spider character, a dinosaur, a shopping cart, and a bunch of other small stuff and characters. I think children will get a lot of amusement out of all the different characters, and hopefully will be able to create a lot of fun games with them.

Me personally, I’m not sure what I would do with all these little Meme Characters, but I’m old and not nearly as creative as kids. And maybe it is the redeemable code that comes with this pack for the online Roblox game that your kid is really going to want.

Either way, you can safely say this is one of the more unique sets of Roblox toys you are ever going to get!

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Roblox Pirate Showdown Toy - Best Roblox Pirate Toy

14.) Roblox Pirate Showdown I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a soft spot for pirate toys. I think there are some really cool ones out there, and I think this Roblox Pirate Showdown set would be a nice addition for any kid that loves pirates! Shameless plug – if you are looking for some other cool pirate toys, we actually did an article about the best pirate toys here!

Getting back on track, this Roblox Pirate Showdown toy includes 12-pieces. Four of those pieces are really cool looking pirate figures, including one that has an octopus…or squid…head and one pirate figure that is a one-eyed monster guy. The other two pirates are a little more normal looking.

The other 8-pieces are accessories that you would want when playing with a pirate toy, like swords, a cannon, a treasure chest, and parrot. Between all of the fun accessories and the characters, I’m think you are going to be able to get into a bunch of different fun pirate adventures.

If your kid loves pirates, this has to be your Roblox toy pick!

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15.) Roblox Car Crushers 2: Grandeur Dignity The Roblox Car Crushers 2: Grandeur Dignity is another Roblox Vehicle toy that has made this best Roblox toys list. It is also a toy that we have had a lot of fun within our household, so if you want to read more about our personal experiences with it, I would encourage you to check out this link: The Roblox Car Crushers 2: Grandeur Dignity Toy Review.

This is actually one of my son’s favorite car toys – and I think that has to do with how well it moves and the cool bull-dozer front on it. The car really is the star of the show in this set, and the top can be removed to have your characters driving around in a convertible. Some of the other pieces of the car can be removed as well, really amplifying the destruction it looked like it caused when it is rammed into other playsets.

Besides the car, there are two figures included in this toy as well. There is a nervous looking guy dressed in one of those really cool early 1900’s stripped looking suits, and an angry looking guy. There is also a rocket launcher weapon and a machine gun – with the rocket launcher being way more popular in my household.

Between the car and the good look of both of these characters, you children should enjoy playing with this toy; I know mine have!

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Roblox Legends of Speed Velocity Phantom Toy

16.) Roblox Legends of Speed by ScriptBloxian Studios: Velocity Phantom If you wanted to pick a Roblox toy on this list that I probably ranked too low, the Roblox Legends of Speed by Scriptbloxian Studios: Velocity Phantom would be a great choice. It really is a great looking toy that should bring a lot of enjoyment to Roblox fans.

This is another Roblox set where the vehicle is clearly the star of the show. This Velocity Phantom Vehicle has the classic old school dragster look – with the big engine, spoiler, and classic flame paint job. This dragster looks like it can get up and go, which kids should really enjoy.

Besides the rockstar car, you are going to get a scary looking figure, and a scary looking monster companion. Both figures have a unique look to them that really fit in well with the dragster. There is also a battle axe accessory for your figure to carry around and do with as needed.

Overall, the unique and awesome look of this toy make it a homerun – and I’m pretty sure most kids are going to have a ball playing with this toy.

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17.) Roblox Tower Defense Simulator: Cyber City Let’s get back to the fun action figure sets – maybe not quite as fun as some of the sets that we listed above, but I still think the Roblox Tower Defense Simulator: Cyper City is a pretty cool group of toys.

The Roblox Tower Defense Simulator: Cyber City set includes 13-pieces, including six different base figures. These base figures vary from two different angels to some guys that look like they are part of a glitch in the Matrix. Pieces of these characters can be mixed and matched to create your very own unique Roblox figure as well.

Besides the six base figures, you also get some accessories including their weapons. These weapons include an ax, sword, pistol, and a rifle – plus you have a computer for the Cyber City theme. There are enough fun elements for these figures to keep kids entertained.

This is a really simple set of Roblox figures, but one that children should really enjoy playing with!

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Roblox Operation Beach Day Toy

18.) Roblox: Arsenal Operation Beach DayI think one of the more unique playsets on this Best Roblox Toys list is this Roblox: Arsenal Operation Beach Day Set. It has some very unique characters and some very unique accessories, which could be fun for your child if they like this game.

This very eclectic set has six different characters in it. They range from a guy that has no shirt on it to two characters that seem to be wearing a frog suit and a fox suit. They really do look crazy – and I’m sure if you have actually played the Operation Beach Day game you would like these characters even more! Some of these characters have paintball guns and others seem to have what looks like automatic weapons.

There are two different buildings in this set, with one of those buildings basically being a lifeguard hut. It also has a bunch of different accessories that you would normally find at a beach – such as a tree, sand, beach chairs, an anchor, and a turtle. It also has a surfboard and skateboard for your characters to ride around on.

Think of this playset at your opportunity to have some fun beach adventures.

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Roblox Tower battles: Zed

19.) Roblox Tower Battles: ZED One of my favorite and very unique vehicle Roblox toys would be this Roblox Tower Battles: ZED set. If you are like me, you are always looking for fun and different toys that your children will enjoy, and this option could fit that bill for you!

Like we said above, this vehicle is awesome looking. It has two tracks on the bottom, a big square cab, two rocket launcher looking guns hanging on the sides, and a big Gatlin gun right in the center. The cool design and the heavy artillery this toy has makes it looks like it could deal some major damage.

Besides the cool vehicle, you also get a good-looking action figure that has a futuristic style to it. This action figure comes with a couple of accessories, including their own personal weapon in-case they have to get out of this super heavy-duty vehicle.

If you are looking for something that is unique, this might be the perfect Roblox toy for you to pick!

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Nerf Roblox Sniper Rifle

20.) Roblox Nerf Weapons We ended up bundling together a bunch of different Roblox themed Nerf options into one big group to create this listing – the Roblox Nerf Weapons. If you are a fan of Nerf guns, and you are a fan of Roblox, you will probably be amazed at how many fun Roblox themed options Nerf has created.

For example, you have the Roblox Zombie Attack: Viper Strike Rifle – which is based on a sniper rifle. You have the Roblox Sharkbite Rocket Blaster, which is based on a rocket launcher. You even have the Nerf Roblox Adopt Me! Bees! Lever Action Dart Blaster which has a lever action shotgun feel to it. Each of these options come with a Roblox inspired look, easy to use functionality, and should be a ton of fun for any household!

Here are some helpful links if you want to read more about these Roblox Nerf Weapons and the experiences we have had with them. You have the favorites in our household, which is the Roblox Zombie Attack: Viper Strike Review and the Roblox Nerf Shotgun Review – plus we also have this: A Complete List of the Best Nerf Roblox Weapons.

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