Seth Rollins Top Picks WWE Superstar Action Figure Review

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Action Figure (Original Photo)

Every once in a while, there will be a WWE Superstar that my son becomes obsessed with. And I would say that Seth Rollins is one of those superstars. It might be his cool finishing moves, or his very popular entrance music (and yes, my son sings along with it as well), or even his really over the top ring attire – but my son loves him.

And when your son is obsessed with WWE Wrestling, you are going to end up with a lot of WWE Toys. And when he loves certain superstars, you know you are going to end up with their action figure. Which is how we ended up with our Seth Rollins Top Picks WWE Superstar Action Figure.

If you have a child that is a major fan of Seth Rollins or the WWE in general, check out this Seth Rollins Top Picks WWE Superstar Action Figure Review to see if it would be a good fit for your wrestling toy collection!

Quick Seth Rollins Top Picks WWE Action Figure Review

WWE Seth Rollins Top Picks Action Figure

Any good WWE action figure has to really capture the look of the wrestler it is representing, and this Seth Rollins Action figure really does that. This action figure captures Seth’s black pants, black boots, red accent wrestling attire – and also includes his stylish leather jacket. And my personal favorite man bun hair style.

This action figure even has captures Seth Rollin’s body hair and awesome facial expression. Your child won’t have any issues with how this action figure looks.

There are some Seth Rollins action figures that have a few more accessories than this one – but the Top Picks action figure comes with an extra set of hands and the leather jacket mentioned above can be removed. I did find it much easier to remove the hand to take off the jacket, but a child shouldn’t have any issue taking the hands off and putting them back on.

I should also mention that this action figure is about 6-inches tall, which is pretty much the standard for most action figures WWE produces. They will have some variance to them based on their actual heights, with taller wrestlers like Kane or Omos being taller.

This action figure has 25 point of articulation – allowing you to do a lot of different moves. In our household, Seth has been part of a number of Royal Rumbles and title matches with the other action figures we have in our collection. He still looks great, and I really have no complaints about this action figure.

It would be hard for me not to recommend this Seth Rollins action figure to any wrestling fan!

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