Roblox Car Crushers 2: Grandeur Dignity Toy Car Review

Roblox Car Crushers 2: Grandeur Dignity Toy Car Review

You have to give Roblox credit – they know how to create a lot of fun games and characters – and they know how to turn those popular characters into toys! And they do a great job of getting kids to want to collect all those toys, which is what is happening in our household.

And I honestly can’t remember how we ended up with the Roblox Car Crushers 2: Grandeur Dignity Toy Car, but I think we ended up getting it as a gift for our youngest son’s video game themed birthday party! I might not remember that perfectly, but I can tell you he has enjoyed playing with this Roblox Car Crusher toy!

So, check out this quick review we did on the Roblox Car Crushers 2: Grandeur Dignity Toy Car, and I’m guessing that will help you decide if this would be a good fit for you or someone you know!

Quick Roblox Car Crushers 2: Grandeur Dignity Toy Car Review

Roblox Toy Car Crusher Toy

There is a lot to like about this Roblox Car Crusher Toy. This toy actually includes two toy figures, the toy car, a couple of fun weapons (a cool looking gun and a rocket launcher, my son definitely prefers the rocket launchers), and a couple of other cool features.

Let’s start with the figures. You are going to love their design, with one of the figures having that classic pinstripe gangster suite look (with hat) and the other character having a tough guy look to him. I should also mention you if you own other Roblox character figures, you can mix and match their parts with these characters to create your own unique Roblox dude. We have the Roblox Ninja Legends set, so I’ve even seen a gangster/ninja combination creation.

The characters are about 3-inches in height, and they can hold the rocket launcher and machine gun looking accessories that come with the toy set. Like we mentioned above, my son gets a kick out of the rocket launcher, he might have even asked if we could get one someday. Don’t worry, I told him no.

The car itself is really cool too. It moves really well; you can push it with some force, and it even goes flying down our thick living room carpet. It really picks up speed on tile/flat floor surfaces! Of course, the big plow/car crusher accessory that attaches to the front of the car is the major highlight.

It basically turns the car into a giant plow, and it may have crashed into a block tower or two in its day. The top of the car also comes off to expose seats you can put your characters in, or to create the illusion of damage and destruction being cause by this Roblox Car crashing. Either way, it is a lot of fun.

This Roblox toy also comes with an exclusive virtual item on the Roblox video game. Just use the redeemable code to unlock this feature. I’ll be honest, we just started playing the Roblox Video game, so we haven’t used to code to tell you how slick it is.

Overall, this has been a fun toy and a nice addition to our household. I think you are going to enjoy it as well if you give it a chance!

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Final Thoughts on the Roblox Car Crusher Toy

gold star rating

I have no problem recommending the Roblox Car Crusher Toy. It makes a great gift for anyone that likes video games, Roblox, or even fun car toys that have a fun design. I’ve seen my son use this toy to destroy blocks and other vehicles, to cause destruction, and even just drive it as fast as he can around the house.

I also love how you are able to mix and match the look of the character figures if you have some different figures. It really allows for some fun creations. I’m going to give this toy a gold star rating, and think you are going to enjoy it as well.

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