Snap Circuits Skill Builder Educational Toy Reviewed

Snap Circuit Skill Builder Set - Original Photo!

If you have been reading our website for a long time, you might get the impression that we don’t play with a lot of educational toys anymore. However, we do like to dabble in the world of educational toys from time to time – with one of the best educational toys we have played with recently being the Snap Circuits Skill Builder Set.

Now to be honest, I do have to give credit to grandma and grandpa for buying this toy for my youngest son. He is one that loves to explore and do science experiments, so this Circuit Set Toy ended up being a great fit for him.

If you are in the market for an educational toy for your child or looking for a great gift idea, enjoy this Snap Circuit Skill Builder Educational Toy Review to see if it will be a great fit for you! I think it will be.

Quick Snap Circuits Skill Builder Educational Toy Set Review

Snap circuits 125 project 31-piece set

There are actually quite a few different Snap Circuits set you can pick from that have a varying number of pieces and projects that you are able to do with them. We ended up getting the 31-piece Snap Circuit Set that allows you to create 125 projects according to the box. It is recommended for children ages 8+, but my six-year-old is the one who got the toy and loves building with it.

I will note that the first 57 projects of the 125 listed for the set are actually in the instruction manual – and have nice easy to follow diagrams that children shouldn’t have a problem following. The projects 58 – 125 are online and we have never actually gone there to check those out since he has so many different projects he can do in the included booklet.

Like we said above, this set includes 31-different pieces. These pieces include a base grid where you will do all the building on, as well as a number of different “snap wire” connection pieces, a motor, switch pieces, a speaker, music circuit, alarm circuit, a battery holder, resistors, and more. These pieces can be placed in different patterns and on different spots on the base grid to create all-sorts of different circuits.

What kids will really enjoy is connecting the snap wires to different switches, lamp pieces, circuits, and of course the battery packs to create different adventures. You can create circuits that will play music, set of a siren, creating flashing lights – or my child’s favorite, spin the motor that has the plastic glow fan on top. When done correctly, you are even going to be able to make that glow fan launch into the air – which excites my son every time.

You do need to provide the batteries for the battery pack – but it only takes two AA batteries to get your circuit projects operational.

This is a great opportunity to have some fun, hands-on learning about circuits and why the currents work the way that they do. There are also some clear instructions in the book about what you shouldn’t do to create short circuits – and hopefully your child will take a quick look at those and follow that advice!

I would say this 125 Snap Circuit Project set is the best option for younger children like mine, but they do have some more advanced sets that seem really cool too – and will probably be toys that we try down the road!

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Final Thoughts on the Snap Circuits Skill Builder Set

gold star rating

I really must admit, I wasn’t sure how much my son was going to like playing with this Snap Circuits Skill Builder Set, but I’ve been amazed at how many times I’ve seen him sitting in his room playing with this toy by himself. The pictured instructions are really easy to follow, and even if he gets something wrong, I like the trial and error he used to try and get back on course.

And the toy does provide some flexibility where you can try and build your own circuits, which I really appreciate. Anytime you get to focus on using some imagination and problem-solving skills, I’m a fan. Overall, I would happily recommend this toy to other parents, and I have to give credit where credit is due, good job grandma and grandpa. We are going to give it a gold star rating and encourage you to give it a shot for yourself!

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