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I love how we have reached the point in Pokémon where we are able to create trivia games off of the wealth of knowledge created in the 23 (and counting) seasons of the Pokémon TV show. Because there is so much interest created by the show, it was only a matter of time before they released the Pokémon Trainer Trivia Game.

And it was only a matter of time before we reviewed the Pokémon Trainer Trivia game because one of my kids were going to demand the game for either their birthday or Christmas. And in this case, it was my oldest son who made the first request, and he was able to secure this game as one of his birthday gifts.

Overall, I’ve been very happy we ended up buying this game for him – so learn about our experiences with it in our Pokémon Trainer Trivia Game Review!

Quick Pokémon Trainer Trivia Game Review

Pokémon Trainer Trivia Game

Let’s start with the basics – the Pokémon Trainer Trivia Game is recommended for players age 7+, but my six-year-old still loves to play with it as well and knows enough about Pokémon to hang around!

The nice thing is there are 3 play levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. My oldest son is pretty smart about Pokémon, but mostly plays in the Advanced or Beginner level. My youngest only likes to play on beginner- and I would be lying to you if I told you I could hang at the Advanced level. There are some tricky questions in there – so this should be fun for Pokémon fans at all levels of knowledge.

When starting the game, you will just hit the green button for beginner mode, blue button for advance mode, and the red button for expert mode. It is that simple.

You can play up to four players – but there is a multi-player mode or a single player mode, meaning your child who just loves the game can play by themselves! This was a very nice touch. Multiplayer mode has you picking a color/character – with your choices being Yellow/Pickachu, Red/Charmander, Green/Bulbasaur, and Blue/Squirtle.

The game itself starts with every player having 50 points. You will lose 2 points if you answer the question incorrectly or if another player answers the question correctly all other players lose 2 points. When someone’s Pokémon runs out of points the game is over, and the trainer with the most remaining points is the winner.

There are different rounds that will happen during the “trivia battle.” There is a true/false round where you take turns answering true or false questions. If the answer is false, you hit the red part of the Poke Ball in the center, if the answer is true, you hit the white part. There is also a round where you answer true or false, but you want to be the first person to hit your character to get the chance to answer. If you hit your button before the question is finished being asked you get warned and won’t get to answer, if you keep doing it, the game lets the other person answer without you!

The game will ask random questions from time to time to keep things interesting. But the best part of the game is the game itself talks you through everything. It tells you the questions, how to answer, how to start, it is so self-explanatory that you don’t even have to worry about losing the instructions!

There are about 1000 questions to game, and I would say the average round takes about 15-minutes to play depending on the number of players. All you have to do is make sure the game has three AAA batteries (which I think come with the game) and you will be ready to go!

It should be a bunch of fun for any future Pokemon trainer!

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Final Thoughts & Our Experiences with the Pokémon Trainer Trivia Game

silver star

Overall, the Pokémon Trainer Trivia Game is going to be a good buy for you if your children love Pokémon. The game is very easy to follow along with, and the 1,000 or so questions provide enough variety every game. Plus, the three difficulties make the game playable for kids just getting into Pokémon or kids that have been fans for a long time!

The game goes thru phases in our household. There are times where my children play with it all of the time, then it will go a little while gathering dust. Then a kid sees it again and it gets played with over and over again. So, it was a tough decision to decide between a gold star rating and a silver star rating – but we are going to go with silver.

I would be very confident recommending this game for Pokémon fans.

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