The Pokémon Ultimate Battle Figure 10-Pack Reviewed

Pokémon 10-figure Multi-Pack

I think that parents can all agree that kid’s shows do a fantastic job of making sure they produce enough toys and merchandise to keep us spending money – and Pokémon has to be towards the top in terms of how much merchandise they have and how long they have been producing merchandise.

And it seems like my child’s favorite Pokémon is always changing – which is another reason why I seem to be buying more and more Pokémon toys. Part of the reason we ended up buying the Pokémon Ultimate Battle Figure 10-Pack is because it come with a 4.5-inch Gengar – with Gengar also happening to be his Halloween costume that year!

And overall, we have really enjoyed this entire playset – with these figures having been incorporated into the other Pokémon toys we own. So, please enjoy this Pokémon Ultimate Battle Figure 10-Pack Review and learn about the first-hand experience we have had with this toy as well!

Quick Pokémon Ultimate Battle Figure 10-Pack Review

Pokémon Ultimate Battle Set 10-Piece Action Figure Set

Let’s start with the basics of this set. The Ultimate Battle Figure 10-Pack comes with 10-figures (yes, I know I’m being Captain Obvious with that statement) – with 9 of those figures being about 2-inches in size and the Gengar being much bigger at 4.5-inches.

The 2-inch figures include Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Eevee, Sobble, Grookey, Scorbunny, & Munchlax. All of these figures are locked into a set position. The 4.5-inch Gengar actually has movement to him – and when you push down on him, the tongue comes out like he is licking you.

Some of the characters have a better facial expression than others in my opinion, and the Scorbunny can have some issues standing up – but otherwise you are basically getting exactly what you are seeing. The toys do fit into other Pokémon toys like we mentioned above, so all of these figures are both often used in the Pokémon Carry Case Playset and the Pokémon Suprise Attack Game we have reviewed in the past.

Besides that, these toys are pretty darn durable – having survived being stepped on by parents and thrown by children. Do remember they are pretty small in size, being only 2-inches, but if your child is also a Gengar fan, they are going to love the 4.5-inch jumbo sized Gengar that can lick things.

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Our Experience with the Pokémon Ultimate 2-inch Battle Figure Set

silver star

Overall, I’m really happy we ended up buying this 2-inch Battle Figure Set because the 10 different Pokémon is a great number for doing different battles and provides enough variety that children shouldn’t get instantly bored. We are going to give it our silver star ranking based on how much fun they have had with these figures.

I also thought it would be fun to give you a ranking of which of the 10 figures my children played with the most:

  1. Gengar – Pretty obvious number #1 with its motion and my child’s love of ghost Pokémon.
  2. Munchlax – I was actually surprised this guy was played with so much. But my children loved him.
  3. Bulbaasaur – Just a classic original Pokémon.
  4. Charmander – I don’t think they like the poise that he is in, but they love Charmander.
  5. Sobble – Just a solid 2-inch Pokémon battle figure.
  6. Grookey – Grookey and Sobble are basically tied.
  7. Squirtle – Not sure why they didn’t play with Squirtle more.
  8. Scorbunny – Would be a lot higher if he stood a little easier.
  9. Eevee – I think Eevee would be higher on the list but Eevee keeps getting lost.
  10. Pickachu – This is because there seems to be a Pikachu figure in every set.

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