Pokémon My Partner Pickachu Toy Reviewed

Pokémon My Partner Pickachu toy original Photo and review

One of the things we like to do in our household is give each of our sons a chance to go to the store and pick out a present for their sibling. We don’t put to many restrictions on what they pick – except for price – where we try to keep the present in that $15.00 range.

So, I wasn’t too surprised when my youngest son ended up buying the Pokémon My Partner Pickachu Toy for his older brother’s birthday After all, my oldest son is a major Pokémon fan, and all the lights and noises this toy was making made my youngest son instantly drawn to it!

And over the years, this toy has gotten a lot of play time – not always in a Pokémon themed game, but a lot of play time nevertheless (right now I’m pretty sure Pickachu has been recruited to some type of underground wrestling league – but that is a story for a different day). So, please enjoy this Pokémon My Partner Pickachu Toy Review, and we hope this toy bring a lot of enjoyment to your household!

Quick Pokémon My Partner Pickachu Toy Review

Pokémon My Partner Pickachu Toy Review

The My Partner Pickachu Toy is rated for ages 4+ and is about 3-inches tall or so. It doesn’t weight very much and is made from a durable plastic (I know this because of the before mentioned wrestling league Pickachu is currently participating in). It sports the classic yellow and black look you would expect to see from a Pickachu toy – and it actually looks really good.

There is an on/off switch on the bottom of Pickachu that is going to turn on all of the sounds, lights, and sensors. The box says this toy has 100+ sensor reactions – I’ve never taken the time to count them all, but this seems about right. The batteries are included.

There are three different sensors you can touch located on Pickachu’s nose, stomach, and top of the head. This will cause Pickachu to have a bunch of different reactions, including making noises like saying “Pika, Pika” having his arms and ears move, having his tail move, having his cheeks and taillight up, and a bunch of other different combinations. Overall, I would say it makes enough different sounds and movements to keep most children very engaged!

There are two play modes for Pickachu – a discovery and training mode. Overall, it is a fun toy that is going to be exciting for children because of all the sounds and movements it makes, and maybe a little bit annoying for parents!

However, I find it hard to imagine that any young Pickachu fan wouldn’t be thrilled to own it. I would certainly recommend it.

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Final Thoughts and Grade for My Partner Pickachu

silver star

I think it is hard sometimes for me to give a fair grade to a toy like this because the back story of how we got the toy means so much to me. But trying to put my emotions aside, I think the Pokémon My Partner Pickachu is a Silver Star Toy on our rating system and could easily be in that Gold Star Rating Category for a lot of children.

The fact that it is bigger and fatter than a lot of the Pickachu battle figures from Pokémon is great, plus all of the noises and sounds it makes are pretty cool. The fact that it does have some movement makes it popular in our house, and they size of Pickachu means he ends up getting added to a lot of games that aren’t Pokémon themed!

Plus, I think the toy is very durable, having survived lots of getting banged around, thrown around, and knocked off high places. All of those factors easily make this a toy that I could recommend to Pickachu Fans, Pokémon fans, and children that love to get a toy that might annoy their parents!

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