Laser X Revolution: Home Laser Tag Set Reviewed

Our Laser X Revolution 2-Person Home Laser Tag System

Now that my children are getting a little older, the types of games and toys that we play with is shifting a bit. We still have time for action figures & Hot Wheels; but there is much more demand for Nerf wars and games of that nature as well now!

Being tired of watching foam darts flying everywhere in my house, my wife and I decided it was time to investigate some home laser tag sets. After doing some research, we ended up buying the Laser X Revolution 2-Person Laser Tag Set – and we couldn’t be happier with our decision!

We ended up buying the Laser X home laser tag system as a Christmas present for my youngest son, and I think he would agree about just how cool these toys turned out to be! So, if you are thinking about buying a home laser tag system or have questions about the Laser X Revolution set, I hope you enjoy this review and you can see just how much we have enjoyed playing Laser Tag as a family!

Quick Laser X Revolution Home Laser Tag Set Review


Let’s start with the basics when reviewing the Laser X Revolution 2-Person Laser Tag Set we bought. Obviously based on the name, our set comes with 2 laser blasters and two chest receivers/plates that record the hits and how many more hits you can take! The chest pieces do connect by wire to the laser guns – but the wire is long enough you shouldn’t have any issues when swinging the gun around to shoot.

The chest pieces will strap on to your chest with ease, and the cords used to keep the chest piece in place are very easy to adjust – even my six-year-old can do it no problem. I was also impressed with how well the straps stretched (I’m a pretty big dude) and even I could get the chest piece on and working properly.

The laser guns themselves are easy to use, easy to hold, easy to pull the trigger – and the reload is as simple as just pulling back the slider on top of the gun. That simple. There is also a voice that will tell you when you need to reload, so there really isn’t any excuse for losing because you forget you needed to reload. It shoots a lot before needing to reload as well.

One of the really fun features of this home laser gun tag system is that you can choose to be on a red team, blue team, or neutral – you just slide a clicker located on the chest receiver. Laser X has done a fantastic job of making sure all of their products work together, so if the neighbors or friends have a set of Laser X laser tag receivers and guns – you can have multiple person battles! If you are on the blue team and get hit by another blue team member – it doesn’t count against you!

And neutral is just as much fun! You can pick different colors for your laser gun to be lit up in – simply by twisting a knob on the gun. My kids almost never play under the traditional red/blue setting – they set themselves to neutral and blast away with the color of their choice! Neutral also always for 3/4/5-person individual battles instead of having to do team play!

You will also be impressed with how accurate these laser guns are and how much distance you can get out of them! The box says they shoot up to 300 Feet!!!! We haven’t tried at that distance yet, but I know they are very accurate at 100 feet.

We should also note, Laser X does make a 4-person Laser Tag set vs. the 2-person set we got in case you need a few more laser guns for the home battles!

Those are the basics behind the Laser X Revolution Laser Gun Set – let’s move on to the good stuff, our personal experiences with the toy!

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Our Experience with the Laser X Revolution 2-Person Laser Tag Set


I’m not going to lie – we love this laser tag set. I feel like our TV’s are in less danger of being hit by stray Nerf darts, there is less arguing about who is actually winning since they Laser tag system is keeping track for us, and we are still having fun running around like crazy people!

These laser guns have been dropped, pulled on, and maybe even thrown once or twice by the youngest child who hates losing – and they have worked great every time. I’m very impressed by the durability of the product.

Like we said above, the accuracy and distance you get from the laser gun in a big plus. Plus, Laser X has done a terrific job of making everything so easy to use. Our youngest has no problem putting on the chest receiver, reloading the blaster, changing colors to the one he wants, resetting the scoring – he can do everything he needs to make this a fun experience!

It does take a bunch of batteries to operate – with the battery life being pretty good while operating. We do use rechargeable batteries in the toy, we just have to make sure to keep a group of them charged if we know we are going to be playing with the toy for a while!

Overall, we have loved our in-home laser tag set from Laser X!

Final Grade for the Laser X Revolution Set

Gold Star Rating

After all of the positive things I’ve said about this toy, it is going to be really hard for me to give it anything but our highest grade – a Gold Star. Between the durability, ease of use, accuracy, distance, and color-changing fun we have had with the toy, we couldn’t be more pleased.

It is also great that Laser X has made all of their laser guns compatible with each other. Because I’m not going to lie – dad has been having so much fun dominating his sons that he may have bought another set so we could all three play together.

I mean, having a laser tag set that two young children can play together is awesome. Having a set where two young children can still be dominated by their dad is even better. That makes this a no-brainer Gold Star Toy in my book!

Final Thoughts & Other Links of Interest

There isn’t much left to say about the Laser X Revolution Home Laser Tag set. I guess if you weren’t sure if you should buy it or weren’t sure it would be easier enough for a child to use – I would encourage you to give it a shot! We really have had a lot of fun with it and did buy an additional laser tag set to go along with it!

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I hope you have enjoyed this review on the Laser X Revolution Laser Tag System – and check back soon for more great toy reviews!