Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rocktopus: Best Toddler Toys Series

Fisher Price Rocktopus

This Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rocktopus always brings a smile to my face when I see it, because it was one of the first toys that my youngest son requested for Christmas! He was about two when he saw a commercial for this toy – then saw it in a toy magazine, and he was determined to get it.

Luckily for him, he has some pretty cool parents that decided this would be a really fun game for him. And it has been. It is a toy that has been played with for a number of years, has some really cool features built into it, and has been very durable for us!

So, check out this review about the Fisher-Price Rocktopus toy so you can learn more about it, see some of the fun experiences we have had with the toy, and more importantly see why this toy needed to be included in our series on the best toys for toddlers!

This toy always makes me smile because of the back story behind my youngest son being determined to get it for Christmas, but I think you are going to like it just as much!

Quick Fisher-Price Rocking Octopus Overview

Fisher-Price Rocktopus Toddler Toy

As you can see by the picture, this fun toy is designed to look like an octopus – (minus a couple of arms…) – and it has four slots where you can insert the musical instrument cartridge thingy (I know, very scientific name for it). The Octopus comes with 15 of these musical instruments – cowbell, trumpet, keyboard, drum machine, saxophone, piano, congas, maracas, steel drum, drum kit, guitar, bass, clarinet, violin, and xylophone. I imagine that list includes almost everyone’s favorite instruments.

You can always turn on the octopus and start hitting the musical instruments to start jamming out – but this rocking octopus toy also comes with three different play modes. You have math, music, and game modes. In the music mode you control how many musical instruments are playing, you can switch them in and out, you can control the tempo, and you can add sound effect – I don’t see how a child wouldn’t have fun doing that!

In math mode the Fisher-Price Rocktopus is going to guide your child through basic addition and subtraction problems – as well as patterning skills. I think most parents enjoy having a good educational toy in the household! Game mode includes five different levels of musical gameplay. I will tell you that math mode is nice – but my children played with this toy almost exclusively in Game Mode/Music Mode. They were just way more fun!

I will tell you this toy apparently has a free Rocktopus app that you can download on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon. It lets you create cool music videos to go along with the original scores you child will be creating. This is not something that we were aware of when we bought the toy four years or so ago (it might not have even been a thing back then) – so I can’t give much insight on how cool the app is, but it is a really neat concept!

Overall, this is a fun, educational toy that makes a lot of noise and is a lot of fun. It really would be a great toy in any toddler’s toy collection.

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Our Grade and Experience with the Fisher-Price Rocktopus

Gold Star Rating

Like I said, it would be hard for me not to be excited about how cool this toy is for toddlers, and I am always going to smile thinking about how much my youngest son really wanted this toy for Christmas. And the good part is, he really enjoyed playing with it for a couple of years – It wasn’t one of those toys that got purchased than placed on a self after 1-day never to be played with again.

We were also very happy with how durable it has been. We have had it for years and it still operates as well as it did when we bought it.

I will also say that I occasionally see my six-year-old jamming out to his old Rocktopus friend. He may be a little old for the toy now, but doesn’t it deserve a Gold Star Rating if you see him coming back to it years later? I think so.

Final Notes and Links of Interest

Like we said before, it would be hard for us not to recommend this Fisher-Price Singing Octopus toy to anyone who is looking for a good toy for a toddler. I mean, that is why we had to include it on our best toddler toys series!

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