The Best Minecraft Toys Reviewed

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When your children become obsessed with something, it can be hard to come up with gift ideas to match that obsession. We ran into that problem when both of our sons became obsessed with playing Minecraft – and they decided they also wanted Minecraft Toys and Minecraft themed birthday parties!

Needless to say, that we have a lot of experience looking for and playing with Minecraft Toys, so we thought we would put together a list of the best Minecraft Toys so you can hopefully find some gift ideas! We know that struggle can be real!

This list is always changing, and as you know, Minecraft does a great job of making sure they have merchandise out to the public! So, check back regularly to see if there are any new Minecraft toys being added – and of course, let us know if there are some Minecraft toys you have discovered that should be on the list!

Quick List of the Best Minecraft Toys

Here is a quick list of what we think are the Best Minecraft Toys! Below this list is a much more detailed review of each Minecraft toy and why we think it would be a great addition to any Minecraft loving kid’s toy collection.

  1. The Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon Toy from Mattel
  2. Minecraft LEGO Sets
  3. Minecraft NERF Weapons
  4. Jada Toys Minecraft Figure Sets
  5. Minecraft Creator Series Toys
  6. Minecraft Dungeons Figure Sets
  7. Minecraft Fire Ghast Toy
  8. Minecraft Transforming Turtle Hideout
  9. Minecraft Aquatic Defenders Figure Set
  10. Minecraft Craft-A-Block Figures
  11. Minecraft Plush Toys
  12. Minecraft Toy Weapons

Detailed Reviews of the Best Minecraft Toys

Minecraft Ender Dragon Toy - Best Minecraft Toy

1.) The Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon Toy from Mattel There are a lot of great Minecraft toys to pick from, but we had to list this Ender Dragon toy number 1! For starters, you are going to love the size. The dragon is 22-inches long and has that classic black and gray color scheme you would expect from the Ender Dragon. Plus, the wings move, the legs move, and it even comes with a Steve figure and some accessories to aid Steve in his quest to defeat this beast.

But the real reason this is number 1 is because of the awesome steam blowing feature built into it. This Ender Dragon has a little slot that can get filled up with water, and when you hit the button on his back, he will blow steam while his mouth opens up, his eyes light up, and the Ender Dragon makes a growling noise.

All of these little details, noises, steam blowing, and creative design make this a must have toy for any Minecraft obsessed fan! This was one of the toys we gave a gold star rating to (our highest rating), and it has brought nothing but fun into our playtime.

If you want to read a more detailed review about this toy and learn about our personal experiences with it, please read our full review here: The Ultimate Ender Dragon Toy Reviewed.

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Minecraft Lego Sets - Best Minecraft Toys

2.) Minecraft LEGO Sets – So, there are a lot of parents who are going to disagree with me putting LEGO sets in the number 2 slot – thinking they don’t need any more LEGO blocks or small pieces laying around their home! But all kidding aside – there are some amazing Minecraft themed LEGO sets available to purchase!

The nice thing is the variety of different set options you have. For example, you have small sets like an Ender Dragon that has 222 pieces, or you can buy or much larger sets like the Llama Village that has 1252 pieces. That is really cool, because it gives you a bunch of different options based on what your child likes. It also allows you to build a huge Minecraft world by combing all the different sets!

Now we aren’t going to list all the different options, but here are some of the most popular:

There are just too many LEGO sets for us to list out right now, but hopefully this is a good starting point for you!

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NERF Minecraft Electric Bow

3.) Minecraft NERF Weapons – Instead of branching out and listing every Minecraft NERF Weapon separately, we have combined them into number three on our list of the best Minecraft toys. And there are some really cool NERF Minecraft Weapons you can pick from!

One of our personal favorites would be the Minecraft NERF Pillager’s Crossbow (which you can read our full review about here: Minecraft Nerf Crossbow Review). This weapons fires with power and accuracy which we really enjoyed! Another terrific choice would be the NERF Minecraft Sabrewing Motorized blaster bow which has an electric 8-dart clip. This is a fun toy!

Another of the most popular options would be the MineCraft Stormlander Dart Blasting Hammer, which shoots darts from a hammer…kind of like the name implies. All of these choices will have the classic Minecraft block shape and design that you would expect!

Here are some of the most popular Minecraft Nerf Weapons:

Overall, there are a lot of fun choices that both Minecraft and NERF fans should love! If you want a more detailed review of the different Minecraft NERF Weapons, check out the linked review!

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Jada Toys Minecraft Figure Sets

4.) Jada Toys Minecraft Figure Sets – There are a lot of different Minecraft figure sets out there online – with some being more legitimate than others. We listed the Jada Toys Minecraft Figure Sets in the #4 slot of the best Minecraft Toys list because these sets come from a trusted name and have some cool features about them.

First, all of the figures in the Jada Toys Minecraft sets are made from metal, so you don’t have to worry about the durability of them! They are a little heavy, but they are designed to look just like the characters from video game. They are all about 1.65 inches in size – with some slight variations in size depending on the character. The downside to these figures is they are locked into position, so they don’t have any movement to them.

These Jada Toys Minecraft Figure Sets come out in different waves that feature different designs – so always be on the lookout for new releases. Here are some of the popular waves out right now:

Here is a full review/list we did of these figure sets: A complete list of the Best Jada Toys Minecraft Figure Sets.

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The Minecraft Creator Series Toys - Best Minecraft Toys

5.) Minecraft Creator Series Toys – I really thought long and hard about ranking the Minecraft Creator Series toys higher. Really, the reason I didn’t was because this series of toys really encourages you to keep buying more and more toys in “Creator Series” line – which quite frankly gets really expensive. The toys in this series of Minecraft toys are really cool, however.

There are a bunch of different sets in this “Creator Series” line – including different figures, animals, and even castles. The point of this series is to basically have a character where you can change their outfits and accessories to numerous different things just like you can on the video game. For example, you can buy this set which includes a figure that has a black suite, purple tie, bunny slippers, and other accessories. Or you can buy this set which is a red figure with a mohawk, shades, wrist spikes, and a few other accessories. The point being that you can mix and match different sets to accessorize your figures – which can get really expensive!

Besides the figures, they have other sets like this Castle/Dance Floor that includes a light up dance floor and a small castle. I will say, a positive to these sets is these figures have some nice movement and size to them – being about 3.25 inches in size.

Here are some links to some of the more popular Creator Series Sets:

There are just so many different options in this set!

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Minecraft Dungeons Figure Sets

6.) Minecraft Dungeons Figure Sets – The Minecraft Dungeons Figure Sets are based on the Minecraft Dungeons video game that was released in 2020 – and they are bigger in size and are made from plastic vs. the Metal Jada Figure Sets listed above!

One of the downsides to this group of toys is that they are sold in groups of 2, meaning that if you want the entire collection you are going to have to buy a lot of different sets! The plus side to these toys, is that they are well designed and based off of some really cool characters from that game.

There are so many different Minecraft Dungeons Figure Sets to pick from, but here are some of the most popular:

Like we said, there are a lot more options available – here is our list of the 24 best Minecraft Dungeons Figure Sets for you to look at if you want to see even more options!

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Minecraft Fireball Ghast Toy Review

7.) Minecraft Fireball Ghast Toy – One of the toys that my child got as a birthday gift from one of his friends during his Minecraft craze, was this Minecraft Fireball Ghast Toy! It ended up being a great addition to his toy collection, and you can actually read about some of his experiences with it here: The Minecraft Fireball Ghast Toy Review.

The toy is really cool – and obviously it is designed to look like the Ghasts from the game that like to shoot fireballs at you. This toy has that great, blocky Minecraft look – and it has nine tentacles that you can move. Those tentacles are firm enough to help the figure stand on its own. I also guess I’m just assuming they are tentacles since this is a flying enemy in Minecraft, but they sure look like them.

The part that is going to get kids the most excited is the 10 different “fireball” discs that you load into the Ghast. There is an opening on the top that lifts up, so it is very easy to load. Once you hit the fire button, it shoots these discs out with some pretty awesome accuracy and power – making it a toy that my child loves to use to shoot at other Minecraft characters.

Overall, this toy would be a lot of fun for most children!

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Minecraft Transforming Turtle Hideout Playset - Best Minecraft Toys

8.) Minecraft Transforming Turtle Hideout PlaysetOne of the more unique items you are going to find on this best Minecraft Toy List is the Minecraft Transforming Turtle Hideout Playset. How do we describe this toy – It is literally a giant turtle that can open up to showcase a hideout!

When the playset is closed, it looks like a giant turtle. The magic happens when it is opened up, because it displays “4” levels of a secret hideout. I do use the levels term loosely – the top level is a small platform with your crafting chest sticker, the third level is a library with a book stand, the second level is a giant window where you can “see” the ocean, and the bottom level is your bed, crafting table – those types of things. The turtle’s mouth does open up to display the secret entrance into the hideout – and the set comes with an adorable miniature Steve figure and a pet turtle figure.

The coolest thing about this toy is actually how it was made. This is from Mattel who manufactures the toy, “Turtle playset is made from a minimum of 20% Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic! This plastic is sourced within 50km of waterways in areas lacking formal waste collection systems.

I love toys that are made with good environmental practices in mind!

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Minecraft Aquatic Defenders Set

9.) Minecraft Aquatic Defenders Figure Set Minecraft does a great job of creating different themed figure sets, and one of the coolest ones they created is the Minecraft Aquatic Defenders Figure Set. This is an eight-character figure set (that includes two display stands), that is obviously aquatic themed!

The bigger characters are about 3.25 inches in size – with some of the fish being smaller in size. All of the characters look like they are from the video game, including a turtle, octopus, blowfish, and other fish. You can do things like put the octopus on the “rock” stand to make it look like it is coming out of the water! The little fish can be connected to the seaweed stand – which also looks pretty cool.

You basically have the opportunity to create your own little ocean themed Minecraft scene, but it really is for the underwater adventure type of Minecraft fan!

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Minecraft Craft-a-block figure sets

10.) Minecraft Craft-A-Block FiguresIt is really nice when a video game like Minecraft has such an expansive world with lots of different characters. The Minecraft Craft-A-Block line of figures does a really nice job of capturing a lot of those characters and converting them into some really nice 3.25-inch (give or take a little bit) plastic figures.

The Craft-A-Block line of figures is going to include 1 and 2-packs of different characters, ranging from Steve to an Enderman figure – giving you the opportunity to purchase some of your child’s favorite characters. The figures in these sets will look just like they do in the video game, will have some movement, and will come with some “papercraft” blocks that will help you complete the story while building with them.

Here are some of the most popular Craft-A-Block Figures:

There are some other great options, but these are a great starting point depending on what you are looking for!

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Minecraft Plush Toys - Buy Here

11.) Minecraft Plush Toys/Stuffed Animals – Sometimes the simplest toys turn out to be the best. If your child is like mine, sometimes they just want a stuffed animal to cuddle with at night, or a plush toy to play with during the day. Luckily for us, Minecraft has a number of different plush toys available.

There are going to be Minecraft Character Plush toys available – like a Steve Plush Toy, but they also have a wide variety of Minecraft animal characters in stuffed animal form – such as a chicken or a bee. You should have no problem finding some fun options that your child is going to love!

Here are some of the fun options currently available:

Again, these are some of the many awesome options that are available – we hope you have some fun searching out the right Minecraft Plush Toy!

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Minecraft Toy Weapons - Best Minecraft Toys

12.) Minecraft Toy WeaponsThere are a lot of different companies that create some really cool Minecraft Toy Weapons, and we have had a lot of fun playing with our Minecraft Diamond Sword and Pickaxe over the years!

There are a lot of different variations you can pick from. For example, you can buy just a standard plastic, Sword, Pickaxe, or Axe – that doesn’t make any type of sound, but just looks really good. They will also come in different color schemes depending on if it is a “diamond” weapon or some other type of material.

There are also some Minecraft Weapon toys that will make all sorts of sounds and lights. For example, The Deluxe Netherite Sword from Mattel makes all sorts of sounds, and even has a sensor that helps it make sounds when it is being swung! Below is a list of some of the fun, different options that are available.

If you want to read about our personal experiences with our Plastic Minecraft Swords and Pickaxe, I encourage you to click on that link to our review!

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