Minecraft Fireball Ghast Toy Review

Original Mattel Minecraft Fire Ghast photo

When your kids are obsessed with Minecraft, you are always looking for Minecraft themed toys that they can play with to get them off the tablets and video game systems! Luckily for us, there are a number of different video game themed toys available – including some great Minecraft ones!

One of the Minecraft themed toys we are lucky enough to own is the Minecraft Fireball Ghast, which was a gift given to my youngest son at his Minecraft themed birthday party! It has become a great addition to his toy collection and is a toy that he really enjoys playing with!

So, without further ado, here is our Minecraft Fireball Ghast Toy review with our grade, a quick review, and a brief summary of some of those fun experiences we have had with it.

Quick Minecraft Fireball Ghast Toy Review

Minecraft Fireball Ghast Toy Review

This Fireball Ghast toy is from Mattel (a trusted brand in toys, so you know it is going to be well-built) and is about 5 or 6-inches in size. It has a cool look to it with that white and gray color scheme you would expect from a Ghast toy from Minecraft- plus that square block shape that would be required for a Minecraft toy.

This Ghast also has 9…I guess you would call them tentacles…that are divided up into three rows of three. These tentacles move forward and backwards to give them that look of movement. It also has two black eyes and a black mouth – which will open up and shoot the “fireballs.”

How this fireball firing system works is pretty slick. The toy comes with 10 red discs, which we are going to call fireballs. There is a square on top of the ghast that you can open up and place the 10 discs into. Once the discs are loaded, there is another square on the back of the Ghast that you push that will launch out the ten discs. These discs actually launch a pretty large distance – so your child is going to have a lot of fun launching these discs everywhere!

My son loves lining up his toys and shooting them down with fireball discs – and he also loves pairing this toy with his Ender Dragon toy he also owns (If you didn’t read our review on the Minecraft Ender Dragon click on the link, because that is one of the coolest toys we have ever reviewed).

There isn’t a lot more to this toy. It doesn’t make any sounds and it doesn’t light up – it really is the fireball shooting that makes this a lot of fun. Overall, it is a very solid toy that Minecraft fans will enjoy playing with.

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Final Thoughts and Grade for the Minecraft Fireball Ghast Toy

silver star

If you have a child that is a big Minecraft fan, or if you are buying a gift for a child, you know loves that game – than the Fireball Ghast Toy will be a good option for you. Since my children love Minecraft, they enjoy this toy – if they weren’t fans of Minecraft, this toy would be lost in the shuffle.

Overall, it is very basic, but also very affordable which is a big plus! It doesn’t do anything incredibly special, but my child does love the fireball shooting system. However, keeping track of 10 small red discs is pretty hard for him to do. So, there are times he spends more time searching for lost discs than he does actually playing with it.

Those basic factors are why we are going to give this toy a silver star ranking.

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I hope this review helps you decide if this Minecraft Fireball Ghast will be a good fit for your toy collection. If you are looking for a different type of toy, or don’t think this would be a good fit, hopefully these other toy reviews we did can be helpful for you!

Thanks for reading and we can’t wait to see you again soon!