A Complete List of the Best Minecraft Dungeons Figure Sets

My Kids Playing Minecraft Dungeons the Arcade Game - Original Photo

I’m clearly not in the loop like I used to be when it comes to video games. I knew what Minecraft was, and my X-box One even came with a copy when I bought it. So, I was a little surprised and wasn’t sure what my kid was talking about when he kept talking about Minecraft Dungeons (thank you video game streamers for convincing my son he needed this as well).

Well, it turns out Minecraft Dungeons was released in 2020. And like all good video games, this meant a lot of cool Minecraft Dungeons Toys sets were released too. And I know see Minecraft Dungeon Arcade Games at pretty much every arcade we go to now as well!

To help other parents out as well, check out this list of the best Minecraft Dungeons Figure Sets, and hopefully that will give you some ideas of what your child might be looking for!

Quick List of the Best Minecraft Dungeons Figure Sets

Here is our complete list of the Best Minecraft Dungeons Figure Sets. Below this quick list is a little picture and very quick review of each option.

  1. Minecraft Explorer vs. Whisperer
  2. Minecraft Dungeons Nameless One & Hal
  3. Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Golem & Arch Illager
  4. Minecraft Dungeons Stax vs. Skeleton Necromancer
  5. Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Monstrosity Mangle Set
  6. Minecraft Dungeons Ebo vs. Evoker
  7. Minecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Battle Pack
  8. Minecraft Dungeons Reinforced Mail Armor Battle Chest
  9. Minecraft Dungeons Deluxe Fox Armor Battle Chest
  10. Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Monstrosity
  11. Minecraft Dungeons Geomancer
  12. Minecraft Dungeons Adriene and Skeleton
  13. Minecraft Dungeons Adriene Figure
  14. Minecraft Dungeons Pake Figure
  15. Minecraft Dungeons Enchanter
  16. Minecraft Dungeons Greta Action Figure
  17. Minecraft Dungeons Valorie
  18. Minecraft Dungeons Hex Figure
  19. Minecraft Dungeons Royal Guard
  20. Minecraft Dungeons Jade Figure
  21. Minecraft Dungeons Hal Figure
  22. Minecraft Dungeons Skeleton VanGuard
  23. Minecraft Dungeons Armored Vindicator
  24. Minecraft Dungeons Piggy Bank

More Detailed Review of Each Minecraft Dungeons Figure Set

Minecraft Dungeons Explorer vs. Whisperer Figure Set

1.) Minecraft Explorer vs. Whisperer The Explorer figure of this set is based after the Jungle Explorer Hero found in the Jungle Awakens Downloadable Content pack in Minecraft Dungeons. He looks just like the character in the game with his bow and staff, is 3.25-inches and size, and has moveable joints to give you that realistic playtime experience.

The Whisperer is slightly taller and thicker than the Minecraft Explorer – and has an awesome look to it that kids are going to enjoy! Kids are going to have a lot of fun battling these two characters over and over again!

Minecraft Dungeons Nameless One & Hal

2.) Minecraft Dungeons Nameless One & Hal – The Nameless One & Hal figure set is a 2-pack that features Hal – who is one of the four main named characters in Minecraft Dungeons, so of course he would need to have a 3.25-inch figure created for him!

The Nameless one is the Necromancer Skeleton who is a boss in some of the different levels of the game. His figure is slightly larger than Hal, and also includes his staff. Hal has his bow, and you should be able to create some fun epic battles between these two characters!

Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Golem & Arch Illager Figure Set

3.) Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Golem & Arch Illager – If you are looking for an impressive enemy for your child to battle, take a look at the Redstone Golem that appears in this 2-piece figure set! The Redstone Golem is the boss of the Redstone Mine level and makes some appearances as a mini-boss towards the end of this game. This figure is BIG compared to the other figures in most of these sets!

On the opposite end of the size spectrum is the Arch Illager – who is the first main enemy of the game. He has a block to stand on, so he looks a little taller, and he has his staff to cause problems with. Overall, this is a fun Minecraft Dungeons Village Pack.

4.) Minecraft Dungeon’s Stax vs. Skeleton Necromancer – One of the enemies you will frequently defeat in Minecraft Dungeons is the Skeleton Necromancer, so you knew they were going to make a 3.25-inch figure of them. Just like in the game, he will be holding his staff and wearing his gold crown.

The Dungeon’s Stax figure is also really cool with a Blue Scythe that is an awesome accessory. Overall, this is a fun two pack that would be a good addition to your Minecraft toy collection.

Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Monstrosity Mangle Set

5.) Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Monstrosity Mangle Set – One of the most unique sets on this list of the best Minecraft Dungeons sets would be this Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Monstrosity Mangle Set. This Redstone Monstrosity is one of the biggest and baddest looking figures in any of the Minecraft Dungeons figure sets. This guy is a stronger and larger version of the Redstone Golem in the game.

To go with the Redstone Monstrosity is a miniature fighter figure – can they pull off the David vs. Goliath level upset and take down the big guy? Not in my household, but maybe you will have better luck with the underdog story.

Ebo vs. Evoker Minecraft Dungeons Figure Set

6.) Minecraft Dungeons Ebo vs. Evoker – One of the main characters from the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Game is Ebo, and Ebo is ready for battle in this figure set with their armor and mace! Personally, I think a mace is a cool weapon for any action figure or video game – so what a cool choice for this figure set!

The very first boss that beginning Minecraft Dungeon players will have to face is an Evoker – who is known for summoning other enemies and traps. This Evoker has a miniature enemy figure that he summoned – and this figure can even carry a miniature sword. The little details like this are what makes this figure set a fun choice!

Minecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Battle Pack

7.) Minecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Battle Pack – The Minecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Battle Pack is harder to find than it used to be but is a great buy if you can find it. This set features four different figures instead of the standard 1 or 2 – with Hex and Valarie figures representing 2 of the main heroes of the game. They also are armed with their sword and giant hammer meaning they are ready to battle –

The Evoker and Skeleton villain figures that are included in this set! The skeleton has a bow and arrow, the Evoker a spell book, and it makes for some fun battle opportunities. Who doesn’t want four figures instead of one or two?

Minecraft Dungeons Reinforced Mail Armor Battle Chest

8.) Minecraft Dungeons Reinforced Mail Armor Battle ChestThe Minecraft Dungeons Reinforced Mail Armor Battle Chest set has some extra accessories in it that make this set worth buying when compared to just buying a single Hex figure set. Obviously, this set also includes a 3.25-inch Hex figure, but you also get some other cool stuff.

That cool stuff includes a battle chest, a sword, and a set of Reinforced Mail that goes right onto the Hex Figure. If Hex’s regular armor isn’t cutting it in battle anymore, you might as well go with the Reinforced Mail!

Minecraft Dungeons Fox Armor Set

9.) Minecraft Dungeons Deluxe Fox Armor Battle Chest This Minecraft Dungeons Deluxe Fox Armor Battle Chest includes an Adriene figure, but obviously Adriene needs extra equipment – which includes a battle chest, potion, a ball and chain weapon, and of course Fox Armor which covers up Adriene’s normal armor. The fox armor looks really cool, and you can see why kid’s love it.

The fox armor can be found in various missions that take place in Minecraft Dungeons – and it has a cool look and an interesting backstory. Apparently ancient villager tribes created this armor to honor the fox because they thought it was an agile warrior. That is a fun backstory for a fun Minecraft Dungeons figure set!

Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Monstrosity (Giant Figure)

10. Minecraft Dungeons Redstone MonstrosityMost of the figures in all of these sets listed are about 3.25-inches in size, so we thought we would throw in this Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Monstrosity figure – which is MUCH larger in size than the other options. In fact, this figure is about 10-inches high and about 7-inches wide – so it really represents the Redstone Monstrosity boss very well!

Besides the great look, this figure also has “smashing” arm action – where you are able to lift the arms and they will come smashing down. The head and legs can also rotate on this figure, making it one of the best options you can find if you want a villain for your hero action figures to battle!

Minecraft Dungeons Geomancer Figure

11.) Minecraft Dungeons GeomancerDo you have one of those kids that just seems to like the enemies better than the heroes? Or, do you have a kid that needs more enemies for your hero figures to destroy? Either way, this Minecraft Dungeons Geomancer figure should be a popular choice.

If you weren’t aware, a Geomancer is an older Illager that can be found in different missions in Minecraft dungeons. This figure set includes the 3.25-inch Geomancer figure, the staff they use to summon bad guys, and the Geomancer Wall figure (the standing stone with the Creeper face on it). All of those pieces together make for a pretty cool figure set that kids will enjoy having adventures with.

Minecraft Dungeons Adriene and Skeleton Figure Set

12. Minecraft Dungeons Adriene and SkeletonI really like the Minecraft Dungeons Sets that give you a main character and an enemy to battle with – which is why I love the Minecraft Dungeons Adriene and Skeleton 2-Pack! Obviously, it features a skeleton as the enemy you get to torture – but I also love the little extra features that are giving to the Adriene figure to make this set better.

For example, Adriene can stay in her standard look, but you can also put her in the extra armor set that is included. It also includes a sword and a “blue” flame – which my sons refer to as the ice flame. This flame can be attached to the sword to ensure that skeleton is going to lose the battle!

Minecraft Dungeons Adriene Figure

13. Minecraft Dungeons Adriene FigureAdriene is another of the four main heroes of the Minecraft Dungeons game and Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Game (and did you know Adriene is the main hero of the “Rise of the Arch-Illager” Minecraft Dungeons Novel). Adriene is described as a “Tough as Nails” Warrior – and this figure set does a really nice job of representing that description!

This figure represents her pink hair and looks just like she does in the game. This set features three different accessories – including her sword and a lightning bolt that you can attach to the sword to create all sorts of damage to your enemies! Just like the other figures, the joints move, and the figure is well designed, so it should be a lot of fun for you to play with!

Minecraft Dungeons Pake Figure

14.) Minecraft Dungeons Pake FigureIf you want a random hero character, you know – not one of those main character types, or if you like characters that look old and bald, you are going to love this Minecraft Dungeons Pake Figure. Pake is actually a skin you can get from the Heros Pass in Minecraft Dungeons – and is a bald, old man character.

This figure captures that bald, old man look. He also comes with a blue potion bottle, a green flame, and a sword/staff weapon. It has the handle in the middle and a blade on both sides of the handle. The green flame can be attached to one of the blades and creates a bad guy busting weapon. I can think of a lot of people that would love to have this figure!

Minecraft Dungeons Enchanter Figure

15. Minecraft Dungeons EnchanterMinecraft does a terrific job of creating a bunch of different bosses and monsters so that you have the opportunity to fight a lot of different villains. One of bad guys you have to beat up in the game is Enchanters, so of course they would also make a Minecraft Dungeons Enchanter!

Enchanters are a very recognizable character that you often get to battle in the game – and this figure does a great job capturing the “Magician” Hat and Robe that these enemies wear. This action figure also comes with his tomb that they use in the game to try and defeat you – so watch out of the magical powers of your Enchanter enemy!

Minecraft Dungeons Greata Figure

16. Minecraft Dungeons Greta Action FigureGreta is not one of the four main heroes of Minecraft Dungeons (Adriene, Hal, Hex, Valorie), but that doesn’t mean she isn’t cool enough to have her own Minecraft Dungeons Figure! This figure looks just like Greta does in the game, right down to the gray glove (or prosthetic arm – there is some debate to what it is in the game).

This figure is also going to have a big battle axe, which is just a cool weapon to have, a long flame that can attach to the axe, and a heart potion. So, if you need an extra hero for your figure collection, or you just need to complete your collection – the Minecraft Dungeons Greta Action Figure will make a great addition!

Minecraft Dungeons Valorie Figure

17. Minecraft Dungeons ValorieGetting back to the basics of Minecraft Dungeons and getting back to the main heroes, you got to love this Minecraft Dungeons Valorie Figure! Valorie is described as a “resourceful treasure hunter who has a keen eye for maps, rare gemstones, and booby traps.” Who wouldn’t want to add a resourceful treasure hunter to their team!

Valorie is dressed in her very recognizable red and blue armor, and this set also includes her long sword (which every good treasure hunter is going to need). Included in this set is also a large flame that can be attached to the sword. If you want to have all the best Minecraft Dungeons Heroes, you got to have this Valorie figure!

Minecraft Dungeons Hex Figure Set

18.) Minecraft Dungeons Hex Figure Sometimes you just need to get a really good figure of the main heroes of a video game to make kids happy. So, if you are in that boat, you should think about purchasing the Minecraft Dungeons Hex Figure set. It is a single figure set that is 3.25-inches in size and pulls Hex’s look straight from the game.

This set also comes with two swords, and a really cool flame that can be attached to one of the swords to create a flaming sword. That would come in handy when you are battling some of the enemies from above!

Minecraft Dungeons Royal Guard Figure Set

19.) Minecraft Dungeons Royal GuardOne of the figure sets that I think looks the best is this Minecraft Dungeons Royal Guard. I think the color scheme and look is popping and will really get your kid’s attention. Also, these Royal Guards are heavily armored and heavily armed bad guys in the game, making them an awesome opponent for your hero figures.

Besides being dressed in really cool black armor, these Royal Guard figures are come with their big shield and mace. The armor, shield, and mace really make this figure look cool, and this was one of the figures I thought looked the best!

Minecraft Dungeons Jade Figure

20.) Minecraft Dungeons Jade FigureJade – who is known as Ivy in the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade – is described as “a wise philosopher who loves pondering over old, dusty tomes – and hates yes or no questions” on the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Game card that you can get. I think that is a pretty cool description for a character and can see why you would want Jade to be part of your hero group.

Jade comes with her wizard staff (what else would a philosopher use to fight) that also has a big flame that you can place on it. She will be a great addition to those armies of skeletons you are trying to fight!

Minecraft Dungeons Hal Figure

21.) Minecraft Dungeons Hal FigureHal is one of the big four in terms of main characters in Minecraft Dungeons and is also the only male main character. He is best known for his big brown mustache and this figure captures that look! He looks like a guy that is ready to go to battle.

Hal is also carrying his battle axe, a potion, and a green flame that can attach to the axe. All of these accessories really add to his ready to battle look, and you should have a lot of fun battling with Hal!

Minecraft Dungeons Skeleton Vanguard Figure set - best Minecraft dungeons figure sets

22.) Minecraft Dungeons Skeleton VanGuardSkeleton VanGuards are the personal guard to the “Nameless One” in Minecraft Dungeons – and they also make for some really cool figures! Which only makes sense, if you are going to be a personal guard for a boss – you better look good doing it!

These skeleton figures are wearing their armor, a desert shield, and a long-handled blade that is ready to inflict some damage. There is also a little flame that can be attached to their blade to make them look even more vicious. Overall, you are going to enjoy having your heroes battle these good-looking skeleton warriors.

Minecraft Dungeons Armored Vindicator Figure - complete list of the Minecraft Dungeons Figure Sets

23.) Minecraft Dungeons Armored VindicatorOne of the surprisingly tough enemies in Minecraft Dungeons that always give my kids problems is the Armored Vindicators. These guys move surprisingly fast, and they can deal some major damage with their weapons. Plus, being armored, they can take a lot of damage as well!

This figure has a classic black armor look to them that good enemies tend to wear. He is also armed with a big battle axe, which you know can cause some damage. This Minecraft Dungeons Armored Vindicator would look good in that group of enemies that your heroes are trying to destroy!

Minecraft Dungeons Piggy Bank Figure

24. Minecraft Dungeons Piggy Bank The final entry to our complete list of the best Minecraft Dungeons figures is the Minecraft Dungeons Piggy Bank. This isn’t a bad figure; it just doesn’t fit in as well as the other enemies and heroes that you can find in these sets. For those who don’t know, the Minecraft Dungeons Piggy Bank is pig carrying a treasure chest. It is a rare spawn in the game and when attacked by heroes it will drop treasure and rare items.

This figure looks just like the character in the game – it is a pig with a treasure chest that can be attached to its back. There is a saddle that attaches to the big, which allows you to put the chest onto it. You can also have the chest be just a treasure chest and the pig be…well, just a pig.

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